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Perfect Harmony (Forever Wicked Multi-Author 16)Perfect Harmony (Forever Wicked Multi-Author 16)
by Megan Slayer
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Love on the lake? With a merman? Impossible.
Or is it?

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A Taste of Magic (Fairview Chronicles 1)A Taste of Magic (Fairview Chronicles 1)
by Alexa Piper
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When life takes a turn it might take you to a magical place full of monsters, murder, and love.

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Valentine's GhostValentine’s Ghost
by Alice Gaines
Sale Price: $2.39
Agnes is Phyllis’s Fairy ghostmother. Will one of the visions turn out to be a keeper?
True love comes where you’re least looking for it, and where it’s been all along.

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Arkham (Bones MC 5)Arkham (Bones MC 5)
by Marteeka Karland
Sale Price: $3.39

Rain needs protection, but who’s gonna protect her from me?

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A Shot at Perfect (Vasquez Inc. 4)A Shot at Perfect (Vasquez Inc. 4)
by Lou Sylvre
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New trauma threatens the love of a Dom and his sub. Investigating crime may threaten their lives.

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Feathers, Fur & DreamsFeathers, Fur & Dreams
by Kate Steele
Sale Price: $4.79
Six couples meet their destinies at the hands of fate… with a little magic thrown in for good luck….

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Feathers, Fur & Dreams (Print)Feathers, Fur & Dreams (Print)
by Kate Steele

Print $13.95

Six couples meet their destinies at the hands of fate… with a little magic thrown in for good luck…

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Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: On the Prowl by Saloni Quinby #TBT #paranormalromance @katehillromance

by jessicacoultersmith

On the Prowl (Love In The Wild 2)

Cover Artist: Bryan Keller

Two months after librarian John Smith returns home to England, he contacts his lover, violin playing outdoorsman Earl Eli Rossi, regarding sightings of a giant wildcat in a rural village. He asks if the native Mainer is up for another paranormal hunt.

Earl Eli doesn’t hesitate to hop on a plane to England. After a passionate reunion, the men are off to the wild again. Like Bigfoot, the giant cat might be fact or fiction. The investigation is the perfect way for John and Earl Eli to further explore the romance that began in the woods of Maine — providing they survive an encounter with the mysterious feline.

Publisher’s Note: You don’t have to read Saloni’s “Knock on Wood” (Love in the Wild 1) before you read On The Prowl, but you won’t want to miss the first adventures of John and Earl Eli.


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All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2016 Saloni Quinby

John Smith was usually quite interested in everything going on around him, but despite the variety of people in the arrivals area of the airport, he was too eager to pay much attention to them. He focused completely on the idea that in just a short time he would be reunited with his American lover, Earl Eli.

It had been nearly two months since they’d last seen each other, but to John it seemed like forever. They spoke daily on video calls and texted each other frequently, but it wasn’t enough. John wanted to feel Earl Eli’s body pressed close to his, he wanted to hear his voice in his ear and wake up beside him in the morning. He wanted all that, but he didn’t want to seem overly possessive or obsessed.

That was why, when John learned that a mysterious giant cat was allegedly prowling his friend Martin’s village, he decided it was a perfect excuse to hopefully tempt Earl Eli to visit England. They had already gone Bigfoot hunting in Maine. Now that they had dabbled in crypto zoology, John had hoped Earl Eli would be interested in exploring another legendary creature.

Earl Eli had leapt at the chance and John hoped his enthusiasm had been more about rekindling their relationship than searching for the cat monster.

John stood and paced the waiting area. His heart pounded whenever he thought about seeing Earl Eli again. By now John knew he’d fallen in love with the rugged Mainer, but he wasn’t quite sure that Earl Eli felt the same. Despite their frequent conversations, Earl Eli wasn’t always much of a talker. John loved to talk and Earl Eli didn’t mind listening. Unfortunately that meant that more often than not, John delved into his feelings and desires while Earl Eli’s were still very much a mystery.

At least Earl Eli had told his parents that he and John were dating. Earl Eli’s parents were rather nosy, but quite likeable. They cared about their son and weren’t afraid to let him know it. In a way, John envied their closeness.

He recalled his parents’ reactions when he’d mentioned Earl Eli and said he would be coming to visit.

“Mum, I think you should know that I’ve met someone and I rather hope it might get serious,” John had told his mother when he’d stopped by her London office about a week ago. She was a busy architect and involved in an important project. Though she had intended to join him for lunch at a cafe so they could talk, she ended up asking him to pick up takeaway and bring it to her office.

“That’s nice, darling,” she said absently, her gaze fixed on her work.

