Guest Writer Wednesday: Mychael Black!

Today’s guest writer is the amazing Mychael Black! Mychael’s writing is deep and scintillating, a truly rare combination. Her work is poetic and haunting, pairing smoldering sex alongside holler-deep, soulful characters. In other words, it’s the kind of writing that I dig best!

Mychael agreed to take the Sara Jay’s Erotica interrogation–I mean interview!–with us this week.

Share a little bit about your writing style. What genres and types of heroes/heroines are you attracted to? What do you love to write about?

When it comes to genres, I’ll try writing almost anything once, but I have an affinity for fantasy and paranormal. As for the heroes/heroines… I loved characters who are flawed in some way, whether that flaw is visible or not. I love pretty men, rugged men, scarred men… the list goes on. Women, I like them to be curvy and intelligent, very independent, and possess a bit of a smartass streak. I don’t write wallflowers of any gender.

What can we expect when we experience one of your books?

Well, my hope is that my books provide a bit of an escape. I love hearing from readers who got so involved with the characters, so sucked into the world, that real life disappeared.

Tell us a little about your latest release, or your favorite among all of your books.

I have a lot of favorites in my own backlist, to be honest. Some are due to the worlds, some due to the characters. If I had to pick one, though, it would be the latest addition to my sci-fi series with Changeling Press. Coriolis is the series, and book one (Distress Signal) is out now. Book two (Kill Fee), however, was amazingly fun to write, and I’m thoroughly in love with Morgan and Joren–the two main characters in book 2. That one comes out at the beginning of April, I believe.

If you could have one date with a crush (before marrying your spouse if necessary!), who would it be and why? What would you do?

*snorts* That’s easy. Johnny Depp. As for what we’d do… *grins* Do I REALLY have to explain that one?

What’s the most romantic thing someone ever did for you, or that you did for someone else?

When my partner, Al, proposed for a handfasting (pagan marriage/union). He knows I love Godiva chocolates, so when he proposed in 2001, he put the ring under a truffle in a box of four. We were sitting in his car when he gave me the box.

Share your favorite romantic or sexy song and why you love it so much.

“Mea Culpa” by Enigma. It’s… hard to describe. If you’ve ever listened to anything by Enigma, you’ll understand. It’s seductive and sexy and soul-deep.

Anything else?

Thanks for letting me drop by! Readers can find me in the following places, and I always do my absolute best to answer emails or messages through Facebook.


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New Freebie: “I Want Candy”

I haven’t written a Flash Fiction story in a while, but when Changeling ran my challenge for last week’s prompt, I had to get in on it! Here’s my freebie, which I must admit has the plot bunnies cavorting in my brain…

Flash Fiction Freebie
“I Want Candy”

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Very Inspirational Blogger Award Nomination

I have been nominated for the Very Inspirational Blogger Award! I’d like to thank Dirk and Kam for this sweet nomination. They are the best! 🙂


The Very Inspirational Blogger Award

The Rules:
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Link back to the person who nominated you.
State 7 things about yourself.
Nominate 15 bloggers for this award and link to them.
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That’s all!

Seven Things About Me
1. My first full-length story was a war between Barbie and GI Joe. I was in the 4th grade.
2. I was first published at 13. It was a poem called “The Dance.” Since then, I’ve been published online and off-line hundreds of times. You can read many of my works here.
3. I refused to do ghostwriting after a bad experience, but now am doing it quite often and love it. It pays well. I write full-time for a living now.
4. I homeschool the most awesome 7-year-old in the world. We’re not religious; it’s just the best way she learns and our family loves this lifestyle. We do tons of activities, field trips, two co-ops, you name it.
5. My husband and I have been married for 6 years today, but we have been together for 18 this June. I was 12 and he was 13 when we first became a couple and we’ve been together pretty much ever since. We even picked out our daughter’s name at that age! My parents also met when they were 12 and 13.
6. I’m a big fruity drink person. You put a wedge of fruit on it and I’ll probably drink it! I have a huge sweet tooth; I have some southern-style sweet tea next to me right now.
7. I taught in Spain for a semester and fell in love with the country and the Atlantic Ocean. I would love to go back someday.

Now I have to think of some pretty people to nominate. While I follow a lot of blogs–hundreds! What can I say, I’m addicted!–here are 15 blogs that I nominate for the Very Inspirational Blogger Award, below.

(Blog followers: Nobody actually votes. It’s a pay it forward type of award. Yup, we are just spreading the blogger love.)

My Fifteen Blogger Nominations:
1. Marteeka Karland
2. D. Renee Bagby
3. Ayla Ruse
4. Megan Slayer
5. Zenobia Renquist
6. Cheryl Dragon
7. Shelby Morgan
8. Wendi Zwaduk
9. Cynthia Sax
10. Mychael Black
11. Kate Hill
12. Julia Talbot
13. Anne Kane
14. Stephanie Burke
15. Changeling Press Blog

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