Guest Writer Wednesday: Shelby Morgen and Marteeka Karland

strikeforceToday we have two special guests at Sara Jay’s Erotica: Shelby Morgen and Marteeka Karland! These two Changeling authors are well-known for their separate works, but right now they’ve got the paranormal scene scorching with their Memphis Heat series. And they’re sharing some details–including a full chapter!–with us today.

Sara: Welcome, Shelby and Marteeka! Share a little bit about your writing style. What genres and types of heroes/heroines are you attracted to? What do you love to write about?

Shelby: I love strong male characters who aren’t afraid to show their vulnerable side, and female leads who can kick ass and take names. I like it even better when they have to work together to meet their goal — whether that’s to live through the night, take down the bad guys, or take on the world.

Marteeka:  I really like pairing opposites. Maybe a really big guy scared of hurting a woman during love play because of his size falling for a tiny fae like creature (literally) who’s into heavy bondage or something. Or a woman with OCD needing complete order in her life falling for the big jock who’s a slob.

Shelby: Face it. You just like kink. And men’s underwear.

Marteeka: And?? Though I usually prefer men OUT of underwear.

Sara: I like your characters out of their underwear, too, Teeka! What can we expect when we experience one of your books?

Shelby: Action! I think I’m decent on characterization, but I don’t write books about cool intellectuals coming of age. Things need to BLOW UP! And of course lots of sex. Then maybe a fire fight or two. And some more sex.

Marteeka: OH! I like the sweet romance. You know. Closet bedroom scenes, warm and fuzzy feelings. Shelby’s too kinky for me. 😀

Shelby: You lie like a dog on a rug. Make that a wolf. Shifter.


Sara: It sounds like you balance out each other pretty well when you write! Tell us a little about your latest release.

Shelby: Memphis Heat 3 just released at Changeling, and we’re working on book 4. We should have it to KK next week. (If we don’t she may kill us.) The series follows an off the books squad of Memphis cops who’re all werewolves. Their territory’s been invaded by Russian wolves who are smuggling weapons into the states illegally. We get to blow stuff up. 🙂

Marteeka: Yeah. She blows stuff up. I get to soothe hurt feelings. *rolling eyes* Oh! but just for the record, the nuclear bomb was MY idea…

Shelby: Nukes make really BIG explosions…

Sara: Nukes and werewolves? Sounds pretty amazing! If you could have one date with a crush (before marrying your spouse if necessary!), who would it be and why? What would you do?

Shelby: Oh, real life stuff? It’d still be Bill. Even after 30 some years. And I’m pretty sure it would involve four- wheeling and a mountain road and a picnic…

Marteeka: Hum… I don’t really have a crush… unless maybe it was Gerarld Butler. But, other than my husband of 17 years, that guy at the waterpark a month ago with really huge muscles would fit my bill.. 😀

Shelby: Who’s Gerald Butler? (Give up. You can’t spell check some things)

Marteeka: Guy from 300? Leonidas? Hello???

Shelby: Mehh.

Sara: OMG, Shelby, you must check out Gerald! Try PS I Love You, Phantom of the Opera… So hot! What’s the most romantic thing someone ever did for you, or that you did for someone else?

Shelby: It was my first night alone at radio station WXVA/WZFM, Charles Town — I had the automated late night shift. All of a sudden all the equipment went insane. Then a big shadow blocked out all the light in the hallway. I looked up, and there was this guy standing in the doorway. He said, “I was just driving by, sounded like you could use some help.” It was the morning drive DJ. From then on every time I went to change a tape there’s be a voice over on the reel’s leader (blank tape at the beginning of a reel, used for cuing the tape) … yeah. I believe in love at first sight. 🙂

Marteeka: Well, there was the time he tied me up and…

Shelby: Can you tell that story here?

Marteeka: OK. Not so “romantic.” Hum… My very first Mother’s Day when he got me the diamond heart necklace. Was the only time he’s ever surprised me so badly I almost peed myself.

Shelby: We have to talk about your definition of romantic. Because “peed myself” and “romantic” in the same sentence….

Marteeka: 😀 MUHAHAHAHA

Sara: To each her own, eh, Teeka? Share your favorite romantic or sexy song and why you love it so much.