“His name is Earl Eli Rossi. He’s the trail guide I told you about from the States.”

“Lovely. Just lovely. Don’t you think this design is nearly perfect?”

John sighed and glanced over his mother’s shoulder at her work. “Yes, mum. It’s brilliant.”

“Thank you, dear.” She turned to him and patted his arm. “Now what were you saying about going on a trail in the States?”

John raised his eyes to heaven. She’d been this way for as long as John could remember, which was why, as a child, he preferred to spend school holidays with his grandfather. He almost wished granddad was still alive, even though John wasn’t sure how the old gent would react to learning that his grandson was gay.

“No, Mum, I said the guide I met in Maine is my boyfriend. I think.”

“You think? Oh dear, John, I should think if he’s your boyfriend you should know. Anyway, as long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters.”

Mum was all about living life to its fullest. Truly, she didn’t care if he dated men or women, and he supposed that was rather a good thing.

His father, on the other hand, listened far more intently when John told him about Earl Eli over dinner one night on a rare occasion when the physicist wasn’t working late.

“You say the man is coming here to visit?” John’s dad had said.

“Yes. We’re going to Martin’s village.”

“And you plan to introduce him as your… significant other?”

“Martin already knows.”

“But does everyone else? I mean, think about this carefully, John. I understand about free thinking and all that, but remember, if you come out and say you and this Rossi fellow are together, people will talk.”

John bristled. He loved his dad, but the man could be a pompous ass. He’d already made it clear that he wasn’t exactly thrilled with John’s decision to become a librarian instead of pursuing a job in the sciences, as his father had hoped.

“So let them talk,” John said.

“You’re really willing to put so much faith in a long distance relationship? Truly, son, what do you think will come of it?”

“I have no idea, but there’s only one way to find out.”

His father stared at him with piercing blue eyes, as if he was studying one of his experiments.

“If you’re still in the discovery stages of the relationship, maybe you should keep it private, until you’re sure. And don’t think I’m saying this because you’re two men. I’d give the same advice if he were a woman.”

Of course, Dad, John thought, and I believe you, too.

John’s thoughts about the conversations with his parents vanished as Earl Eli appeared, striding toward him wearing his brown outback hat, a blue shirt open at his throat and snug jeans that hugged the length of his muscular legs. Worn hiking boots covered his feet. His backpack was slung over his shoulder and he carried a violin case.

Upon seeing John, his intent expression softened and he grinned.

“Hey,” Earl Eli said with a wave.

“Earl Eli. It’s so good to see you.” John pulled him into a firm embrace.

Earl Eli returned it, hugging John so hard it almost hurt, but at the same time it felt wonderful. His lover was as hard, warm and smelled as good as John remembered. Since leaving Maine, John had dreamed about hugging and kissing Earl Eli again. The hugging was fantastic and he could hardly wait to get Earl Eli back to his flat so they could enjoy kissing and more.

“Hell, I missed you,” Earl Eli said, squeezing John a bit tighter, but only for a moment.

They stepped slightly apart and stared at each other. Earl Eli’s blue eyes glistened with all the excitement John felt.

“Well you’re a sight for sore eyes,” Earl Eli admitted.

“I can’t believe you’re here,” John said, chuckling softly.

“Now that I am, can we get out of this airport? I’m sick of traveling already and I’m starved.”

John grinned and clapped him on the back. “My flat isn’t too far. I’ve got a cab waiting and when we get home, we can order takeaway.”

“Home.” Earl Eli held his gaze in a way that made John’s pulse quicken. “I like the sound of that.”


More from Saloni Quinby at Changeling Press …

Saloni Quinby (Also writing as (Kate Hill)

Always a fan of romance and the paranormal, I started writing over twenty years ago. My first story was accepted for publication in 1996. Since then I’ve written over one hundred short stories, novellas and novels. I love to blend genres. I also love horror and a happily ever after, so if you’re looking for romance with witches, aliens, vampires, angels, demons, shapeshifters and more, there’s a good chance you’ll find something to your taste here.

When I’m not writing, I enjoy reading, watching horror and action movies, working out and spending time with my family and pets.  I love hearing from readers, so feel free to leave a comment at my blog or connect with me on Twitter.

Throwback Thursday: Morgan’s Creed by Willa Okati #paranormalromance #TBT

by jessicacoultersmith

Morgan's Creed (Dante's World 2)

Cover Artist: Bryan Keller

Dante’s World… a place where vampires live, thrive, and do as they please. “As they please” often includes drinking from willing humans in defiance of the law, selling their services as protection, and setting up brothels that cater to those with a taste for the bite.

