The Birth of Elopus, by Sara Jay

(this is a post for GISHWHES 2014!)

“Your trench coat-clad bottom impresses me not,” the Queen of England sniffed.

“Even when it’s so bootylicious?” Misha pouted, twerking for Her Highness.

The TARDIS in the corner of the throne room opened. Out strode Dean Winchester, fallen angel Castiel and a moose.

Dean brandished a sawed-off shotgun. “Where’s the trouble? I’ll gank ‘em.”

“You can’t gank the queen!” Misha whined, mid-twerk.

Castiel glared at his doppelganger. “We’ve come to announce the birth of our son. Your majesty, we present Destiel!”

An elephant-headed cthulhu gurgled in Cas’s arms. Dean grinned paternally while the human moose gawked at everyone with misty, emotionally-charged eyes and made moose-noises.

The queen squinted at the creature. “Very well. I dub this creature Sir Elopus. Now get out of my castle.”

Dean raised a finger. “I heard there was to be pie?”