Monday Music: Cover You in Oil

Let’s go with another AC/DC song this week. 😉

Don’t forget to submit your song requests to me! You can comment or submit them via email. And feel free to post your excerpts that fit with today’s song or your own flash fic in the comments below. Mine will be there, too!

Author: sarajschmidt

I shake you warmly by the hand, and welcome you to my bio! Currently a writer, artist, and freelance explorer, I have played many other roles. I've managed a restaurant, debated across the country, taught children in Spain, run a handful of student organizations and retreats, served as the Editor/Producer/Citizen Journalist Manager for a, sung in choir for many years, volunteered with dozens of organizations and interned with a few, home-schooled a relative, cared for many a pet, and protested a thing or two. I am also married to my dreamy gearhead high school sweetheart, and together we are unschooling with our 10-year-old tenacious and hilarious daughter. Aside from my main passions of writing, art, reading, and generally being as ambitious as possible, I love to play with my daughter, learn new things, have date nights with The Husband, and highlight anything within my reach. Drop me a line at

One thought on “Monday Music: Cover You in Oil”

  1. For today’s Flash Fiction, I’m including 99 words from Hard As a Rock. Enjoy!

    She sighed with pleasure as her nipples grazed his solid chest, pressing her body tightly into his chiseled abdomen. Mouth open wide, she drew wet O’s across his chest, imagining him breathing a stuttered, aroused beat in her pointed ear. Drawing her tongue farther down, she lowered herself further until her mouth slanted over his slick cock.

    Wetting it openly, she drew her mouth all the way down his length, then up again. Her saliva watered over his massive rock balls, and she quickly licked again and again, tip to testicle until he was as wet as she wanted.

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