Morgan is a true beauty and a Mistress among vampires who isn’t living up to her potential. Creed, a Master vampire, sees all that she can be, and determines to make her star shine. The trouble is, they own competing brothels, one of mortals and one of vampiresses, and they’re locked in a fierce competition.

To settle their dispute, Creed challenges Morgan to a tri-fold battle: feeding, fighting, and… making love. Morgan, who denies her vampire nature, relishes the idea of going tooth and claw with Creed. Little does Morgan know that after their duel, things will never go back to the way they were…

Publisher’s Note: Second Edition — Morgan’s Creed was first released by Changeling Press in 2005. Morgan’s Creed is set in Dante’s World, but is not included in the Black Leather Night and Other Tales collection.


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Copyright ©2013 Willa Okati
An Authorized Excerpt

The city looked like a warren. Built up from a few huts around the spaceport, it had grown into a vast maze of tall mansions, low dwellings, alleys, and shops. Easy to get lost in. Easy to lose yourself in. A dangerous place for a woman alone.

That was why Morgan was here. She couldn’t protect them all, but she could keep a few safe in her house. A low stone enclosure attached to a tall mansion, it had been abandoned when she moved in. She figured her house had been servants’ quarters, once. No matter. It suited her needs, and those of the women she protected. They each had a small den-like room of their own, with very few windows.

Important for her kind. Especially during the day.

Morgan smiled without humor as she looked down on the city. Dark hair, the color of a raven’s wing, soft and smooth, fell down into her eyes, across skin the color of milky mocha, luminous in the moonlight. Small and slender, she nestled into the window cranny with no problem, and could gaze down, drinking in her fill of the night.

Some of the things she saw made her furious. She didn’t use her fangs or her strength to defend any except those under her care, but truth to tell, the human brigands roaming the streets were the least of her women’s worries. Far worse were the vampire-kind, those who lurked in the alleys. They’d leave their victim half-drained to die or be rescued, uncaring which one. Sometimes they would take it all and make that helpless soul one of their own, another to hunt and stalk and kill.

Vampires were evil creatures.

She knew.

She’d been there.

Absently, she felt at the two small puncture wounds on her neck. She’d heard a small rustle from a nearby cranny one night. Thinking only that it might be a small animal, trapped under rubbish, she’d gone to look, and —

Awakened the next night one of them. A vampire.

Abandoned, with no one to teach her, she could live as she chose, without having been indoctrinated into the vampire-kind’s ways. She drank blood from bags stolen from the hospital or bottles bought in the black market. She did not hunt, but protected, instead.

She’d begun gathering street-dwellers to her for protection, keeping them safe from the vampires and the human vultures who preyed on the weak. It made restitution, somehow, for being what she was. She knew she could never change back into what she had been, but she could keep others from falling prey to the same fate.

Always women; always the helpless. Women who used their bodies to eke out another day’s food and shelter. Her home had turned into a house for soiled doves, and the rooms into love nests, but she didn’t mind. With a vampire there, the men treated her girls well, and paid them what they should. The women passed on to her the pittance she asked for, only enough to serve her needs. If she stayed clear of men, and kept to herself, no one asked any questions.

It was a good life, altogether.

But if she sometimes longed for something… something insubstantial… as she gazed down on the city, no matter. Her women were friends as well as housemates. And she had —

A small noise issued from the cupboard where they kept food. A little rustling, but enough to perk up her sensitive ears. “Sascha,” she crooned, rolling off the counter and landing on all fours. “Sascha, what ails you?”

She crept forward, peering into the bottom of the pantry. A handsome calico cat lay on her side amid swaddlings of clean rags, with six puffballs of kittens, all colors, nursing at her plump nipples.

Sascha shifted again as Morgan came into sight, and opened her mouth in a silent “meow.”

“Are you hungry, love?” Morgan asked softly. “Feeding all those, you must be starved, yourself. Hold on, I’ll get you an early breakfast.”

Her women said she spoiled the cat, and, well, she probably did. All Sascha had to do was make the slightest of complaints, and Morgan would rush to her side to mend the wrong. But she’d always had a soft spot for small creatures, even when she was mortal. Now that she lived as a vampire, the cat was one of her great comforts. Before the kittens, she had always crept into Morgan’s sunless interior room during the day, to nap away the hours curled up on her feet or at her side.

Morgan missed that, now. But the cupboard was where Sascha had chosen to litter, and like Morgan, she was faithful to her little ones.

