Guest Writer Wednesday: Xander (Peppermint Twist) by Ana Raine

ANR_PT_Xander_largeToday’s special guest is Ana Raine, author of the new Peppermint Twist book Xander. Anna has an excerpt, interview and much more to share with us!

Xander (Peppermint Twist) by Ana Raine
His whole life, Xander’s known just who and exactly what he wants. As Santa’s oldest son, he’s next in line to inherit the family business. And that’s the only way he’s ever going to leave the North Pole.
Walter’s got the best job ever — creating and testing adult toys. But that job’s not near as much fun without a partner to share his passion with. Will Xander choose what he’s always wanted — to get out and see the world — or can he and Walter find their own Christmas magic right here at home?
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On impulse, I headed down the side of the hill just before the road led me to the tavern and continued my way down. The temperature dropped several degrees and there was little light to guide me. I entered the clutter of trees and for a few minutes, there was nothing I could follow. Then the faint scent of vanilla and something else wafted through the air from a clearing in the woods.
I entered a very large clearing with multiple buildings clinging to the line of trees and rising several stories into the sky. The windows were tinted and made of wood and red brick.

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Guest Writer Wednesday: White Hot Christmas: Wrapped Around by Megan Slayer

The talented and prolific Megan Slayer is back with us this week, this time with an excerpt from the A Changeling for All Seasons 5 Box Set!

MGS_WHChristmas_largeWhite Hot Christmas: Wrapped Around

Megan Slayer


Luc loves his role fronting the band Glow. He loves the adoration of the fans, the energy in the crowd, but it’s Christmas. No one likes a Christmas alone.


Taygan’s free spirit resists taming — except when it comes to Luc. Luc’s one hundred percent human. Taygan is all air elemental. He needs his space and freedom, but he’ll do whatever it takes to make Luc happy, including giving up his space and freedom to make Luc’s holiday one he’ll never forget — complete with the real Santa, peppermint candy, and lots of hot sex.


Available in the A Changeling For All Seasons 5 Box Set $5.99/Sale Price: $5.09

Eleven tales of Christmas Magic from your favorite Changeling authors…

Genre(s): Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, New Releases, Romance
Theme(s): Shapeshifters (Other), Magic, Christmas, Elves, Dragons & Magical Creatures
Series: Changeling Seasons (#5)
Length: Collection
Page Count: 243



Excerpt from Wrapped Around, Glow Band book 1.5:

©Megan Slayer, 2011, All Rights Reserved


Finally. Taygan gripped the back of Santa’s oversized chair. Trust Luc to take his sweet time getting to the party. He’d probably spent the extra time basking in the cheers from the crowd. The man was a ham when he wanted to be — loving the spotlight and the praise. For a moment Taygan could’ve sworn Luc saw him. Just as fast, he noticed Luc’s frown. He wasn’t seeing much of anything and probably didn’t want to be there. Fine. Tay would give him a reason to stick around.

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