Guest Writer Wednesday: Mychael Black

Mychael Black is here with us today, and I am super stoked because Mychael is one of my favorite Changeling authors. Mychael has some cool insights about why she writes what she what she does. Take it away, Mychael!

Why I Write What I Do

I’ve had people in the past ask why I write gay romance. They look at me and think: straight white woman. Right?


I’m not straight, and while my body may look female, I am not. I started transitioning from female to male several years ago, but after about half a year or so on testosterone, I stopped. Why? I hit a plateau where I was happy about my identity–finally. At that point, I realized that I don’t care what gender someone perceives me as. All that matters is how I see myself. I happily embrace the label of ‘genderqueer,’ though I’d love to simply get rid of labels altogether. But society has a long way to go in that arena.

There are days when I feel more feminine and days when I feel more masculine. Then there are days when I simply don’t give a damn either way. But my heart, my mind, and my soul are all male. And I’ll be completely honest… there are times when the knowledge that the body doesn’t match is utterly painful. But I push beyond the pain and find solace in my writing.

Writing gay men gives me the chance to be who I want to be, to let the real voice inside speak and experience life the way HE wants. For me, writing gay romance is akin to therapy. A fun, exciting therapy that actually pays ME instead of me paying for it.

So that, my friends, is why I write what I do.



Call me Katherine or Mychael–I’ll answer to both. I’m a mother,  partner, student, author by trade, and editor by compulsion. I’ve been  in the publishing business for several years, namely as a writer but  also as an editor on occasion. It never fails, though. I always end up editing eventually.

I’m a proud bibliophile, to which my poor sagging bookcases can attest.  I read all the time, even if it’s one of my textbooks for class. I much prefer fantasy and romance, though. While pursuing my Bachelor’s in Game Art & Design is fun, I wouldn’t necessarily call a textbook on color theory or the fundamentals of design ‘leisure’ reading. Interesting?  Yes. Pleasurable? Um. No.

When not writing or reading or editing, I…eat. Maybe sleep. Or watch Spongebob. Yes. I am a selfproclaimed, thirty-something year old Spongebob Squarepants addict. Much to my partner’s dismay. It’s fun.

If you’re curious about what I write (and who wouldn’t be?!), then you can find me below:

Guest Writer Wednesday: Jenny Twist

Mantequero Final - 72dpi (3)Author Jenny Twist is visiting us today, and she has so much to share! I hope you enjoy her excerpt and blog entry below:

I first read about the mantequero in Gerald Brennan’s books about his life in Spain.

He tells the tale of how a tall, thin and very pale aristocratic friend of his was captured by some peasants when he was walking in the mountains. They were convinced he was a mantequero because he was so pale and thin, and were about to murder him on the spot, but decided, to be on the safe side, to take him to the mayor. Luckily the mayor was not so superstitious and told them he was not a mantequero but an Englishman.

I was very intrigued by this and did some research.

The Mantequero, also known as the Sacamentacas and The Man with the Bag, is a creature of Spanish legend who comes in the night and sucks all the fat from your body. This he keeps in a leather bag which he carries with him at all times.

There isn’t a great deal written down about the supernatural being but, as with other kinds of vampire, real live people have been accused of imitating the mantequero, the most notorious being Juan Díaz de Garayo, who confessed to six murders but was probably responsible for many more. He was, however, only given the title ‘mantequero’ because a child he attacked was so horrified by his ugly face that she thought he was the sacamantecas (another name for the same creature).

A more viable candidate is Manuel Blanco Romasanta, born in 1809, who was a travelling vendor of fats used for greasing wheels. He was accused of using human fat in his products, but escaped justice and went on to murder a further nine people, inflicting horrible wounds and partially eating their corpses.

As recently as the summer of 1910, Francisco Leone, a healer, kidnapped and killed a seven year old boy with the sole purpose of extracting his blood and fat, for use in the cure of a third man suffering from tuberculosis.

But of the legend itself there is very little, so I felt justified in inventing my own mantequero. I hope you like him.

Mantequero 2 will be released later this year. Continue reading “Guest Writer Wednesday: Jenny Twist”

Praise for Sara Jay’s “Hard As a Rock”

SJ_HardAsRock_large(1)Hard As a Rock, available now!

Canna, an impish, flirty faery, loves to service just about any client who enters The Pleasure Club, a futuristic sex club. But although the clientele is satisfied, Canna aches for the impossible. A sexy, larger-than-life gargoyle statue that happens to be a simple a décor item.

Basalt has spent centuries wanting Canna all to himself. Though his nightly visits train her to be his perfect lover, will she still want him when she finds out what he does during the day?

Praise for Hard As a Rock

“Sara Jay’s Hard as a Rock simply simmers with tension and lots of hot sex. Whew! I’m still fanning myself. Canna is one naughty fairy and it’s so much fun to watch her at work. I loved the little changes and nuances Ms Jay gives her. Then there’s Basalt. Okay, I want one of him for my own. Where can I get one? He’s not a run-of-the-mill hero and that’s what makes him so great. I could see the wings and wanted to touch him. And have I mentioned the sex scenes? Canna can do some wicked things and it’s great reading. Grab a copy today!” –Author Megan Slayer

“This was a cute fantasy story. A fairy in love with a statue, and a statue who is more than what he seems. It has some action and danger along with a couple pretty good sex scenes. Good read and an author to watch.”Julie’s Book Reviews