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Throwback Thursday: Built for Lust by Alice Gaines #werewolves #paranormalromance @AliceGaines
by jessicacoultersmith
Built for Lust (Box Set)

Elves and dragons and wolves, oh my! What happens when a woman gets lost in the forest and ends up the guest of two hunky elves? Can a woman build the perfect mate? Will the dragon prince save his intended from demons? What if a man wants to hunt a werewolf and finds himself the prey, instead?

This collection contains the previously released novellas Elfin DelightsBuilt for LustDragon Shift, and Moon Bitten.

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Praise for Elfin Delights

Elfin Delights is a sizzling tale that will leave you wondering if there’s elfsbane on the pages.”— Shona, Bitten by Books

Praise for Built for Lust

Built for Lust is an exciting, suspenseful, emotional and romantic tale about believing in love.”— Tallyn Porter, Just Erotic Romance Review

Praise for Dragon Shift

“This is for all of you out there who like to laugh and enjoy a hot time, with just a bit of danger thrown in for the fun of it.”4.5 Cherries! — Holly, Whipped Cream Review


USA Today bestselling author Alice Gaines has published several sensuous and erotic works. She prefers stories that stretch the imagination, highlighting the power of love and sex. Alice has a Ph.D. in psychology from U. C. Berkeley and lives in Oakland, California, with her collection of orchids and her pet corn snake, Casper.jessicacoultersmith | June 17, 2021 at 4:00 AM | Tags: Multiple PartnersParanormal RomanceThrowback ThursdayUrban FantasyWerewolves | Categories: Throwback Thursday | URL:

