Guest Writer Wednesday: Alexa Piper!

Alexa Piper is visiting us this week with some insider info on her new release, A Tale of Honey and Garnet Wine!

The tale of Dracula is a haunting one. Yet, all hauntings inspire storytelling, and A Tale of Honey and Garnet Wine is the story of Dracula retold, reshaped, seen from a different angle. The protagonist, Athena, wants to find Dracula and his castle in order to learn the truth about him:

“He knew I wanted a story about him, and I knew he would do anything to not tell it, to avoid my curiosity like the smell of rotting flesh in high summer. Or, sometimes, he would distract me with his cotton candy voice, holding my mouth shut with his lips and gently weave cobwebs over my eyes, shivers all over my skin. He would mesmerize me, yes, weaving his body into mine, his strong muscles coiling, a snake that charms the snake charmer. And he would hold me and taste me and overpower my senses until my mind was foggy, my skin glistening. But through all his charming, the gentle and the less gentle, he could not expect me to forget that I had questions. I had come here to hear his story. That was what I wanted.”

The question is, will she find what she came for, will she discover what she was looking for? Or are there darker things than a vampire myth that hide behind the story of Dracula?

Be warned though. A Tale of Honey and Garnet Wine may not be suitable for all readers. It contains scenes of bondage and dubious consent some may find offensive.

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Guest Writer Wednesday: Emily Carrington

Please welcoming Emily Carrington to the blog this week! Emily telling us about her book from Changeling Press, The Prince & The Painter, today and we hope you enjoy!

Jason and Aaron would gladly spend all their time in bed together, but they’re haunted by their pasts, literally as well as figuratively. Death and destruction follow them — a rapist and a serial killer are stalking Aaron, and Jason’s growing love may not be enough to protect either of them.

Publisher’s Note: The Prince and the Painter Parts 1 & 2 are the prequel to Painter’s Pride (Prince and Painter 1). For everyone who wanted to know more about Jason and Aaron’s history, thank you. (Be careful what you ask for!)

Warning: The Prince and the Painter Parts 1 & 2 deal with issues of PTSD, M/M rape, hate crimes, stalking, kidnapping, and torture. Jason and Aaron’s stories may be triggers for some readers.

Q: Tell us about The Prince and the Painer. This is the prequel to Painter’s Pride, right?


Emily: It is. Painter’s Pride is light and fluffy though because it’s based around Christmas. Also, because the prequel was already written if not published, I wanted readers’ first introduction to Jason and Aaron to be softer. I wanted their love to shine through. My hope was that by giving them their HEA first, I could soften the blow of their past.


Q: Tell us about The Prince and the Painter.


Emily: I’m not sure how to talk about the darkest thing I’ve ever written. I read a lot of Stephen King but that’s not what gave birth to The Prince and the Painter. I used to read a lot of hurt/comfort fanfiction and that’s still my guilty pleasure, but Aaron and Jason are more than an outgrowth of that secret passion.


Let’s start here: with the love story. Jason and Aaron belong together. Their wounds perfectly match but, more importantly, their hearts are in the same place.

Jason has been tutoring other kids, both his age and younger, since he was four and his two-ear-old sister was trying to learn how to count.

Aaron has been drawing since he was three. His aunt on his mother’s side is an artist and she encouraged him.  He started tutoring other kids in his art classes when he was seven, teaching the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors to his classmates. He once got in trouble with his teacher for whispering the answers to a test to one of his best friends.

But into every life “a little rain must fall” and: cue Vance Anderson, the man who is closeted even to himself. Vance’s past is pretty dark too, and although none of this gets into the book, it’s helpful to know where monsters come from. When Vance was nine, his father caught him kissing another boy. His father basically beat the crap out of him. What happens to us as children has a lasting effect on what we become as adults.


Q: Let’s talk about Painter’s Pride for a minute. What is the major struggle of that book?