She felt in a small drawer for a tin of sliced meat. She spent most of her own small monies on things for the cat, especially luxuries like the canned food Sascha loved. She laughed at the loud caterwaul from the cupboard as she cracked the tin open. “Here you are, little one.”

Laughing, Morgan lay on her side to watch the mother and babies. She could afford the luxury. It was an hour until dawn, and the last of the clients had left some time ago. She could savor the warmth of the clay stove in the kitchen without fear of sunlight streaming in the window. Hunger gnawed at her, but it was bearable.

She was… dared she think it? Content.

Just as she thought that, a small snick caught her ears. She whirled around, staring narrowly through to the front door. Baring her fangs, she growled low in her throat. If it was a man, come to take advantage of a house of women…

The door opened fully, and Agnes staggered in under the weight of a full linen basket.

“Aggie!” Morgan exploded. “Where have you been?”

Agnes jumped and pressed a hand to her heart. “Morgan! I didn’t know you’d still be awake. It’s almost dawn.”

“Almost, but not quite.”

“Close enough?”

“You’re trying to distract me.” Morgan rose easily to her feet, stalking toward the woman. “I thought you were an intruder.”

“No! No one would dare come in here, with you around.” Agnes was a tall woman, with soft, corn-colored hair, and dreamy blue eyes. Eyes that were now spiked with wet lashes. She had tear-trails down her rosy cheeks. Still, she smiled and reached out a gentle hand. “You’re our protector.”

Morgan laid her hand across Agnes’ for a brief moment. “You didn’t answer my question. Where were you, at this time of night? What’s had you crying?”

Agnes ducked her head, as if to hide the tell-tale signs.

Morgan hung on, like a terrier with a rat. “You have been crying. What happened? Were you attacked?”

“No. I was careful. You’ve taught us too well to be caught by surprise. I couldn’t sleep, so I went to the laundress to pick up our fresh bedclothes. And I’m not crying, not really. It’s just… Creed. Creed and his women, down the block.”

“Creed?” Morgan blinked in surprise. “Who’s he?”

“You don’t know? Well, I suppose you wouldn’t. You hardly ever leave here…” Agnes busied herself with lifting the linen basket to a low countertop. From inside, she drew a fresh bed-sheet, so often washed that it was soft as fur, and began to fold it. “It’s nothing, Morgan, truly.”

Morgan narrowed her eyes. “I think you should tell me about this Creed, and his women. If he’s a threat to you, I’ll see to him.”

“Oh, no!” Agnes lifted a hand to her throat. “Don’t, Morgan. It’s just my own silliness. Never mind me.”

“I will mind you. Now tell me.”

“Creed is a… a vampire, too,” Agnes said reluctantly. “So are his women. Vampires, or those that crave the bite.”

Morgan growled softly in her throat. She’d heard of such deviants, women and men who savored the pain and the supposed orgasmic bliss of being punctured and drunk from. “Filth,” she spat. “And?”

“He runs his house like this one. The women are there as pleasure servants. He protects them. But they — Morgan, they’re so bold. Close to dawn as this, and they were hanging from the balconies of the mansion he’s taken over. Dressed in corsets and leather, cat-calling to the men below. Our own clients have dropped lately, and now I know why. They’ve been lured in by the vampire-kind.”

“Do they change them over?” Morgan’s hand shot out and tightened on Agnes’ wrist. “Tell me, do they make them into vampires?”

“I don’t know. Please, Morgan, you’re hurting me.”

Instantly, remorsefully, Morgan dropped the woman’s wrist. “Forgive me. But this Creed, he takes our business? His women, they flaunt themselves like that?”

Agnes looked down at her own leather vest, long skirt, and slippers. The skirt was filmy, showing her long legs through it, and her vest tight enough her breasts were thrust high and up. There could be no mistaking what she was, and her lovely face only added to her attraction. “They do,” she admitted. “They’re painted, Morgan. And when I walked by, one of them laughed at me. Called me a baby who should still be home tagging onto her Momma’s shirt-tails. They don’t know, Morgan.”

Morgan’s face tightened. Agnes had run away from a fat old man who’d already used up three wives in his effort to get a son and heir. Her family had been more than willing to sell her off for the right price, so she’d run. It had been luck that Morgan had found her after only a couple weeks living on the streets.

“No,” she said flatly, “they don’t know. Is this the first time this has happened?”

Agnes hesitated.

“If you’re trying not to make me angry, it’s too late,” Morgan said in a voice so angry that it whispered like silk. “You’ve been hiding this from me. Trying not to upset me? They’ve done this before, haven’t they? And not just to you. To the other women, as well. Am I right?”

Agnes nodded, her head dipped.


