Monday’s Music

Here’s a blast from the past! Taylor Dayne’s “I’ll Be Your Shelter” is a song from my childhood. Back then, it was kind of just background noise. Today, I find it pretty sexy.

What are you doing this week, readers? The Husband and I have a date night tonight, some hiking planned this week and a long weekend of working on our house this weekend! I hope you and yours have a wonderful week.


Monday’s Music

This song is not going to seem romantic.

Sorry about that.

But I am posting it for two reasons:

1. My friend M dances to it at the skating rink every Wednesday and it’s hilarious;


2. This week I came up with the perfect scene for it, which will be in a short story I’m writing for Changeling as an Encounter (freebie!).

Dare you to turn it up and start dancing, wherever you are…