Emily: Aaron is ashamed of growing up in poverty. Until he’s able to see beyond himself, thanks to jasons’ love, he spends years in that shame. It’s not overtly stated in either book but the small town Aaron grew up in is full of people who live high above the national medium income range. Aaron went without a lot of things and that left a mark that only true love can heal.


Q: You make Jason sound like a perfect prince. That sounds extremely boring. Is he perfect?


Emily: He started out just like Superman, but without the kryptonite weakness. But the longer I wrote about Aaron’s struggles, the more I realized Jason has a chip on his shoulder. He’s bisexual and he’s spent most of his teens chaffing against the constraints put on him by the straight and gay/lesbian communities. He spent years listening to people, even a couple members of his own family, tell him to just “make a choice already.” Christopher, Jason’s oldest brother, was one of these detractors. By the time we get to The Prince and the Painter, he’s Jason’s staunchest supporter but he needed to have his own growth arc before he could get to that point.

Jason also has a thing about helping people. He pushes himself beyond where he’s comfortable going and then complains about it afterward. For example, when he realizes he should go back to Besker and be with Aaron during the winter holidays, he refuses. He protests that he needs a vacation too. He’s still learning to have personal boundaries.


Q: Last question. Are there other books in the works starring Jason and Aaron?


Emily: Nope. At least, not yet. But depending on the response I get to this, my darkest novel to date, I may fill out the personal HEAs for the other people in Jason and Aaron’s lives. Griffin and Tim certainly need their own happily ever after.


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Guest Writer Wednesday: Kate Hill

I’m thrilled to welcome Kate Hill back for a Guest Writer Wednesday! Today she’s giving us a fun interview as well as a sneak peek into her latest installment in the Wild Witches of Beaver Bay series, Spirits of Christmas!

A bit about Kate:

Kate Hill is a vegetarian New Englander who started writing over twenty years ago for pleasure. Since 1996, she has sold over one hundred short stories, novellas, and novels. She prefers to blend genres, and she loves horror and a happily ever after, so her books can be a bit unusual. If you’re looking for romance with witches, aliens, vampires, angels, demons, shapeshifters and more, there’s a good chance you’ll find something to your taste in her backlist.

When she’s not working on her books, Kate enjoys reading, working out, and watching horror movies. She also writes under the name Saloni Quinby.

Interview with Kate

Why do you write romance?
I write romance because it’s what I love to read. Initially, I started writing romance because I wasn’t finding enough action and horror elements in the romances that were popular when I was younger. Now it’s easier to find action and blood and guts in romance.

What makes a great romance hero?
My favorite type of hero is actually the antihero or a villain turned hero. I love heroes with flaws–ones who aren’t perfect, golden heroes.

What is your favorite book?
That’s hard to answer because there are so many great books. If I had to narrow it down, it would be a tie between the Three Musketeers and the Phantom of the Opera.

What was the hardest part about writing Spirits of Christmas?
The hardest part was writing a hero who constantly lived with fear. Lots of romance heroes have moments of fear or find themselves in frightening situations, but Joel has been dealing with deep fear since childhood. Though he has gone to extremes to prove himself fearless, he still must cope with a lot of terror resulting from childhood trauma.

What made Christa fun to write?
Christa is a self-confidant woman with a good sense of humor. She has a lot of compassion for others, even when she’s dealing with issues of her own. Also she’s not afraid to enjoy herself.

What did you use for inspiration when writing Spirits of Christmas?
I listened to a lot of Christmas music when I wrote the first draft. I also thought about what family and friends enjoy about the holidays and included some of their favorites into the story.

Onto Kate’s sneak peek!

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Guest Writer Wednesday: Jessica Coulter Smith

Today Changeling author Jessica Coulter Smith, author of the bestselling series Intergalactic Brides, Cy-Con, and Dixie Reapers, is sharing a bit from her latest Harley Wylde book, Tex! Enjoy!


