Supreme Court Ruling

I don’t have a lot to say. I’m grieving and raging. I do want to remind folks that Roe never gave the protection it should have. Abortion rights have been restricted in as many states as they’re now illegal in for a long time. In MO, people have had to travel to IL to get them, for example. People of color, poor folks, folks with marginalized identities, trans people, folks with disabilities… Roe has never given enough protection and it’s always been difficult for so many people to get an abortion. Privileged folks can travel (and move away). Most folks cannot.

Remember that most people are pro-choice in at least some situations and this is the result of the efforts of a minority, an extreme (and extremely dedicated) group who’ve been working at this for decades. We can fight it and it’s a chance to make a much better law that actually protects abortion rights for all. Take the time you need to grieve and rage. I hope you’ll fight afterward, too.

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