More from Willa Okati at Changeling Press ….

Willa Okati is made of many things: imagination, coffee, stray cat hairs, daydreams, more coffee, kitchen experimentation, a passion for winter weather, a little more coffee, and a lifelong love of storytelling. She is definitely one of the quiet ones you have to watch out for.

Throwback Thursday: Hoosier Werewolves by Kate Steele #paranormalromance #TBT

by jessicacoultersmith

Midnight Howl (Hoosier Werewolves 1)

Cover Artist: Bryan Keller

Rrr, rrr, rrr. Not something you want to hear from your car after midnight on a cold night in December. Ethan Parks takes it in stride and decides to walk home. What could happen? Being followed by what appears to be a wolf? Being harassed by some punks in the local mini-mart? Being rescued by the hunk he’s had a crush on since high school? Oh yeah.

Crewe Jackson’s been waiting patiently to claim his mate. Nine years ago both he and Ethan were too young, but now they’re all grown up. It’s time to give his sweet little nerd some lessons in love.


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All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2006 Kate Steele


“No, don’t. Please, don’t,” Ethan begged. Ignoring his plea, the car died. “Son of a bitch. You lousy piece of…” He paused. Closing his eyes and scrunching up his face, he forced himself to shut up. “Okay, wait a minute. Deep breath. Let’s not lose our heads here, yeah? You know you’re my sweet little baby,” Ethan apologized, rubbing his cold hands over the steering wheel. His breath clouded the frigid air in front of him and fogged the windshield.

“I know you want to run for me, baby. Just come on, start like a good girl and it’s home to the garage. I’ll even turn the heat on for you,” Ethan promised. Closing his eyes he turned the key in the ignition. His only answer was rrr, rrr, rrr. “Damn it!”

Ethan resisted the urge to bang his head on the steering wheel. Instead, he leaned back and closed his eyes, waiting for his agitation to calm. When he could think straight, he quickly made a calculation in his head. It was about thirty blocks from home which meant an almost two mile walk. He shivered and considered calling a taxi but remembered he’d left his recharged cell phone on the kitchen counter. The walk to a payphone would take him quite a distance out of the way, not to mention he wasn’t sure how long he’d have to wait for them to get there.

Don’t be such a wimp, Ethan, you can do this. But why does it have to be so damn cold? Duh! It’s December. December in Indiana, and Christmas just around the corner. I suppose I’m lucky there isn’t a foot of snow on the ground.

With these and other thoughts prodding him, Ethan grabbed his laptop in its sturdy case from the passenger seat. Taking a quick, cautious look around the empty library parking lot, he got out, locked the car and started his walk. Having worked well past closing, Ethan had let himself out with his own key and reset the alarm system before heading for his car. Glancing at his watch before getting in the car, he’d been surprised to find it was nearly midnight.

The library was in the middle of town, the first part of his walk taking him through the small business district. He was grateful for the evenly spaced streetlights and the fact that he wouldn’t be walking home in total darkness. This late night walk had enough of an eerie quality to it without having to navigate in the dark.

At this time of night there was very little traffic moving up and down the road, especially after the Main Street renovation project. The street had been cunningly curved and now resembled the sinuous s-shape of a traveling snake. The idea was to give Main a sort of artful look. At various points along the way wide, built up, modified speed bumps kept the traffic from moving too fast. By keeping the speed limit down it was supposed to give those driving through a better look at the stores along the way and hopefully lure in more shoppers.

Whether it worked, Ethan couldn’t say for sure. It did seem to him that the two streets on either side of Main that ran parallel to it now appeared to have a lot more traffic on them. Looking left and right at every cross street, he saw more cars on those streets than he did on Main. Unconsciously, he shrugged. It was too bad really. He thought Main Street looked much nicer and there were some interesting stores there. He loved the bookstore and his favorite lunch café was right next door to it.

Huddling deeper into his coat he trudged on, his leather dress shoes creaking a little with the cold. Slowly, the business district gave way to suburban housing. At this point the next dozen or so blocks were mixed with houses, fast food places, a large chain-type drug store, a couple of car dealerships and a video store. Ethan was anticipating his arrival at the twenty-four hour mini-mart. His extremities were starting to go numb and his nose and ears were burning. He wanted to get in out of the cold and spend a few minutes with a cup of coffee or cocoa.

Cold as it was, it was still a beautiful night. The sky was clear and a full moon rode high above the increasingly large trees that lined the street. Ethan let his gaze linger on that beautiful orb until he tripped on a crack in the sidewalk.

