Guest Writer Wednesday: Marilyn Morris

Today at Sara Jay’s our guest author is Marilyn Morris, who is sharing about her supernatural trilogy, historical novels and much more!

Share a little bit about your writing style. What genres and types of heroes/heroines are you attracted to? What do you love to write about?

My writing style has been “eclectic.” I write supernatural mysteries; disaster/romance; and finally, historical/adventure. The supernatural mysteries are evidenced by my Sabbath Trilogy: Sabbath’s Gift, then Sabbath’s House, and I’m working on the sequel, Sabbath’s Village.  They all feature a mystical black cat, Sabbath, who was “once owned by a witch.” The disaster novel is Forces of Nature where Human Nature meets Mother Nature when a fully loaded fuel tanker from the nearby Air Force Base is thrown by a tornado into a crowded shopping mall.

A couple of my historical novels probably convinced me to follow my heart and continue to write historical fiction. My first historical was The Women of Camp Sobingo, a WWII and Cold War era story of four women who meet aboard a ship headed for Korea, in 1945. They are to join their army officer husbands with the US Occupation Forces in a compound outside Seoul, where they spend their hours playing bridge and forming a bond that will change all their lives forever. One woman chooses to end her life there. At a reunion 25 years later, secrets and sorrows are at last revealed.

My second historical novel is The Unexplored Heart, which focuses on a young Victorian-era woman, Vanessa, who is robbed of her inheritance by her treacherous stepfather. She is given enough funding to attend a secretarial school and learns shorthand. She is hired by Harrison Courtland, a famed explorer, to transcribe his notes concerning his treks, including the Himalayan exploration where his headstrong wife is lost while crossing a rope bridge over an icy torrent. So it is assumed. Yet she is found battered but alive, by the monarch of a lush and wealthy kingdom. This novel is written in three sections: Vanni’s early life and her employment; Book Two: Lisanne Courtland’s adaptation to her new life even though she is mute and suffers from amnesia. The Third Book tells of Lisanne’s escape from Rimar and its king and her return to Cornwall.

I’ve always had an interest in exploring and archaeology, so much so that I am presently writing a sequel to The Unexplored Heart,  After Camelot: Esther’s Quest.  The minute I typed The End, one of the minor characters stormed into my office, settled herself in my guest chair and demanded I feature her in “my own book.” And so she shall have it.

That really is a wide variety! What can we expect when we experience one of your books?

I love to surprise my readers. I don’t use formulas, but let my characters lead the plot.

They do tend to know much more about their stories than we do, don’t they? Tell us a little about your latest release, or your favorite among all of your books.

My favorite book is usually the one I’m working on right now. I have a soft place in my heart for all my characters and their adventures. So right now, I love After Camelot: Esther’s Quest.  The end is near, and I’m inventing plot twists and turns to keep the reader guessing.

Gotta love those twists. If you could have one date with a crush (before marrying your spouse if necessary!), who would it be and why?

I love Alan Alda. MASH was a large part of my life when it was on television.

 Oh, I loved MASH too! What would you do?

I would love to go out to a leisurely dinner and just talk. Sorry to disappoint in the “love” area, but one of the reasons I like him so much is that he has remained faithful to his wife in NJ while he filmed during the week in Hollywood, returning home for the weekends. And he’s smart. I love a man who knows more than I do.

That’s so sweet. What’s the most romantic thing someone ever did for you, or that you did for someone else?

I met a man shortly after my divorce who caught my heart, if only briefly. (He traveled a lot.) He told me one night that his oil well had “come in.” The next day, I went to a florist and sent him a dozen roses with a “Congratulations” card. He was flabbergasted that a woman would do that.

What a thoughtful gift! Share your favorite romantic or sexy song and why you love it so much.

I absolutely love Ray Charles singing “Georgia.”  It has the longing of a lover for his woman, even if it’s not explicitly. It’s a real classic, in my mind.

It really is an absolutely gorgeous song. Anything else?

Oh, I could go on and on, but I’ll spare you. I have never had so much fun in my life as when I quit working and began writing in earnest some twelve years ago. I’m doing what I have always wanted to do, from the time I was in kindergarten and learned that letters of the alphabet made words, and words made sentences, and sentences made stories. I like the saying: “Novelist: Telling Lies for Fun and Profit.”

PS: I almost forgot my two non-fiction works. I have SLE, or lupus, and I wrote about it to encourage other sufferers to adapt to the limitations this disease puts on us. I was diagnosed in 1988 after three years and five doctors consistently told me it was “Just rheumatoid arthritis” because at the age of 50, I did not fit the usual profile of a young woman of childbearing age. This book, The Cards We’re Dealt, also contains stories and quotes from other “lupies,” along with sound medical information.

My other non-fiction book is Once a Brat, Always a Brat, part travelogue, part therapy session about my life as an army brat, from my birth in 1938 to my father’s retirement in 1958.  It also has information about Military Brats web sites, where brats connect with persons they thought they would never see again.  Also is a section describing why we are the way we are; Dennis Campbell of BratCon Radio, says, “This book is a field manual for understanding (military) brats.”

All my books are published by Vanilla Heart Publishing and are available in print, all eBook formats, and soon, all my books will be available in audio.

Thanks so much for this opportunity.

Marilyn Celeste Morris, Author, Editor, Speaker
And now, free reads: First four chapters of all my books:

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