Black Friday at Changeling Press

Red Velvet Christmas is coming to Changeling THIS FRIDAY!
It’s almost time for our 10th Annual A Very Changeling Christmas Contest — Win Free Books For A Year!

Ten readers will win Free Books For A Year:
One book a month (Six winners, 12 books each)
Two books a month (Two winners, 24 books each!)
Two books a week (Two winners, 104 books each!)

Twelve Days of Christmas winners will receive Changeling Gift Certificates for $5, $10, and $25 — one random winner for each Christmas title on release days all month long!

The best part — all you have to do is buy any Red Velvet Christmas title at between Black Friday and December 31st, 2013, and you’re automatically entered to win.

Winners for the Free Books for a Year Contest will be announced December 31st at the Changeling New Year’s Eve Party, held on our Changeling Press Readers’ Loop.
PayPal reminder — if you’re planning on a major shopping spree for our Black Friday Sale (the one you don’t officially know we’re going to have…) DO NOT wait till Friday to purchase your PayPal account credit! PayPal credits are posted to your account maunally (which means as soon as PayPal notifies us, we add them to your account). Credit can take up to 24 hours to show up in your account.
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Monday’s Music: “I’m On Fire”

A couple of weeks ago, I made two playlists to use when my daughter’s at my mom’s house each month and The Husband and I have some one-on-one time. One list, “Sexy,” is all hot, slow music; the other, “Makeout,” is loud and obnoxiously suggestive. I love them both, and so did he!

The first song on my “Sexy” playlist is from The Boss himself. Talk about sexy…

If you have a piece of fiction you want to share (an excerpt or a link) that fits this song or you feel inspired to write something, feel free to leave it in the comments.

Guest Writer Wednesday: Gemma Juliana Interviews Richard Bentley, Hero in Autumn Masquerade

Autumn MasqueradeBy Gemma Juliana

When I arrived at Bentley Hotels International headquarters to interview Richard Bentley, I was ushered to the CEO’s office suite on the penthouse floor. A breathtaking view of San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge was visible from the sweeping windows. His office was very modern – strategic lighting, glass and chrome with a scattering of bright colorful Persian rugs. Antique leather bound books lined the walls.


GJ: Thanks for inviting me to your office today for this interview, Richard. What a view!

RB: My pleasure. One of the benefits of owning a chain of luxury hotels is that I can have a fine view from the top floor.

GJ: May I ask you some personal questions to help promote Autumn Masquerade?

RB: Hopefully not too personal. I’m a private person, but I’ll try to help you.

GJ: I’d like to know how you came to own such a luxury line of hotels? Are you self-made or did you inherit a fortune?

RB: (he grins) I grew up quite poor, only child of a single mom. When I was nineteen, an old great-uncle I never knew passed away and left me everything he had. It was a nice amount but not enough to make anyone rich. I bought a dilapidated motel on the edge of Las Vegas, did some innovative decorating and promoting, and turned it into a cash cow. That led to my first string of hotels in strategic locations, but the properties weren’t luxurious. When a rock star offered me a staggering sum for the chain, I couldn’t resist. That’s when I started Bentley Hotels International, a luxury hotel chain in the most exotic locations in the world. Continue reading “Guest Writer Wednesday: Gemma Juliana Interviews Richard Bentley, Hero in Autumn Masquerade”