Guest Writer Wednesday: Kate Hill

northmanspleasuremedKate Hill is back with us today, and she’s sharing some super hot details about her new book, Northman’s Pleasure! Kate is giving us an interview with Grim Hammerhand from the book and I’m so excited to share it with you:

An Interview with Grim Hammerhand from Northman’s Pleasure by Kate Hill


Where are you from?

I was born in a village far south of here. My mother was a slave and my father was a trader passing through.

How did you become a warrior?

When I was five years old, a metal worker named Atli fell in love with my mother. He bought our freedom and married her. Atli taught me how to make weapons and also how to use them, but I had natural talent. From the moment I picked up a sword, I knew I was born to wield it.

What do you do to relax?

I like to work in the forge. Until meeting Asgerd, I thought there was nothing I would rather do than make weapons and train, but being with her. . .I can’t put into words how it makes me feel. I love just looking at her, even though I can’t say it’s always relaxing. Most of the time I’m thinking about getting her in the bed closet.

What do you like best about Asgerd?

Her courage, her kindness and her trustworthiness. Even while suffering at Stein’s hands, she never lost heart. She’s a beautiful woman with the soul of a warrior.

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Flash Fiction at Changeling This Week: Cryptid Creatures!

SJ_HardAsRock_largeCome play with us at Changeling Press! Every week we have a free flash fiction challenge. You can play or read other writers’ submissions for free, or both! Join us here:

This week’s challenge comes from…me!

** Choose your favorite cryptozoological creature and put him/her in a night club. Now what? **

– Write a quickie with the above theme
– 100 to 150 words
– Authors and readers can play

Here is my entry for the week:

The Chase

Please put “FFC” or “Flash Fiction” (and a title) in your subject line so we don’t miss any potential plot bunnies.

New Releases from Changeling Press

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illicitIllicit Sex
by Marteeka Karland
Cover art: Marteeka Karland
BIN: 06497-02089
Genre(s): Futuristic, Science Fiction, Erotic Romance
Series: Illicit (#2)
Length: Novella

Past relationships have made Lyra more than a little wary of men. True, her jaunt into the arms of an alien was her idea, but somehow the reality of the deed is more than she bargained for.

Kil may not like the little witch his Chosen presents herself as, but he’s drawn to her like no other woman. When she’s taken from him, Kil vows he will get her back. No matter what. But winning her affections is only one obstacle…

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marksmenWeapons of Redemption 4: Marksmen
by Saloni Quinby
Cover art: Bryan Keller
BIN: 06491-02087
Genre(s): Paranormal, Erotic Romance
Theme(s): Vampires, Gay
Length: Novella

Ansley and Brayden were stolen as boys by the hated vampire pirate, Tarun, to work aboard his ship. As men, their friendship blossomed into a deep, undeniable love. They’ve built a life together and their home is the headquarters for the brotherhood of five rebels who broke free of their hated master. In the final battle between the vampire pirate and the Weapons of Redemption, Ansley and Brayden’s love for each other will either save or destroy them.

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rorlanDemon Guardians: Rorlan
by Jessica Coulter Smith
Cover art: Bryan Keller
BIN: 06488-02086
Genre(s): Paranormal, Dark Fantasy, BDSM, Erotic Romance
Theme(s): Dark Desire
Series: Demon Guardians (#2)
Length: Novella

Rorlan is Larissa’s demon guardian, and he’s been tempted by her nearly every day. Now he has her exactly where he wants her, chained in his room in Hell, taking everything he has to give and asking for more. She’s his every dream come true, a fantasy come to life. He’s just not sure he’ll be able to give her up when it’s time for her to return to the surface.

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meetingsPrivate Meetings
by Zenobia Renquist
Cover art: Marteeka Karland
BIN: 06494-02088
Genre(s): Razor’s Edge Press, Guilty Pleasures (Contemporary), BDSM
Theme(s): Menage, Bisexual and More, Voyeurism and Exhibitionism, Lesbian
Series: Assistant’s Position (#3)
Length: Novella

Two stories for the price of one!

“Client Satisfaction”

Rachel and Matt Night, her boss, are on location to provide a product demonstration to land a big contract. The client drives a hard bargain. Rachel is more than capable of taking it and she won’t stop until the client is satisfied.

“Appeasing the Wife”

Rachel is used to Matt’s demanding wife. The man works too many long hours and his wife isn’t shy about showing up at work to drag him home. But this late night meeting can’t be interrupted. No matter how angry Christine is, Rachel knows just the right distraction to get Christine to relax.

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