Respond to this post by replying above this lineNew post on Changeling Press BlogThrowback Thursday: The Midnight Hour by Isabella Jordan #werewolves #paranormalromance @isyjordanauthorby jessicacoultersmithThe Midnight Hour (Paranormal Mates Society Multi-Author 13)Sent by the Thoth Agency to observe former agent Grace Shaw and her new werewolf husband, Carter Annis, Helen Slader prays for reassignment. She’s accustomed to watching subjects going about their daily lives. The problem is, a large part of this subject’s life is sex, sex, and more sex. As if watching Grace and her husband going at it for hours at a time isn’t bad enough, the husband’s cousin, the gorgeous Spencer Kingston, has been joining them for a little ménage action. Helen’s commitments to the agency make relationships impossible, so she’s really only got two choices: buy stock in batteries and find an encounter group for voyeurs or find a way to get off this case.Spencer Kingston knows the curvy little redhead is watching them each night at his cousin’s home. While Spencer enjoys his time in bed with his cousin and his bride, he’d really like to lure the sexy, little spy out of the shadows and into his bed. The problem is how?Ah, that’s where the Paranormal Mates Society online dating site comes in… Because if his mysterious little beauty knows that’s how Grace found his cousin, just maybe she’ll find him there.However, Helen doesn’t just find Spencer Kingston — she also finds murder!Get it at Changleing PressPraise for The Midnight Hour (Paranormal Mates Society)“4 Cups! A great treat for anyone to pick up and enjoy.”— Lainey, Coffee Time Romance“4.5 Hearts! Ms. Jordan has created very likable characters who are not afraid to show their emotions, to say nothing of the very intense lovemaking. I certainly hope to read more about this clan of werewolves as well as any other stories by Ms. Jordan.”— Lisa Freeman, The Romance Studio“5 Angels! The Midnight Hour is a fantastic read full of erotic scenes and great chemistry… Everything you could want and more.”— Tammy, Fallen Angel ReviewsABOUT THE AUTHORIsabella Jordan is the alter ego of an otherwise stressed out web designer, programmer, and internet junkie. When she’s not trying to perfect her own personal caffeine IV drip, she enjoys spending time with her family, doing volunteer work, and writing. She loves creating new stories of all kinds and chatting with readers and friends.Isabella would love to hear from her readers!Find her online: Website | Twitterjessicacoultersmith | June 17, 2021 at 8:00 AM | Tags: Action AdventureParanormal RomanceThrowback ThursdayWerewolves | Categories: Throwback Thursday | URL:   See all commentsUnsubscribe to no longer receive posts from Changeling Press Blog.
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Respond to this post by replying above this lineNew post on Changeling Press BlogThrowback Thursday: The Hunters (Box Set) by Mikala Ash #werewolves #paranormalromance @ash_mikalaby jessicacoultersmithFor paranormals on the hunt, finding what you’re looking for may be the last thing you’ll ever do.Silver Bullet: Shaz has joined the Australian secret service and is partnered up with Dex, who has gone under cover, infiltrating a werewolf terrorist gunrunning operation. Later Shaz is dropped into a whole new world of sexual adventure.Private Eyes: Adam Verges. Owner of the Dogberry Detective Agency. Not only is he tall, dark and handsome with a body to die for, but he has the purest aura Colleen has ever seen. Colleen suspects the beautiful Anastasia Orkova of stalking her new boss. The sexy femme fatale has an aura as black as coal and has her evil eye on Adam. What else can Colleen do but make it her mission to save Adam from Orkova’s predatory clutches?No Turning Back: Katie Crusoe has an unusual career: for a fee she’ll protect you from vampires. But what if you’re a vampire and there is someone special, a mortal, you want kept safe from a marauding vampire elder? From the penthouse suite of the world’s tallest building, to the refloated island of Neo-Tuvalu to the slopes of the Himalayas, Katie will do what she gets paid for, even if this time her payment is lust and for the first time in her life, love.The Girl in the Cartwheel Hat: A hunky college guy gets the eye from a beautiful girl. Beneath the ethereally glowing ivory skin and behind the captivating eyes there’s a dark and deadly secret. He buys her a drink and she takes him home. A common enough occurrence. Bur for Garth, this one-night stand could be his last.A Fine Line: For me, the line between pleasure and pain is very, very blurred. I’ve made the bondage and submission scene my life. I have my own dungeon in the basement, and a long list of satisfied clients. But at a new BDSM joint, Club Sensuelle, and I got more than I bargained for. For a start, there’s a masked barman with a butt plug stuffed where the sun don’t shine who has a penchant for flogging helpless females…Publisher’s Note: The Hunters Box Set contains the previously published novellas Silver Bullet, Private Eyes, No Turning Back, The Girl In The Cartwheel hat, and A Fine Line.Get it at Changeling PressPraise for Silver BulletSILVER BULLET is alive with a quick adventure into the world of undercover agents. The danger and the adrenaline released is mouthwatering, if not fear-filled at times. “–ladybirdrobi, Romance JunkiesPraise for Private Eyes“A wonderfully entertaining, paranormal and romantic story.”— Tallyn Porter, Just Erotic Romance ReviewsABOUT THE AUTHORAussie Mikala Ash used to be a mild-mannered training & development consultant by day, and a wild sci-fi and paranormal adventure writer by night. Now she is a brazen full-time writer and nature photographer who is concentrating on having among other things, “… bags, and bags of fun!” Mikala can be found on Facebook and on Twitter.Find Mikala Online: Facebook | Twitterjessicacoultersmith | June 17, 2021 at 12:00 PM | Tags: Paranormal RomanceShapeshiftersThrowback ThursdayVampiresWerewolves | Categories: Throwback Thursday | URL:   See all commentsUnsubscribe to no longer receive posts from Changeling Press Blog.
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Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Naughty or Nice by Harley Wylde #RomanticSuspense #AgeGap @HarleyW_Writer
by jessicacoultersmith

I’d found and lost my one and only. I never thought I’d get another chance at love.

Naughty or Nice (A Bad Boy Romance 5)

My marriage is a sham. I’ve already loved and lost my one and only. Making Carmella Juarez my wife was the only way to save my daughter, but I never intended to stay married. A decade has passed, ten years that I’ve kept my distance, but now it’s time to set things right and free both of us.

I never counted on her being sick and nearly dying. Didn’t count on falling for her as I nursed her back to health. But it’s the Christmas season and what better time for miracles? My heart isn’t as cold and dead as I’d once thought. Carmella has brought me back to life, and now that I’ve had a taste of the tempting woman who wears my ring, I know that I can’t ever let her go.

Get it at Changeling Press

Praise for Naughty or Nice (A Bad Boy Romance)

“This is one of the characters in this universe that Harley Wylde has created that I have been the most curious about. It is a short read but gave me romance and sizzling chemistry. Harley Wylde was able to show the emotional journey of Carmella from when she got married to where the book starts. There might have been a couple of tears–and a lot of laughs. Overall a great book for readers who want a bit of everything in their read.”