Barely saving himself from a fall, he kept his eyes peeled for further hazards. The neighborhood he walked through was as familiar as the back of his hand. It was a nice place and while the homes were rather close to each other, they had individuality instead of being cookie-cutter images of each other. The further from town one got, the larger the houses became.

In the eighteen-hundreds, part of the street had been called Millionaire’s Row. The houses were large and stately. A couple of them had since been converted to bed and breakfast inns. One housed a firm of lawyers and a few of the others were combination home and office for several doctors, one dentist and a podiatrist. Many of the homes at one point had had Victorian railings and flourishes, but much of that had given way to a less flamboyant style.

Ethan’s home, which he shared with his two brothers, was just beyond Millionaire’s Row. Not as grand as those, it was still a stylish, old fashioned house built of oversized brick in shades of gray. The front had two long columns which supported a small second story balcony that was accessible from the upstairs hallway and two of the bedrooms. The house had been extensively remodeled on the inside which made it cozy and welcoming. There were three bedrooms upstairs, each with an adjoining bathroom. In addition to the living room, kitchen and utility room there had been a large dining room. Part of their renovations had been to turn the dining room into office space for himself and Nick.

Ethan brought his free hand up to his face, breathed on his fingers and thought about his brothers. Wouldn’t you know that Nick and Dustin are both out of town just when I need them? Typical.

Ethan shook his head and silently scolded himself. It really wasn’t their fault. After all, Dustin was at school and Nick was working. And he shouldn’t need his brothers to get him out of a jam. He wasn’t a kid anymore.


More from Kate Steele …

Kate’s love of books started from the moment she read those fateful words: run, Spot, run! It took her awhile to discover that she didn’t have to just read and imagine, but that she could also write stories and so here she is writing romance and loving it. Like chocolate – her ultimate favorite food, with pizza running a close second – writing became addictive. Whether it’s paranormal, contemporary or science fiction about werewolves, otherworldly creatures or the average Joe, she can’t get enough.

As for the everyday details, Kate lives in a turn of the century house located in the midst of Indiana farm country, and is kept company by family, along with demanding dogs, contrary cats and a pair of occasionally sweet, and definitely noisy, lovebirds. When not writing, she reads, is an enthusiastic grower of iris, and a fanatic fan of Japanese manga and anime.

Wednesday Blogging Challenge: Best Couple

Today’s Weekly Blogging Challenge at Long and Short Reviews is a goodie: the best couple from a book, TV or movie!


The best movie couple of all time is Morticia and Gomez Addams, hands down. Some of my other all-time favorites are Hellboy and Liz Sherman (from the films; their ‘ship is totally non-canonical in the comics/toons and I dig HB either way), LOTR’s Sam and Rosie (as well as Aragorn and Arwyn), Stardust’s Tristan and Yvaine, Beetlejuice’s Adam and Barbara and Howl’s Movie Castle’s Sophie and Howl. None of these are perfect relationships by any means (and I would even argue that some aren’t relationship goals, either), but I’ve just admired each one for different reasons… or, let’s be honest, just found them to be cute. I’ve also always loved Max and Bella in Notting Hill, and more recently, Lee and Evelyn Abbott in A Quiet Place. And when it comes to Star Wars, while I’ve always loved Han and Leia, I have to say Poe/Finn is the most adorable ‘ship ever.


There are so many TV shows and books on my TBR lists that I’m sure I’ve yet to meet many favorites, many of whom you probably ‘ship already. So far, my favorite TV pairing is probably Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt, but I also pretty much love every couple on Parks and Recreation. It’s my favorite show of all time. I also love Jon Snow with Ygritte on Game of Thrones (and had a really hard love/hate relationship with not only them, but with Dany and Drogo, especially since I read the books which made them both more wholesome and more troubling… sigh!).

Although I’ve never been a Henry Cavill fan, I find myself surprisingly attracted to him as Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s The Witcher, my current media obsession. And no, I don’t usually go for the long, white-haired types, either. I’m loving the dynamic between him and Yennefer of Vengerberg, whom I’ve adopted as my 2020 Patronus. I’m so in love with this character–her defiance, her complexity, and her unapologetic pursuit of power are all as necessary in 2020 for us as they were for her in the 1200s for her. When she screams, “Fuck off,” I scream with her.


Scarlet and Wolf from The Lunar Chronicles just make my heart sing. I’m also smitten with Marko and Alana from Saga. A comic reader since childhood, I’ve loved X-Men’s Jean Grey with both Scott Summers and Wolverine, in different capacities, since the 90s, but I also hate them together; it’s a love-hate thing, really, which I suspect stems from how I relate to Jean and the warring desires I’ve felt in my own life. Most recently I read The Bromance Book Club and really loved the couple, Thea and Gavin, together.