Book Six in the Dixie Reapers MC series is releasing today! If you haven’t read the Dixie
Reapers yet, you can jump right in. Each book can be read as a stand-alone, but you may enjoy the series more if you
read all of them. Each book focuses on a different character. The men of the Dixie Reapers have a thing for younger
women, so each book is an older hero/younger heroine pairing.

Tex Cover Small

Genres/Themes: Contemporary, BBW, Interracial, MC Romance, Men and Women in
Uniform, New Adult, Silver Fox

Publisher: Changeling Press
Cover Artist: Bryan Keller
Release Date: August 17th

Tex — I made a mistake fifteen years ago, one that could have landed my ass in jail.
Instead, I made a deal. I signed away the rights to a child I’d never see, and then I joined the Army, putting the Dixie
Reapers and my life in Alabama firmly in my rearview. But now I’m back, and I can’t help but wonder what happened to
my son or daughter. What I discover makes my blood run cold, and I vow to do anything in my power to save the
daughter I’ve never met. I just didn’t count on rescuing two damsels, or that the second one would look at me with
haunted eyes that would make me do something stupid. I’d vowed to never let another woman fuck me over. I just hope
I don’t regret letting Kalani into my home and into my life. She has trouble written all over her.

Kalani — I’ve been locked away my entire life. Hillview Asylum looks presentable enough
on the outside, but I know firsthand about the horrors inside those walls. I’d always expected I’d die there, until he
came. Not that he was coming for me. I’ve sheltered his daughter, Janessa, as much as possible, and in return I gained
her trust and loyalty. I’d have never guessed those two things would save me. Or maybe they didn’t, because now I’m
faced with a man who makes me want things I shouldn’t. His club suggested a marriage of convenience, to keep me
out of Hillview, but I want more than just his name. I have no doubt this is going to end with my heart shattered at my
feet, but he keeps the nightmares away. For the first time in my entire life, I feel safe. Protected. But now I want more…
I want to be loved.

WARNING: Contains strong language, abuse, and other dark elements, as well as explicit
sexual content. There is no cheating, no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed HEA.

Tex Graphic 3

Purchase from Changeling Press or Online Retailers


The truck came to a stop just outside a metal gate. It slid open, and the truck pulled
through. I didn’t know where we were, and I didn’t care, as long as it wasn’t the asylum. Anything was better than being
there. They drove down a winding road and stopped in front of a green house. Flicker got out and opened the back
door. Tex held me tight as he stepped out of the truck and began carrying me toward the house. Janessa walked at his

“Call the doc,” Tex said. “I think they both need to be checked out.”

My body tensed, and I struggled against him. No, no more doctors. Doctors caused pain. I
could feel the panic rising inside me, my heart racing and my lungs feeling like they’d seize at any moment.

“Hey, easy,” Tex crooned at me. “No one’s going to hurt you.”

“Doctors do bad things,” Janessa said softly. “Especially to Kalani.”

Tex looked down at me and gave a slight nod. “All right. No doctors. Not for tonight

“Where are you going to put them?” Flicker asked. “Only two of the bedrooms are

“Kalani and I can share,” Janessa said.

Tex carried me down a short hall and stepped into a blue bedroom. He eased me down
onto the bed, and I winced as pain shot through me again. Janessa moved around to the other side of the bed and
crawled in next to me. She stayed close, but not near enough that she’d hurt me.

“You’re safe here,” Tex said. “No one can get into the compound without our

“Who are you?” I asked.

He smiled a little. “We’re Dixie Reapers, and we take care of our own.”

“But I’m not one of you. I don’t belong to anyone.”

He glanced at his daughter. “She thinks you belong to her, and since she’s mine, I guess
that makes you mine too.”

A strange warmth worked its way through me at his words. I’d never been anyone’s
before, but as his gaze settled on me again, I decided I didn’t mind being called his. With the bedroom lights on, I could
see more details of the men who had rescued us. They were each handsome in their own way, but Tex took my breath
away. I’d never considered a man attractive before, not when I knew what they were capable of, but these men had
risked their lives to save us. And that made them different.

