Guest Writer Wednesday: An Interview with Sapphira and Malachi from “Yesterday’s Daughter”

Today’s guest writer post isn’t a blog or one of my traditional interviews. Instead, Sapphira and Malachi, characters from “Yesterday’s Daughter” by Sallie Lundry-Frommer, agreed to give us a wonderfully entertaining interview! I hope you enjoy it, and thank you so much for sharing, Sapphira and Malachi!


Sallie:                “Welcome to V.A.M.P.  For all those listening we have a super treat for you today.  We have with us,  Malachi and Sapphira from Yesterday’s Daughter.  So turn up the volume and lean in to listen.  (Directing her comments to Sapphira)  It’s been a while since you were last here, Sapphira.  And today you have Malachi with you.  We’re thrilled.  I know it took some convincing to get him here.  But the audience is chomping at the bit for news about you and Malachi.”

Malachi:            “I was unable to attend Sapphira on her last visit and it is at my life-mate’s insistence that I am here today.”

Sapphira:                  “Malachi, really, you’d think I asked you to give away our first born (soft smile).  I just thought our fans would enjoy hearing from both of us.  We get so much fan mail.”   (Sapphira smiles as she rubs her fingers over Malachi’s knuckles.) “Thanks for being here, love.”

Sallie:                 “Okay love birds, enough with goo goo eyes.  Sapphira you said ‘first born,’ does this mean you have happy news to share?”

Sapphira:                   “Sallie, Sallie, Sallie…I was just teasing Malachi.  No, we’re not with child.” (Laughter and smiles).

Malachi:            “And when she is with child, it will not be announced on a program or anywhere.  Our child will be kept safe. ”

Sallie:                “Okay, lighten up, Mr. Serious Guardian Malachi (grin and a wink).  Let’s move on.  “A lot had gone on when Sapphira last visited.  You two have been through so much.  Sapphira you’d been injured.  You guys barely survived the events by all accounts.  Did you take some time off to recover….to get your wits about you?

Sapphira:         “In fact, we did enjoy some time away.  Malachi took me away to such an amazing place.”

Sallie:                “Oh, do tell!  Malachi where did you take the Mrs?”

Malachi:            “It’s a place known only to our kind that requires certain abilities to gain access.”

Sallie:                “Yes, yes!!  But what’s it like?”

Malachi:            “It is a subterranean cavern with a pool of crystal clear water with fire colored stones in the bottom.   The walls are likened to million year old ice with veins of blue running though them.   It is…”

Sapphira:                   “It’s a dream, other worldly…it’s a fantasy, it’s… (Sapphira pauses to admire Malachi.)  It’s the most perfect place…the most perfect thing that’s ever happened to me other than the day Malachi came into my life.”

Sallie:                “Eureka, do I see a hint of smile, Mr. Malachi?  I was beginning to think you couldn’t .”

Malachi:            “I smile, but my smiles belong to Sapphira, my life-mate.”

(A soft silence)

Sallie:                (Sounds of clearing her throat) “Look at you two; you’re giving me a tooth ache.”

Malachi:                      “I do not know about your tooth discomfort.  But what I can tell you is Sapphira is my life and mate.  We share everything.  We’re soul mates, bonded in every way…mated in this life and the next and the next.  We…”

Sapphira:         “We share a destiny.  We will confront adversity as one.  We’ll rejoice as one and share in each other’s accomplishments.  We are mated for all times, always.”

Malachi:            “Always!”

Sallie:                (A deep sigh) “Ahh, you two, WOW.  Just  being with you, seeing how you look at each other.  It gives me chills and I do mean the good kind of chills.  It’s like your love is a living thing, touchable, in the room with us.”  (A pause)  “Listen to me.  I’ve gone and gotten all mushy.  I’ll be leaking any second so let’s move on.  Sapphira, you’re a Guardian.  Are you the only female Guardian?”

Sapphira:                   “Lord, No!  What made you think that?  There are fewer female Guardians, but I’m by no means alone.”

Sallie:                “What’s the training like?”

Malachi:            “Quite vigorous is all you may know.  The details of Sapphira’s training is not in your purview.”

Sallie:                 “Malachi, I’m only asking…”

Malachi:            “Next…”

Sallie:                “Okay, Okay… (Laughter), I get the message.  So can we talk about your pet?”

Malachi:            “Certainly, Buttercup brings much joy to our lives.”

Sallie:                “Buttercup (more laughter, spluttering), Buttercup….”


Sapphira:                   “(Joining in the laughter), That’s on me.  I named our tiger, Buttercup.”

Malachi:            “(A smile in his voice) Yes, you did.”

Sapphira:                   “She has the sweetest disposition, our Buttercup,  and loves her dad.”

(Said by Sapphira as she drops a pert kiss on Malachi’s jaw.)

Malachi:            (Gives Sapphira a brilliant smile, eyes glowing.)  “She is our baby.”

Sallie:                 “A tiger is an unusual pet. What gives?”

Malachi:            “Gives?”

Sapphira:                   “Nothing …gives.  She chose us.” (Said with a twinkle in her eyes)

Sallie:                 “How?”

Malachi:            That is a long story which belongs only to us.”

Sallie:                 “Well do you have any stories or secrets you can share with the listeners’?”

Malachi:            “No…(a pause as listening to someone), we must go now.”

Sapphira:                   “Sorry we have to leave so soon.  Thanks for having us today.  And many thanks to our fans and listeners for championing our story, the story of Malachi and Sapphira.

Sallie:                 “Wait, wait, I have several more questions…”

Malachi:            “They will keep for another time. Come Sapphira, we are summoned.”

Sapphira:                   “Yes, we have to go now, but we’ll be back.”  (Said as Malachi gives Sapphira a half playful, half annoyed l scowl)

Sallie:                 (Rushing to get in a few more words before they leave.)  “ Your fans have bombarded me with questions about  you.  When can we expect more?”

Malachi:            “Humans have an expression, ‘patience is a virtue.’  They will have to wait.”

Sallie:       “Well can’t you at least….” (puff).  “Well dang!  They’ve made their exit. Oh well,  that’s it for now.  Thanks for listening to V.A.M.P, the number one station for all things paranormal.”

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