A lifelong Harry Potter fan, I’ve always enjoyed Molly and Arthur Weasley, fell head over feet for Remus and Tonks together, and as wildly as fans tend to disagree on it, I loved how Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny turned out, between book-Ron’s growth and Ginny’s calling Harry out on his bullshit when everyone else walked on eggshells around him. And I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’ve gone back through The Hunger Games after reading them to re-read the Katniss and Peeta scenes again a few times. As far as my own books, forest god Theo and paranormal investigator Autumn from Falling for Fall have to be my favorite couple.

How about you? Who are your favorite couples?

Self-Care Sunday

Happy Sunday! Today’s our 13th wedding anniversary, and we’re keeping it super low key with some home cooking, movies and video games. Last night we also celebrated early with dinner at my favorite German restaurant. We usually celebrate our “big” anniversary, which won’t be until June, with a larger to-do.

This week’s biggest self-care involved getting a new phone. I’ve protested this left and right but my outdated phone wasn’t working and it got to the point of being a stressor, so I gave in and got a new one. It’s quite nice, much louder and easier to use than my old one, which was so outdated no apps would even work on it. I do love not having to have it on some sort of charger all day long.

We also did some less-than-pleasant pet care, which involved some haircuts for our long-haired cats who suffer from clumping. A pile of fur may have been the result, but they don’t even look like they lost a single hair! Today marked getting back onto my healthy lifestyle, which I’ve wobbled with this month just because of temptation. Let’s face it, sometimes you pay the price for too much fun, and self-care isn’t always a party. Sometimes it’s setting boundaries for yourself.

What does your self-care look like this week?

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Six couples meet their destinies at the hands of fate… with a little magic thrown in for good luck…

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Margaret RileyPublisher

Throwback Thursday at Changeling Press

Throwback Thursday: Truth or Dragon by CJ England #paranormalromance #NewAdult #TBT @CJ_England

by jessicacoultersmith

Will an irrepressible free spirit dare to tame a dragon’s heart?


Truth or Dragon (Dragon Games 2)

Cover Artist: Bryan Keller


Lucina Bell was sure she and Ryuu Tatsuya had more than a connection the evening they met at Eadlin’s Christmas party. After all, in less than two hours, they went from arguing to kissing to the butler’s pantry.

One night stands aren’t Lucina’s style, but when Ryuu didn’t show the next day for their date at the Christmas arcade, she thought that was all the previous night had been to Ryuu. Yet she can’t convince her heart of that.

Ryuu hated walking away from Lucina without a word, but as a dragon prince with secrets he can’t share, he knows their relationship is doomed. After seeing his clan leader find his forever mate, he wants that kind of perfect love for himself, and even though he wants Lucinda more than he wants to breathe, her scent didn’t trigger the mating magic in him.

When they meet again at Eadlin and Drayce’s wedding, one glance stirs the smoldering passions between them. It’s all fun and games until Ryuu’s shocking secrets are revealed. When a ritual challenge is issued, the pre-wedding house party erupts into violence. Will learning the truth about her lover send Lucina flying out of his arms, or will she take Ryuu’s dare and play with her dragon forever?


Get it at Changeling Press



All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2016 C.J. England

While shivering in her extremely expensive high-heeled boots, Lucina Bell glanced once again at her watch. Damn it, he was late. Really late. Like over an hour late. Tightening her lips, she gave a growl of irritation. Both at Ryuu and at herself. It had been just over twenty-four hours, yet she missed him horribly. Which wasn’t like her at all. She’d never met a man she couldn’t walk away from easily. Until now.

Why hadn’t he come?

She forced herself to ignore the hurt curling around her heart. There could be a reason he wasn’t where they’d agreed to meet. Maybe he got caught in traffic. Or since he was a foreigner, maybe he’d gotten lost. Maybe he didn’t know where Leicester Square was. After all, it was decked out in its Christmas Carnival finery, so it might not be recognizable.

And now, she thought with a derisive snort, she was just making excuses.

Spinning around, she headed to the nearest tube station, swearing copiously under her breath. Ryuu Tatsuya was a dead man. She would crush him like a bug. She didn’t care that he was her best friend’s fiance’s best friend. So what if her killing him made them all uncomfortable at parties. Not even someone as hot as Ryuu could stand her up and get away with it.

Taking a deep breath, she pushed away the ever-present fatigue she seemed to fight lately. It had gotten worse over the last few days. She’d had some weird mood swings. Couldn’t seem to keep up the happy-go-lucky attitude she’d been born with.