— 4 Stars from Sorrel, Long & Short Reviews

“Casper VanHorne’s character has always fascinated me. He’s been a peripheral character, staying in the shadows for the most part due to his job as a highly-sought-after assassin. His marriage to Carmella ten years prior was a means to an end – saving his beloved daughter Isabella, who is married to a member of the Dixie Reapers. Carmella has been on her own for the past ten years – set up in a house with servants and left to her own devices. Her friends are the people who are paid to take care of her. She’s alone, lonely, and has a huge secret. When Casper comes to town to end things, he finds out that all is not what it seems to be where his wife is concerned. Loved this Christmas short; plus, got to “see” some old favorites!”

— 5 Stars from Darlene Tallman, Amazon Review


All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2019 Harley Wylde


I stared at the enormous rock on my finger and rubbed the golden band with my thumb. I’d always dreamed of getting married, but not once had I ever considered my special day consisting of marrying a man I didn’t know, leaving the only home I’d ever had, and being utterly and completely alone. My husband was a powerful man, and feared by many. He was also extremely absent in my life. Casper VanHorne had married me, flown me out of Mexico, then dumped me in some mausoleum of a house only to vanish before I’d even unpacked. It wasn’t at all what I’d anticipated. Yes, he was older than me, but I’d looked forward to my marriage. When he’d said he would take care of me, even though love wasn’t part of the deal, I’d imagined we would at least live together.

I’d barely been eighteen when he’d married me. At first, I’d thought that’s why he had left, and that he’d return before long. Then one year passed, and another. In nearly ten years, I hadn’t once seen my husband. It was lonely living here alone. Not to mention, I was twenty-eight and a damn virgin. I was starting to think I would die before ever knowing what it was like to have a man’s hands on me, to feel his cock thrusting inside me. My fevered dreams were likely far from what it would really be like if Casper ever came back and claimed me.

As another sharp stabbing pain made my eyes close and my body crumple, I wondered if my husband would return… before it was too late. I’d sworn the staff to secrecy, even the bodyguard Casper had left to watch over me. I’d grown close to the people who ran the house and protected me, even considered them my friends. When I’d first arrived, I hadn’t been able to speak any English. Now I was fluent and didn’t even use my native tongue anymore.

“Carmella,” I heard Bowen shout.

His strong arms wrapped around me, and I felt my body being lifted and carried, likely into the house. The pain had been worse lately, and coming more frequently. I had a feeling I was on borrowed time, but maybe that was for the best. It wasn’t that I wanted to die, I really didn’t, but I couldn’t help but wonder if my husband would be happier if I were gone. I knew he’d been forced into claiming me in order to save his daughter, a daughter he clearly never wanted me to meet.

I’d thought she was younger until he’d explained she was older than me. He didn’t look anywhere near old enough to have a fully grown child. There were a few lines around his eyes, but hardly a hint of gray in his hair or beard. At least, last time I’d seen him that was the case. I had no idea what he looked like now.

As the pain eased, my eyes fluttered open and a concerned Bowen was peering down at me.

“He needs to know, Carmella.”

“No, he doesn’t. He’s had no interest in me all this time. The last thing I want is him showing up out of pity. I only wish…” I bit my lip, refusing to say the words.


Harley Wylde is the International Bestselling Author of the Dixie Reapers MC, Devil’s Boneyard MC, and Hades Abyss MC series.

When Harley’s writing, her motto is the hotter the better — off the charts sex, commanding men, and the women who can’t deny them. If you want men who talk dirty, are sexy as hell, and take what they want, then you’ve come to the right place. She doesn’t shy away from the dangers and nastiness in the world, bringing those realities to the pages of her books, but always gives her characters a happily-ever-after and makes sure the bad guys get what they deserve. 

The times Harley isn’t writing, she’s thinking up naughty things to do to her husband, drinking copious amounts of Starbucks, and reading. She loves to read and devours a book a day, sometimes more. She’s also fond of TV shows and movies from the 1980’s, as well as paranormal shows from the 1990’s to today, even though she’d much rather be reading or writing.  

You can find out more about Harley or enter her monthly giveaway on her website. Be sure to join her newsletter while you’re there to learn more about discounts, signing events, and other goodies!

Throwback Thursday: The Alpha’s Demiwolf by Gale Stanley #RomanticSuspense #NewAdult @GaleStanleyby jessicacoultersmith

Pack Alpha Levi will chase Kya to get what he wants, but does the demiwolf want him?

