Guest Writer Wednesday: An Interview with Sapphira and Malachi from “Yesterday’s Daughter”

Today’s guest writer post isn’t a blog or one of my traditional interviews. Instead, Sapphira and Malachi, characters from “Yesterday’s Daughter” by Sallie Lundry-Frommer, agreed to give us a wonderfully entertaining interview! I hope you enjoy it, and thank you so much for sharing, Sapphira and Malachi!


Sallie:                “Welcome to V.A.M.P.  For all those listening we have a super treat for you today.  We have with us,  Malachi and Sapphira from Yesterday’s Daughter.  So turn up the volume and lean in to listen.  (Directing her comments to Sapphira)  It’s been a while since you were last here, Sapphira.  And today you have Malachi with you.  We’re thrilled.  I know it took some convincing to get him here.  But the audience is chomping at the bit for news about you and Malachi.”

Malachi:            “I was unable to attend Sapphira on her last visit and it is at my life-mate’s insistence that I am here today.”

Sapphira:                  “Malachi, really, you’d think I asked you to give away our first born (soft smile).  I just thought our fans would enjoy hearing from both of us.  We get so much fan mail.”   (Sapphira smiles as she rubs her fingers over Malachi’s knuckles.) “Thanks for being here, love.”

Sallie:                 “Okay love birds, enough with goo goo eyes.  Sapphira you said ‘first born,’ does this mean you have happy news to share?” Continue reading “Guest Writer Wednesday: An Interview with Sapphira and Malachi from “Yesterday’s Daughter””