But at Eadlin’s Christmas Eve party she’d really struggled.

Even with all the fun and food and good-time friends, there’d still been something missing. Instead of feeling happy and excited, she’d felt a bit edgy, tired and a lot impatient. Like she was waiting for something to happen. And that restless feeling so wasn’t like her. She was more of an in-the-moment sort of gal.

But for the life of her she hadn’t been able to break out of it.

She’d tried competing in the games but had gotten dizzy when playing Blind Man’s Bluff. She’d tried laughing and chatting with friends while having dinner, but her stomach had rolled every time she thought about putting something in her mouth. As a last resort, she’d even threatened to get up on stage with the band and sing, even though everyone knew she couldn’t carry a tune if she was given a golden-handled bucket. But a blinding headache stopped that idea in its tracks. Something was majorly wrong. And Lucina had been pretty sure she knew what it was.

“Damn it, Eadlin,” she’d sworn to herself. “Now you’ve got me doing it. Looking for my very own stranger. My Mr. Handsome and Mysterious. Your great-great-great ancestor found hers, you’re looking for yours, and now I want to find mine. So much I’m sick over it.”

She’d shaken her head. “Me! Footloose and fancy free me. Lucina in the sky looking for diamonds, me. It’s as easy to fall in love with a rich guy than a poor guy, me. It is to laugh.” She’d sighed. “So why aren’t I laughing?”

Looking back at the revelation now, she knew exactly why she wasn’t laughing. She wanted to at least care about the man she married. And if the guy didn’t make her panties go wet, then it just wasn’t worth it. She’d rather go hungry than settle for anything less than fireworks in bed. Life was too bloody short for boring.

But finding that special someone wouldn’t be that easy for her. She couldn’t just throw a fancy party and expect him to appear. She wasn’t like Eadlin who’d done what she could and let fate handle the rest. Lucina was way more hands-on. Or, as one past boyfriend complained, too bossy and unpredictable. Too restless to be comfortable with. He’d told her no man would want to take on a woman he couldn’t understand or control. She snorted delicately at the memory. Needless to say, it had been the last time she’d ever seen that particular idiot again.

So she was a little outrageous and different. Maybe a bit too free spirited and impulsive. So what? She liked herself that way. As an author of children’s fantasy stories, it gave her a lot of joy to look for the fantastical and weird in the world around her. While the parents may not be impressed with her “frivolous” career –they forced her to write under a pen name so not to taint their own –if the fans of her latest elf, dragon and changeling series were anything to go by, her odd take on life was appreciated. At least by kids between the ages of seven and twelve.

Then why couldn’t she find a guy who appreciated her weirdness? And why did she think her mysterious stranger –if she actually had one –would be different than anyone else’s?

The thought made her tired all over again, but that wasn’t anything new. She’d been so exhausted this morning, she’d been tempted to sleep in, but she’d been bound and determined to keep this date with Ryuu.

“So just how’d that work out for you, Luce?” she murmured, blinking away tears. But even after the moisture was gone, her eyes were so blurry she could barely see the street in front of her.

Everything ached, she realized. Her head, her stomach, her feet –why had she worn such insanely uncomfortable shoes, other than they made her legs look absolutely amazing. And now to add to her misery, her heart was aching like a sore tooth.

Why hadn’t he come?

Lucina sniffed loudly, furious that she’d allowed Ryuu to get to her this way. She hadn’t expected to care so much for him after just one night together, but she’d thought he’d felt something as well. Otherwise, why ask her out on a date?

After all, she hadn’t played hard to get. He’d already gotten everything he could want.

Shame filled her at the memory. Even though she talked a good game, she really wasn’t the type of girl to fall into a man’s arms after knowing him for less than an hour. But there was just something about Ryuu. Something special that cut through all the usual song and dance and had her jumping into bed –or in this case, the butler’s pantry –as soon as she’d tasted his kiss.

Or maybe she’d just been carried away by the romance of the evening. Seeing her best friend find her special someone had set off a yearning within Lucina she hadn’t even admitted to herself. Until now.

She wanted it. That romance… that desire. The connection.

She wanted a man to look at her with the same need and desperation that Lord Drayce had in his eyes when he’d looked at Eadlin. They’d met, kissed and become engaged within a few hours of seeing each other for the first time. Now that was romantic.

Or crazy.

But no matter how crazy it seemed, Lucina longed to find someone, too. She wasn’t jealous of Eadlin… much. No, she wished her friend all the happiness in the world. She just wanted the same for herself.


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