Self-Care Sunday

It’s been a difficult week for self-care. I had my first panic attack during this pandemic when my husband went grocery shopping and I sanitized every item. Both my kiddo and I have chronic illness and his having to keep working (and switching his schedule dramatically every week in the process, and having to go through a decontamination ritual each night when he gets home) has made me super anxious. As introverted as I am, being home for 17 days straight and missing my extended family hasn’t helped with that feeling. I’ve been sleeping a lot, like I do when I sink into depression, and I’m struggling. I know many of you are, too.

As hard on myself as I am about this, and about being behind on my deadlines and weekly goals, last night I was able to acknowledge that I still wrote thousands of words. I still worked through several homeschooling goals with my kiddo and we still connected every day through our walks and making art together. Yes, I’ve broken down and felt powerless and sad and anxious and terrified… but I’ve also read aloud with my family, laughed over some comedic videos and enjoyed many meals together this week. I’ve done a million little things to celebrate, and if I turn to sleep or tears in my grief and mourning, it’s really okay. Sometimes we just have to give ourselves permission to be human.

I’m also listening to some audios this week that feel very nurturing, including Brene Brown’s new podcast and some audios from The School of Sensual Living and Mary Lofgren, who I hope starts a podcast, too! They offer powerful lessons about listening to your body and self-compassion and they’ve helped so much this week. My husband also bought me some Rose Red dessert teas, which are helping during my fasts (yes, I’m fasting through all this, because it makes me feel better, even if it doesn’t bring me great joy). I would say that the Tazo lemon loaf is better than their lemon cake (theirs is still very good!), but the other flavors have been phenomenal. Today I’m going to experiment with a diet root bear “float” with some keto whipped cream as a treat.

How have you been caring for yourself through this? I hope you’re doing well and that you remember that it’s okay to grieve, too. Take care.

Guest Writer Wednesday: Alexa Piper!

Alexa Piper is visiting us this week with some insider info on her new release, A Tale of Honey and Garnet Wine!

The tale of Dracula is a haunting one. Yet, all hauntings inspire storytelling, and A Tale of Honey and Garnet Wine is the story of Dracula retold, reshaped, seen from a different angle. The protagonist, Athena, wants to find Dracula and his castle in order to learn the truth about him:

“He knew I wanted a story about him, and I knew he would do anything to not tell it, to avoid my curiosity like the smell of rotting flesh in high summer. Or, sometimes, he would distract me with his cotton candy voice, holding my mouth shut with his lips and gently weave cobwebs over my eyes, shivers all over my skin. He would mesmerize me, yes, weaving his body into mine, his strong muscles coiling, a snake that charms the snake charmer. And he would hold me and taste me and overpower my senses until my mind was foggy, my skin glistening. But through all his charming, the gentle and the less gentle, he could not expect me to forget that I had questions. I had come here to hear his story. That was what I wanted.”

The question is, will she find what she came for, will she discover what she was looking for? Or are there darker things than a vampire myth that hide behind the story of Dracula?

Be warned though. A Tale of Honey and Garnet Wine may not be suitable for all readers. It contains scenes of bondage and dubious consent some may find offensive.

Get your copy to find out:

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Self-Care Sunday

Many of us are feeling the strain of dealing with the unexpected and unknown. I’m very fortunate to be able to say that my days are just as busy as ever working from home and homeschooling as usual, but my evenings and nights are all at home, which I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy. My poor teenager, however, is missing friends, even with video chats, texting and remote gaming.

We’re practicing self-care by eating mindfully, implementing the reusable menstrual products and family cloth that I’ve been meaning to do for years, and playing board games. We’re also watching movies, doing yard work and trying to laugh every day. Old SNL videos sure help! We’re also helping when we can, from making donations to uplifting art, sharing resources as we see them and helping new homeschoolers as needed.

How are you doing during these wildly changing times?

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