Hump Day Humps at Marteeka’s Dreams

hump dayBelow is a hot, NSFW HUMP from Falling for Fall after the cut! Read it and let me know what you think, and be sure to visit Marteeka’s Dreams for even more Hump Day Humps!’

“Well, first I need to show you something of great importance.”

Rolling my eyes, I follow him to the supply closet. “A mop, Theo?”

He slams the door with his foot, eyes twinkling at me. “No. My penis.”

Chortling, I reach for the knob — the one not attached to a forest god. “We so do not have time for this.”

“Oh, but we do. It should take at least ten more minutes for the database search to run, which is ample time for me to satisfy my animalistic urges with your ample assets.” He curves his hands in an hourglass gesture, then he does it again along the edges of my body.

I shiver and grin at him. “Ten minutes, huh?”

“Don’t you want to pay me back after the pleasant ride in I gave you?” he pouts. I wiggle my fingers up at him and he grins, taking my hand and palming it over the tent in his pants. He pushes against me and I groan. I love it when he does that.

“Not particularly,” I tease, “but I could get off.”

He grins, eyes sparkling, and kneels in front of me. Ignoring the spot where I need his touch most, he lifts my shirt and kisses my hip, lazily meandering with his mouth toward my belly button. Tonguing the dip in my skin, his eyes dart up and lock with mine, glowing with intensity and otherworldly magic.

Twisting my fingers in his hair, I nudge my center toward him, wanting his attention on my pussy. But he isn’t having it. Instead, he continues his torturous kisses up toward my breasts, gently kissing, then sucking the bottom of one globe as he plays with the other nipple.

The scent of fall foliage encompasses my senses as his hair, lips, tongue and fingers take turns applying sweet wetness and pressure against my breasts. Locks of Theo’s hair turn leafy and crisp against my fingers, and I grin as he begins to lose himself in me.


Wanna read more? Check out Falling for Fall, on sale now from Changeling Press!

Author: sarajschmidt

I shake you warmly by the hand, and welcome you to my bio! Currently a writer, artist, and freelance explorer, I have played many other roles. I've managed a restaurant, debated across the country, taught children in Spain, run a handful of student organizations and retreats, served as the Editor/Producer/Citizen Journalist Manager for a, sung in choir for many years, volunteered with dozens of organizations and interned with a few, home-schooled a relative, cared for many a pet, and protested a thing or two. I am also married to my dreamy gearhead high school sweetheart, and together we are unschooling with our 10-year-old tenacious and hilarious daughter. Aside from my main passions of writing, art, reading, and generally being as ambitious as possible, I love to play with my daughter, learn new things, have date nights with The Husband, and highlight anything within my reach. Drop me a line at

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