The Alpha's Demiwolf (Utopia 1)

Kya: I’m a demiwolf — half wolf, half human, and both species despise my weird mix of genes. Despite the fact I strip for a living, I’ve hung on to my virginity for twenty-two years. Until I got knocked up by a big, bad wolf. Now, I’m going to bring another demiwolf into the world, but his father will never know.Levi: I’m all wolf, and Alpha of my pack, committed to keeping our bloodlines pure. Then on the night of my bachelor party, I hooked up with a stripper. I just wanted to teach the demiwolf a lesson, but the sex set me on fire. My wolf claimed her and now I can’t get her out of my head. But what if she won’t accept me?

Get it at Changeling Press

EXCERPTAll rights reserved.
Copyright ©2019 Gale Stanley

KyaI cringed when I saw the billboard proclaiming, Girls! Girls! Girls! It was a tacky way to get attention, and I hated it. Averting my eyes, I turned the corner, pulled into the lot, and parked my old pickup behind the club. It was my first night at Show ’n Tails, and a definite step down from my old job, but I’d been fired and needed a gig ASAP.The incident wasn’t my fault. There were two of us on the stage and Brandi was so sloshed she invaded my space and fell on her ass. As if that wasn’t enough, she accused me of tripping her. Well, one thing led to another and we both got canned. Another girl told me that Show ’n Tails was hiring and I went for an audition. The manager was an asshat, but he doesn’t ask too many questions. I like to keep a low profile.This isn’t the life I wanted, but taking off my clothes pays the bills, and I won’t apologize for trying to earn a living. At least I’m not selling my body, just the illusion of sex. A lot of girls up their game, but not me. My virginity is the last piece of self-respect I own and I won’t give it up to some creep for any amount of money.The heavy backdoor slammed shut and locked behind me and the manager shot me a dirty look. “Hey, Kya. You’re late.”“Sorry, it won’t happen again. And my name is Raven when I’m working.”Marty’s lip curled in a sneer. “Yeah, yeah. Whatever. You better get dressed. I mean undressed.” He snickered.I ignored his disrespectful ass, and walked over to the dressing room. A row of dented lockers lined one wall. A wide counter with a lighted mirror behind it ran the length of the opposite wall. Everything stunk from sweat and cheap perfume. The long vanity was cluttered with makeup and no one made room for the new girl, so I started changing next to my locker. When a spot at the mirror opened up, I grabbed it and started working on my wild black curls.Marty stuck his head in the door. “Hey, fresh meat, you’re on next.”I knew he meant me. I was the newest girl there. Half of me cringed, the half that’s wolf. The half I keep hidden. Or is it a quarter of me I keep hidden? I guess it depends on how you look at it. A full-blooded wolf-shifter is already half human, although they’ll never admit to it. My father was a wolf, but my mother was human.Does that mean I’m… Oh, fuck the fractions. No matter how you look at it, I’m a demiwolf.But I look human. I checked my body in the mirror. Yep, a hot as hell human female stared back at me. Tacky, but sexy. Nothing says stripper like stiletto platform heels and a thong that shows off a girl’s booty. I slipped on a white, halter mini-dress with a drape-neck, an open back, and a side slit. Then I ran my hands through my curls and gave my lips one last swipe of purple-plum gloss.It’s so much easier to call myself human and blend in with the majority. The humans are clueless. They know we exist, but they believe we keep to our own side of the tracks. The wolves are a different story. They can smell my lupine pheromones, but they don’t want me. I’m not pure. Fuck ‘em. At least I can make a living among the humans. Stripping might be a trashy job, but it pays for the life I’m trying to live. It’s not the life I want, but it’s all I’ve got. I used to dream about being accepted by my father’s people. Fat chance. They wouldn’t even accept him because he had a human lover and a half-breed kid.My parents never married, but they lived together — sometimes. When my father was around, I was daddy’s girl. But all too often, he would disappear as if he had no family. My mother would drink and tell me that he liked to hang out with his own kind in places where we weren’t accepted. When he came back from his trips, he’d act cold and resentful, but it wouldn’t last long. Eventually, he’d tell me he loved me and everything would be okay again. I thought nothing would keep us apart for good. I was wrong.One day he didn’t come back. We found out he was killed in a bar fight. One of his so-called friends called me a mongrel and Dad died defending me. My mother cried and cried. She said this was why they never wanted kids. So I was what… an accident?I couldn’t blame them. Not really. Life was hard enough without being born with this weird mix of genes. I hated myself, too. I wished I’d never been born. At least I could make things easier for my mother. As soon as I finished school, I left home and never looked back.While waiting to go on, I thought about my routine — floor work, then pole dancing, then back on the floor. I’m not nervous anymore about being naked in front of a roomful of men. I was at first, but now I focus on my moves. I’ve been scorned and dehumanized all my life, so I like to emphasize something I can do well — dance.I peeked through the curtain and watched Candy finish her routine. There’s a mirror behind the stage and a pole in the center. Chairs surrounded the stage for customers who wanted direct contact with the dancers. I watched one of the men put a bill in his mouth. Candy shoved her breasts in his face and used them to grab the money. There were hoots and hollers and more men waved bills at her. She collected all of her tips, then picked up her clothes, and ran off the stage.The DJ, sitting in an alcove nearby, introduced me. “Next up is a beautiful lady who’s new here. You’re gonna see her naked for the first time tonight.”Well, it’s not a complete lie. It’s my first time naked on this stage.“Give Raven a nice warm welcome.”My heartbeat skyrocketed as I stepped through the curtains and climbed the three steps to the stage. The opening bars of my music started up and I began to move.ABOUT THE AUTHORGale Stanley grew up in Philadelphia PA. She was the kid who always had her nose in a book, her head in the clouds, and her hands on a pad and pencil.Some things never change.
Throwback Thursday: Vasquez and James Vol. 1 by Lou Sylvre #LGBTQ #RomanticSuspense @Sylvreby jessicacoultersmith

