Monday’s Music

Today I chose a lazy, romantic song because it’s been that kind of weekend. It was so nice to cozy up with Mr. Jay and snuggle. We even slept in on Sunday. He’s got another round of 12-hour shifts this week, so we made every minute count this weekend.

We’re working on a lot of projects between the three of us this week. I hope yours is fun and productive!

Monday’s Music

How about some sexy, powerful Salt-n-Pepa this Monday morning?

Stephen King says if you don’t have the time to read, then you sure as hell don’t have the time to write. OK, I am paraphrasing, but he’s right. This week I’m continuing my love affair with Holly Black’s books while I work on Boo to You, Mrs. Robinson. Will it be ready for Halloween, as I had hoped? I sure hope so, but I’m not making any promises!

This past weekend, I spent some time outside doing yard work with my family, made some art, went to the park and totally felt restored. I hope you and yours had a wonderful weekend, too.