Shelby: I can’t say I have a single favorite — still too much DJ in me. You’ll usually catch me with 70’s rock blaring out of the speakers. Or Enya. Or Scots ballads. Or heavy metal. Or…

Marteeka: “Lick” by Joi. (See xXx with Vin Diesel. The scene where the girl is wrapping herself around the bedpost to seduce him.)

Shelby: I need more coffee.

Sara: That’s a hot one! Shelby, I like most of those genres, too. Anything else?

Shelby: If we’re late with this it’s Teeka’s fault. In fact whatever it is it’s Teeka’s fault.

Marteeka: Why is it always MY fault??? I think I’m being abused! *sniff* Never mind that sometimes I like it…

Shelby: (Ignoring Teeka) Thanks for having us, Sara! You rock!

Hey, do we have time for an excerpt?

Marteeka: That one works. *snort*

Strikeforce (Memphis Heat)

by Shelby Morgen and Marteeka Karland

Cover art: Marteeka Karland

Genre(s): Paranormal, Action Adventure/ Suspense, Erotic Romance

Theme(s): Interracial/MultiCultural, Werewolves, Voyeurism and Exhibitionism, Men and Women in Uniform

Memphis, Tennessee. The Russian mob’s declared war on the MPD, leaving a team of dead cops in their wake. Lt. Jamie Callahan’s convinced there’s a mole in their pack, and he and his new partner must figure out who set them up — and who’s responsible for the deaths of their former lieutenants.

Officer Amanda Black has her sights set on the hottest hottie in the MPD calendar, Mr. July, Lt. Jamie Callahan, but every time she gets close, he backs off. Is he avoiding her because she’s black? Or because he’s got some last century sense of nobility when it comes to officers under his command? Either way, Amanda intends to change Callahan’s mind. No one stands up to an Alpha She-Wolf in heat. She’s about to mark her territory, and any woman who gets in her way’s going to feel her claws.


Chapter One

“Callahan. Black. My office. Now.” Snorrasan’s abrasive voice ripped through the squad room.

Jamie Callahan took his time buttoning his shirt before he headed down the hall to answer the summons. Granted, Snorrasan was his commanding officer, and Callahan would never openly disrespect a superior in front of those in his command, but Snorrasan was a son of a bitch at best. Callahan had disliked him from the moment they’d met. Still, the man was good at his job.

“Congrats on the promotion, Callahan.”

Callahan glanced up to see Amanda Black heading for Snorrasan’s office, those long, long legs of hers eating up the distance between them. And the look didn’t stop there. He trained his attention on her face, because looking lower was unprofessional. Not that it helped — her face was one of her best features. Hell, just the mention of her name was enough to kick Jamie Callahan’s libido into overdrive. Except for one persistently nagging issue that even time couldn’t sweep under the history books.

“Thank you, Officer Black. Glad to see you’re back on duty.” He was now her commanding officer. And that meant she was off limits. Which didn’t help a whole hell of a lot, but sometimes addressing her formally, saying her rank out loud, made him acutely aware he had his integrity to protect.

“The feeling’s mutual, I assure you. Fucking hospitals give me the creeps. Especially the one I came from. I felt like a giant lab rat. Work seemed the only cure.” Her smile seemed to light up the world, taking away some of his tension over almost losing her. But not all of it. He doubted that fear would ever completely dissipate.

“We’ve missed you.” I missed you. They’d lost Smith and Reginold, and nearly lost Black and White as well.

Callahan held open the door to Snorrasan’s office, acting like the gentleman his mother had wanted him to be and not the horny teenager he felt like around Amanda.

“Black. Callahan. Glad you could make it.” Snorrasan’s humorless tone still managed to convey his general dislike at being kept waiting. “Sit down.” Snorrasan didn’t waste time with preliminaries. “Both of you lost partners in that clusterfuck last month. Now that Black’s back on full duty, I want you to work together. I’m officially assigning you Black as your new partner, Callahan. Try to keep this one alive.”

Fury ignited deep in Callahan’s chest. Keep this one alive? It’d been an ambush, plain and simple, and no one had asked the question he needed answered. “Yeah? That’d be a hell of a lot easier if I know someone’s got my back.” Where the hell had Snorrasan and his team been?