Tex Graphic1

Where to find Harley:

Short. Erotic. Sweet. Harley’s other half would probably say those words describe her, but
they also describe her books. When Harley is writing, her motto is the hotter the better. Off the charts sex, commanding
men, and the women who can’t deny them. If you want men who talk dirty, are sexy as hell, and take what they want,
then you’ve come to the right place.

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Guest Writer Wednesday: Gale Stanley

Gale Stanley is here to talk about her book Party Animal today!

PARTY ANIMAL by Gale Stanley

Roosters 6


Casey Cox is a porn star legend. Life is a never-ending party and there’s always a hot guy or two willing to play. Then Casey meets the one man who isn’t interested and suddenly it’s a challenge he can’t resist.


Get your copy at Changeling Press.


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I stared at my reflection in the mirror and gave myself an eight out of ten. All those late nights were finally taking a toll. Would I give them up? Hell no! Life was a never-ending party, and the guest list changed every day. I liked it that way. Variety is the spice of life after all.


But right now, I needed to do damage control. I read somewhere that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. If that was true then my soul must be puffy, wrinkled, and bloodshot. It wasn’t a good look. Thank God for eye drops. A few in each eye made my whites pop. I practiced my sultry green stare in the mirror. Not bad, but the bags had to go. I reached for the Preparation H and applied it liberally. My sister swears by the stuff.


I’d showered and shaved at home, but my hair needed a redo. My trademark look is a messy bedhead, black locks flying every which way. I don’t like to disappoint the fans and it’s easy enough to get the look. It’s all about a good haircut and a few styling tricks, like gel.


I stepped back from the mirror to check out my body. No problems there. Six feet, two inches of lean muscle thanks to an exercise routine that keeps me camera ready. No matter how late I go to bed, I wake up early and use the small gym in my apartment building. A good workout always makes me feel better. Today, we’re shooting early, so I did a short routine, just long enough to break a sweat and get my blood pumping. Then it was SSME, and I’m not talking kinky sex. Shower, shave, moisturize, enema. I like to be clean for the close-up shots.


Yeah, I bare it all, but it’s all for the sake of art. I’m not kidding. One of my first jobs when I came to LA was as an artist’s model. At first, because of my strict upbringing, I was uncomfortable posing nude, but eventually I realized that the human body is a beautiful thing. It was a liberating experience.


Today, I’ve convinced myself that filming is an art form. There are thousands, maybe millions of guys out there staring at my naked body. What I do prompts an emotional response and gives them pleasure, just like other art forms. Art is in the eye of the beholder, after all. It’s one hell of an ego trip.


Check out all the books in the Roosters series:


Author Bio and Links


Gale Stanley grew up in Philadelphia PA. She was the kid who always had her nose in a book, her head in the clouds, and her hands on a pad and pencil.

Some things never change.


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Guest Writer Wednesday: Lynn Burke

Today’s guest post and excerpts come from new-to-Changeling author Lynn Burke! Please give her a warm welcome.
Don’t Let Go


Darkest Desires #1


Publisher: Changeling Press
Keywords:  BDSM, Silver Fox, MayDecember, EroticRomance, FemDom, Domme, Contemporary, Novella, Series


