Guest Writer Wednesday: Interview with Ana Raine

2037Sara Jay’s Erotica is pleased to welcome Changeling Press author Ana Raine to our Guest Writer Wednesday interview!

Share a little bit about your writing style. What genres and types of heroes/heroines are you attracted to? What do you love to write about?

I love the BDSM genre, but I also like paranormal, especially stories that included magic, dragons and knights. I’m a bit of a classics enthusiast. King Arthur, Tristan and Isolde, and Grek mythology are all some of my favorites. I also love writing about other cultures. In Pretty Boy, the main character, Kai, was born in Japan where he lived most of his life. The book I’m currently working on Mookyul, which will be released in July, and centers around a young Korean man. I love experiencing other cultures.

I’m a fan of the classics too, Ana. What can we expect when we experience one of your books?

I think that romance is definitely important in any book. Romance and friendship make the book a cohesive piece of material that you really want to read. When reading one of my books, you will experience the main character desperately in love, but unable to completely love at first because of a traumatic past experience. I like twists, some predictable, at the end and a lot of sexual encounters.

Sounds like an experience to look forward to! Tell us a little about your latest release, or your favorite among all of your books.

My latest release, Pride (Pretty Boy 2) drives deeper into what a BDSM lifestyle can be like for long term lovers. I like UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and so I wanted to make a UFC fighter into a submissive character when it comes to his lover and master, Liam, but a strong man when it comes to fighting. I like the dynamic of strong and weak.

What an intriguing idea! If you could have one date with a crush (before marrying your spouse if necessary!), who would it be and why? What would you do?

I’ve been with my spouse since I was seventeen, so it’s hard to imagine going on a date with someone else. But I’ve recently started liking Bradley James from Merlin. I think Merlin is a cute take on a classic I’ve always loved. I would ask him how much he actually knows about the Tales of King Arthur. We would have to eat ice cream, because who doesn’t like ice cream?

2019That would be a sweet date! What’s the most romantic thing someone ever did for you, or that you did for someone else?

My husband took me to the beach late at night towards the end of summer when no one was there. When we got there we had to walk through a bunch of woods and down a steep sandy hill. We sat at the edge of the water on the sand and he pointed out constellations in the sky before asking me to marry him.

Oh, I love that! Share your favorite romantic or sexy song and why you love it so much.

I like the song “Settle for a Slowdown,” by Dierks Bentley. Even though in the song, the girl leaves him, the song focuses on the current moment and how leaving can impact someone negatively forever. Pausing and thinking for a brief second can save a relationship and therefore lead you down another unknown path. When I hear this song, I’m reminded of all the hard times in my marriage and then the soft interludes that make me come back.

That’s what makes a song so lovely. Anything else?

My third Pretty Boy book, Mookyul, will be released 7/12/13 with Changeling Press. This story does not center around my first two characters, Kai and Liam, but on a young Korean man who gets tangled up in the Seven Star Khangpae when he tries to find love.

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