Guest Writer Wednesday: Jenny Twist

Mantequero Final - 72dpi (3)Author Jenny Twist is visiting us today, and she has so much to share! I hope you enjoy her excerpt and blog entry below:

I first read about the mantequero in Gerald Brennan’s books about his life in Spain.

He tells the tale of how a tall, thin and very pale aristocratic friend of his was captured by some peasants when he was walking in the mountains. They were convinced he was a mantequero because he was so pale and thin, and were about to murder him on the spot, but decided, to be on the safe side, to take him to the mayor. Luckily the mayor was not so superstitious and told them he was not a mantequero but an Englishman.

I was very intrigued by this and did some research.

The Mantequero, also known as the Sacamentacas and The Man with the Bag, is a creature of Spanish legend who comes in the night and sucks all the fat from your body. This he keeps in a leather bag which he carries with him at all times.

There isn’t a great deal written down about the supernatural being but, as with other kinds of vampire, real live people have been accused of imitating the mantequero, the most notorious being Juan Díaz de Garayo, who confessed to six murders but was probably responsible for many more. He was, however, only given the title ‘mantequero’ because a child he attacked was so horrified by his ugly face that she thought he was the sacamantecas (another name for the same creature).

A more viable candidate is Manuel Blanco Romasanta, born in 1809, who was a travelling vendor of fats used for greasing wheels. He was accused of using human fat in his products, but escaped justice and went on to murder a further nine people, inflicting horrible wounds and partially eating their corpses.

As recently as the summer of 1910, Francisco Leone, a healer, kidnapped and killed a seven year old boy with the sole purpose of extracting his blood and fat, for use in the cure of a third man suffering from tuberculosis.

But of the legend itself there is very little, so I felt justified in inventing my own mantequero. I hope you like him.

Mantequero 2 will be released later this year.

Away With the Fairies (2)BLURB

Nobody had ever wanted to kiss June until she met her holiday romance.

Ignacio wanted to kiss her all the time.  But was it just kisses he wanted?

Or did he have a more sinister purpose?

Soon June begins to lose weight.

A lot of weight! Could Ignacio be . . .  The Mantequero!


He was dressed in a very old-fashioned style, even for a mountain villager, in knee britches and a waistcoat, with a wide-brimmed hat shading his eyes, and carrying a large leather bag.  He was a very handsome man, as many Spaniards were, with fine-chiselled features and the typical dark hair and eyes. Only his skin was paler than most, and she didn’t find that unattractive. No, not unattractive at all.

When they reached the little house at the top of the village, she turned to him and said, “This is where I live, Ignacio.”

He bowed his head courteously, letting go of her arm.

She felt a terrible disappointment at the loss of his touch, and she thought, This is it, my one chance. 

She smiled up at him. “Would you like to come in, Ignacio?”

DopplegangerHis face lit up in a broad smile. “You mean it? You are inviting me in?”

She nodded, and turned her back on him to insert the key in the lock, her heart thudding so loud she thought he must surely hear it.

As they stepped through the door, he took her into his arms, and, pushing the door closed with his foot, began to kiss her passionately. “Oh, my beautiful goddess,” he murmured between kisses. “You are SO beautiful, SO beautiful.” And then, without quite knowing how it had happened, she found herself in bed with him, her clothes abandoned, and he was kissing her all over with that strange, exciting, sucking kiss. And she felt an ecstasy she had never known before.


All in the Mind

Away With the Fairies




Jenny Twist was born in York and brought up in the West Yorkshire mill town of Heckmondwike, the eldest grandchild of a huge extended family.

She left school at fifteen and went to work in an asbestos factory. After working in various jobs, including bacon-packer and escapologist’s assistant (she was The Lovely Tanya), she returned to full-time education and did a BA in history at Manchester and post-graduate studies at Oxford.

She stayed in Oxford working as a recruitment consultant for many years and it was there that she met and married her husband, Vic.

In 2001 they retired and moved to Southern Spain where they live with their rather eccentric dog and cat. Besides writing, she enjoys reading, knitting and attempting to do fiendishly difficult logic puzzles.

She has written two novels –  Domingo’s Angel – a love story set in Franco’s Spain and harking back to the Spanish Civil War and beyond –  and  All in the Mind – a contemporary novel about an old woman who mysteriously begins to get younger

She has also written an anthology of short stories – Take One At Bedtime – and co-written the anthology  Bedtime Shadows – with the inimitable Tara Fox Hall.

She has contributed short stories to many other anthologies, of which two – Doppelganger  and Uncle Vernon are being released as short ebooks.

Her first self-published ebook, Away With the Fairies was released in September 2012.

Mantequero was originally published in Winter Wonders by Whimsical Publishing and has just been released as a short ebook.

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All in theMind

Author: sarajschmidt

I shake you warmly by the hand, and welcome you to my bio! Currently a writer, artist, and freelance explorer, I have played many other roles. I've managed a restaurant, debated across the country, taught children in Spain, run a handful of student organizations and retreats, served as the Editor/Producer/Citizen Journalist Manager for a, sung in choir for many years, volunteered with dozens of organizations and interned with a few, home-schooled a relative, cared for many a pet, and protested a thing or two. I am also married to my dreamy gearhead high school sweetheart, and together we are unschooling with our 10-year-old tenacious and hilarious daughter. Aside from my main passions of writing, art, reading, and generally being as ambitious as possible, I love to play with my daughter, learn new things, have date nights with The Husband, and highlight anything within my reach. Drop me a line at

11 thoughts on “Guest Writer Wednesday: Jenny Twist”

    1. Hi Vampwriter. I tried to reply to you before but it didn’t seem to take. I like the sound of your vampires. So much nicer than mine. And I’m so pleased to meet you.

  1. There’s going to be a Mantequero 2? This is wonderful, Jenny. Maybe you should create a series about this wonderful creature (well, he is in my opinion!)
    Thanks for sharing and best of luck.

    1. Hi Su

      The way it’s going I think it may well turn out to be a series. Mantequero 2 is already longer than Mantequero 1 and I’m only half-way through.
      I already know who I want to do the cover!
      Love and hugs


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