“Funny you should mention that.” Amanda slid in smoothly, looking down at her long fingers, inspecting her nails like a queen might when addressing a peasant. “White and I were supposed to have a team coming in behind Callahan and Reginold. If I’m not mistaken, that was the plan devised by…” She trailed off as she looked up at Snorrasan, capturing his gaze in one so cold, Callahan was sure the room chilled by ten degrees. “You.”

Snorrasan stiffened. “Just what are you trying to say, Black?”

“I’m saying, before you go making snide remarks to my Lieutenant, get your fucking facts straight. If anyone dropped the ball, it was your team. Not Callahan.”

That was way more than insubordination, but Callahan wasn’t touching it. He suspected Snorrasan wouldn’t either. Mainly because Amanda was dead on right.

Snorrasan smiled. “Just as I suspected. You two will be perfect for one another.”

Callahan bristled at that one. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“Why the fuck do you think I promoted you, Callahan? Not for your charm, that’s for damn sure. You’re one of the most insufferable, hair-triggered bastards in my squad. As for Black, you take insubordination to new levels. You’re also two of the finest cops I’ve ever worked with. You’re both too damn honest to keep your mouths shut, even when it’s in your own best interest. Which means I can trust you. And right now I can’t say that of everyone on this squad.”

All Callahan’s animosity drained away at the deadly calm in Snorrasan’s tone. A spike of electricity ran up his spine like the razor edge of a needle. “What are you sayin’, Boss?”

“I’m saying, watch your backs. You’re asking the right questions, but you need to ask them a little more carefully. We were set up out there, all of us. I don’t have all the answers. Yet. You’re going to help me find them. You’ll be working with Lieutenant Carson and Officer Regan on this. I want to know who sold us out, and I want to know before we lose another team. Don’t trust anyone else, pack or not. Are you in?”

Damn it. Under any other circumstances, Callahan would have gone off on Snorrasan for assigning him the hottest single woman in the precinct for a partner, but Snorrasan was right. If the squad had been compromised, there was no place Amanda was safer than in his sight. His dick would just have to learn to ignore her delicious body and let his other brain focus on work. “Fuck, yeah. I’m in.”

Amanda turned to look at him while she answered Snorrasan. The tip of her tiny pink tongue crept out to wet those already shiny, chocolate-covered-cherry lips. “Do I wanna partner up with the hottest hunk on the Men of the Memphis PD calendar and go hunt down the bastards who murdered our partners and made me and White into werewolves? Oh, yeah. I’m liking the sound of this.”

She’d seen that damn calendar? Alarm bells went off in Callahan’s head. “You know you’re insane.”

Amanda’s grin turned feral. “I’m glad you finally noticed.”

Callahan stifled a groan. “It was for charity, and I’m your commanding officer. Regulations…”

Snorrasan snorted. “I’m not hearing a word of this. I know you’ve been skating around one another for months, trying to ignore what the rest of us already knew, but I don’t need to hear about it. Yet. I need the two of you together. Right where you are. You work the rest out however you need to — just keep your private business private until this is cleared up.”

Callahan closed his eyes. I am so fucked… Snorrasan had all but given them permission… No. He couldn’t do this. It went against everything he’d ever believed. Didn’t it? Regulations were there for a reason and he’d always followed the regs.

He looked up and saw Amanda grinning down at him. “What’s the matter, white boy? You got a problem with black pussy?”

Yeah. He was fucked.

“Go. You have work to do.” Snorrasan shook his head and waved them away. “And I know it’s against your natures, but try to use a little discretion!”

He was an idiot. He’d read her so wrong. She’d been leading him around by the cock ever since she got out of the academy, and he was the only one who hadn’t known it. And his commander was feeding him to the wolves. Literally. “You’re black? I hadn’t noticed.”

“Baby, I’m just a bitch. A bitch in heat, and you’re looking a lot like lunch these days.”

Callahan grabbed her by the elbow and dragged her out of Snorrasan’s office, but kicking the door shut in his wake couldn’t drown out the sound of his commander’s laughter.

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