Cover Preview: “Falling for Fall”

Falling for Fall comes out in two weeks, and I’m so excited to share the cover with you!

falling for fall

Here’s a PG-13 sneak peek from the first page…

Freezing. I’m freezing.

My cold feet bounce left, then right. My tits follow in fashion.

“Locked out, I see.” Theo’s smirk peers out from inside an oak tree. Of course the Green Man would show up while I’m wearing nothing but a Journey t-shirt. Shivering, I cover my ass.

The giant armholes in the shirt dip lower, giving the forest god a peek of my left breast. I clutch my little knapsack over my butt but it doesn’t cover up much.

“I could warm you up, Autumn,” he offers, the crisp scent of the season on his breath as he saunters toward me.
Before I know it, there are leaves in my hair, too. When did he get so close?

“Theo, you’re horrible,” I gasp, half-heartedly shoving at him. His warm brown eyes sparkle at me as they pointedly drop from my gaze to my breasts. Smirking, he bunches my t-shirt behind my back with one hand, stretching it even more tautly against me.

“Why would a capable detective from the St. Louis Paranormal Investigation Unit lock herself out of her own house on this frosty fall morning, mmm?” A laugh rumbles in his chest as his wide, calloused fingers caress my face.

“To tumble in the leaves with a horny forest god?” I ask, jutting out my chest for good measure. He licks his lips as my nipples peak up at him, and I can’t help but grin.

Author: sarajschmidt

I shake you warmly by the hand, and welcome you to my bio! Currently a writer, artist, and freelance explorer, I have played many other roles. I've managed a restaurant, debated across the country, taught children in Spain, run a handful of student organizations and retreats, served as the Editor/Producer/Citizen Journalist Manager for a, sung in choir for many years, volunteered with dozens of organizations and interned with a few, home-schooled a relative, cared for many a pet, and protested a thing or two. I am also married to my dreamy gearhead high school sweetheart, and together we are unschooling with our 10-year-old tenacious and hilarious daughter. Aside from my main passions of writing, art, reading, and generally being as ambitious as possible, I love to play with my daughter, learn new things, have date nights with The Husband, and highlight anything within my reach. Drop me a line at

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