Guest Writer Wednesday: Writing Shifters by Sean Michael

shifterrescue_freedomI love writing shifters of all kinds. It started with werewolves, but I’ve branched out and have done bears, spirit bears, dragons, cats of all kinds.


One of the fun things about writing shifters is bringing their animal qualities to their human forms. My cat shifters are all usually quite slinky as humans, while bear shifters translate into tall, solid humans. Dragons on the other hand are magical and so I like to reflect that in their humans as well – Az from Shifter Rescue: Scales and Shifter Rescue: Claws, is as blue in his human form as he is in his dragon form.


Making love is all about passion, and can be very animalistic and it’s fun to be able to emphasize that in a sex scene between shifters. Most of my shifters are definite carnivores and so are their humans. It’s fun to make that correlation between animal and human, to look at the characteristics that the animal of the shifter I’m writing has and choose which ones to bring over to their human, what animalistic quirks will best describe the shifter’s personality. Continue reading “Guest Writer Wednesday: Writing Shifters by Sean Michael”