When badass meets artist, sparks and bullets fly. Blazing romance, chilling suspense, enduring love.

Vasquez and James Vol. 1 (Vasquez and James 1)

LR Cafe’s Best of 2019 Awards Nominee: Best Book All Around

When badass meets artist, sparks and bullets fly. Blazing romance, chilling suspense, enduring love…

Loving Luki Vasquez: Renowned but reclusive weaver Sonny Bly James masters color, texture, and shape in his tapestries, but when he meets Luki Vasquez, an ex-ATF agent and all-around badass, his heart and desire spin out of control. The heat between them won’t be denied. United by danger, can Sonny and Luki put fear and anger aside, and fight together to save Sonny’s nephew and their own lives?

Delsyn’s Blues: Devastated by loss, Sonny James listens to a voice singing the blues from beyond the grave. Convinced he’s failed in an all-important life task, he tries to shut out Luki Vasquez and love just when he needs him the most. But when Luki finally breaks through Sonny’s fortress of grief, it’s just in time for the newly reunited couple to face a new, violent, escalating danger.

Finding Jackie: When Sonny James asked Luki Vasquez to marry him, Luki’s “yes” was accompanied by a request — a wedding in Hawaii. Months and many trials later, their hilltop island ceremony is poignant and funny, and every bit as beautiful as they’d hoped. The honeymoon is all sex, surfing, and sunshine… until Luki’s sixteen-year-old nephew is kidnapped by a sadistic killer. When it all comes to an ultimate showdown with evil, it’s not only love at stake, but their lives.

Get it at Changeling Press

Praise for Vasquez and James Volume 1

“I really enjoyed this collection of Vasquez and James stories. This is the first I have read from this author and I was very impressed by the descriptive writing style. The three stories in this collection are Loving Luki Vasquez, Deslyn’s Blues, and Finding Jackie. All of these were fantastic novels that lead the reader into the lives of Luki and Sonny, from the time they met until they are on their honeymoon. Interwoven in the stories are fantastic thrillers that keep you on the edge of your seat. Well done!”

— 5 Stars from Heather W, Amazon Review

“…Her characters are very well written… you’ll be crying over a sad thing, then just have to laugh along with Luki or Sonny as they try to find humor to help each other through the pain, or sigh over the sweetness of their love for each other. It can take them time to spot the vulnerabilities in their partner, but they eventually do. The action/suspense in these stories is very well written. Lou has obviously done her homework here. And she tied the whole thing together very very well.”

— 4 Stars from Kitty Munday, Goodreads Review


Lou Sylvre loves romance with all its ups and downs, and likes to conjure it into books. The sweethearts on her pages are men who end up loving each other — and usually saving each other from unspeakable danger. It’s all pretty crazy and very, very sexy. As if you’d want to know more, she’ll happily tell you that she is a proudly bisexual woman — a mother, grandmother, lover of languages, and cat-herder — of mixed cultural heritage. She works closely with lead cat and writing assistant, the (male) Queen of Budapest, Boudreau St. Clair. She lives in the rainy part of the Pacific Northwest, and hearing from a reader infallibly brightens the dreary weather. Find her through her links listed here, or drop her a line at