Excerpt 5: Neiko’s Five Land Adventure by A.K. Taylor

Our fifth excerpt today is also from Blogger Book Fair author A.K. Taylor. Have fun reading!


Neiko’s Five Land Adventure

Series: The Neiko Adventure Saga

Publication Date: September 1, 2010

Format: Mobi, ePUB, and Paperback

Genre: MG/YA Fantasy Action Adventure (ages 7-16)

Length: 352 pages in paperback

Review formats: pdf, mobi, epub

Paperback for US residents only


The Indians and the Crackedskulls are locked in the turmoil of war and presently in a stalemate. Her enemies, Raven and Bloodhawk, have come up with a scheme to up the ante and break the stalemate into their favor. Neiko later finds out that a land she thought she had only imagined is actually real and contains a legendary and otherworldly evil within it. Not only that, she becomes trapped there and must escape the world, the people within it, and the sinister evil within.
Neiko must find her way back home and turn the tables on her enemies. Can she come back home and escape the evil that seeks to claim her?

aktaylorAbout the Author

A.K. Taylor grew up in the backwoods of Georgia where she learned about nature. She enjoys hunting and fishing, beekeeping, gardening, archery, shooting, hiking, and has various collections. She also has interest in music, Native American history and heritage, Egyptian history, and the natural sciences. A.K. Taylor has been writing and drawing since the age of 16. A.K. Taylor has graduated from the University of Georgia with a biology degree, and she shares an interest in herpetology with her husband.

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After her eyes adjusted to the glare, the two friends could see there

was a cavern that was full of perfect crystals. They were in all

shapes, sizes, and colors and they came out of the walls, floor,

and ceiling. The beauty was spellbinding. “Wow! If I found this in Hawote,

then I’d be rich! This is a rock collector’s dream come true!”

“Yeah, but didn’t you say that there were writings about Ramses

somewhere in here? I wonder where the ruins of Shadazar are,” Quickstrike


“Somewhere in here, I guess, and I think we’re close. Let’s keep

walking and look at the walls. If there are any branch-offs, then we’ll split

up. If you find anything, then come looking.”

“Actually, I’d rather stick together, so we won’t get separated.”

“Good idea, well, I like that idea better too,” she said as they journeyed

deep into the caverns. They walked and looked at the walls, but all they

found were arrangements and shapes created by crystal; they gleamed and

sparkled when the light hit them like multicolored diamonds. Luckily for

them, there were no branch-offs, and the caverns appeared as if they were

carved into the crystal. New formations were growing in the hewn walls.

Neiko found several broken pieces on the cavern floor; she picked them up

and slipped them into her pocket.

“Look, there’s an exit up ahead,” said Quickstrike as he saw a break

in the glamour and a darkened cave. As they entered the door, darkness

overtook them and there were ruins just ahead. “We found what’s left of

ancient Shadazar!”

“Yeah, and we have an underground lake to cross. I wonder what’s on

the other side.”

“I dunno, but I’ve noticed the further we go in, the further we go back

in time, so that could mean the writings are probably after the lake. How

do we get across?”

“There’s a boat right there.” They climbed into the boat, and Neiko

got the oars and began to paddle while Quickstrike carried the torch. They

could see broken columns and the remains of a bridge that possibly was a

shortcut long ago towering over them. She kept paddling, and then they

saw a waterfall just ahead. Neiko paddled around it and parked the boat on

the bank of the hidden cavern. When they entered the hallway, there were

pictures and writings. “Neiko, look! We found it!”

“Hmm,” she said as she looked at the letters which were surprisingly

in the alphabet of her tribe. “Well, it’s written in English, but it is written

in the alphabet of my tribe. This will be easy for me to translate.”

“That’s good. So, what does it say?”

Neiko looked at the battling figures and the dark, shadowy form of

the Dark Pharaoh fighting and slaying them. She ran her finger under

the letters as she read. “This is talking about something called the Good

Pharaohs. It says that God created powerful beings called Pharaohs to

protect the universe from evil.

Author: sarajschmidt

I shake you warmly by the hand, and welcome you to my bio! Currently a writer, artist, and freelance explorer, I have played many other roles. I've managed a restaurant, debated across the country, taught children in Spain, run a handful of student organizations and retreats, served as the Editor/Producer/Citizen Journalist Manager for a, sung in choir for many years, volunteered with dozens of organizations and interned with a few, home-schooled a relative, cared for many a pet, and protested a thing or two. I am also married to my dreamy gearhead high school sweetheart, and together we are unschooling with our 10-year-old tenacious and hilarious daughter. Aside from my main passions of writing, art, reading, and generally being as ambitious as possible, I love to play with my daughter, learn new things, have date nights with The Husband, and highlight anything within my reach. Drop me a line at sarajschmidt@gmail.com.

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