Troy Jenner’s ex called his desire to be dominated sick. Divorced, shamed, and stripped bare of his assets, Troy is gifted a three day pass to Monique’s, Baltimore’s elite sex club. He hopes to discover the depths of his desires, not fall for the Domme with a turbulent past in her eyes.
Barista by day, Mistress by night, Jaycie Atkins is the Domme assigned to fulfill submissive’s fantasies of pain with pleasure. To conquer her childhood trauma, she learned to be powerful and prudent. Always giving, never receiving. Always in control — until Troy’s grateful groans after every whip of her flogger threaten to slip past her Domme defenses. The warmth in his eyes tempting her to trust him like no other.
Will Troy’s patience and persistence in breaking down her walls pay off, or will he be forced to accept the fact Mistress will never let go and give him the collar and second chance at love he longs for?
I knelt in the middle of the dungeon-like room as I’d seen on the countless BDSM websites I’d been studying the past month, exactly like they’d shown us new subs at the introduction class the evening before. Butt naked, dick already at half-mast because I finally had the chance to explore the darkness inside of me that had killed my ten-year marriage.
As CEO of a prominent software company, I took pride in my self-control and stoic nature. Being a bastard had gotten me up the rung to where I sat comfortably behind a glass desk with windows overlooking Baltimore’s skyline. It had also earned me a nasty divorce a year earlier when my ex-wife took over half of what we owned, leaving me with a broken heart and near-empty bank accounts. At least a constant work load since then had gotten me closer to where I’d been before she’d attempted to wipe me out.
I studied my hands resting on my bare thighs. Springy hair tickled my palms. While the hair on my body remained a dark blond, the previous two years of hell had shot gray through the thick strands on my head and the scruff I couldn’t keep from lining my jaw.
Forty-three and already fucking gray. Wouldn’t help my chance at dating — if I ever got the balls to put myself out there again. I’d been celibate for over a year. Dead inside, unable to give two shits about anything but work, unable to get it up, too. I also didn’t have the energy to get involved, let alone think of dating.
Familiar exhaustion tugged on my eyelids, and I let them close while waiting for the Domme the club’s owner had booked me with for the night — Mistress Jaycie. A woman I’d never met, a woman I was going to let control me in whatever way she wanted.
Time to give over. Time to explore my lust for pain and hopefully float into that mysterious subspace I’d been reading about.
My dick twitched at the thought of pure, empty-headed euphoria.
Would the Domme I’d been paired with have a heavy hand? Would she be beautiful? Did I even care? I just wanted — craved — submission, the type that would erase the shit in my mind for a while and maybe get my rocks off.
My ex had been vanilla, same as I’d always been, and when I got the urge to introduce something new in the bedroom, she’d looked at me with disgust. Hell, I’d only suggested handcuffs and ropes, hoping she’d agree so we could eventually move on to what I really wanted.
No such fucking luck.
I breathed deep and exhaled my thoughts along with the lungful of used-up air. The silence coating the dim, private scening room at Monique’s club in downtown Baltimore soothed me. Even if it turned out the BDSM lifestyle wasn’t for me, I’d at least have gotten to experience a semi-hard dick again.
A click sounded as the door opened, and I kept my head and gaze lowered as I’d been instructed in the class. Awareness crept over my skin like an electrical charge as heels clicked on hardwood. My heartbeat accelerated. The subtle scent of oranges hit my nose as black leather stiletto boots came into my line of sight.
Hot as fuck. I bit back my groan as my cock thickened. I swallowed against sudden nervousness, something I hadn’t experienced since my teenage years.
“Hmm…” she murmured. The boots rounded to my left, disappearing in my periphery. “On your feet, slave.” Her low, husky voice prickled my skin, bringing my dick to full attention.
I rose with as much grace as I could, hands at my sides, erection sticking up close to my navel.
A soft inhale tickled my ears as I straightened completely.
I knew what she saw — what she probably didn’t expect for a man teetering on the brink of the downslope from his prime. Daily yoga, running, and weight training kept my body looking the same as it had at twenty-five.
Something tailed down my backbone and across the top of my ass cheeks, lacking the warmth of skin. Crop? Cane? The urge to know made me want to shift my stance, but I held still.
She rounded to the right and stopped in front of me.
From my height, most of her body came into view even though I kept my head lowered. The black leather of her boots hugged defined calves, stopping just above her knees. A good twelve inches of smooth, pale skin gave way to a tight leather skirt — also black — over flared hips, ending at her tiny waist. She held a crop in her right hand.
My dick actually jumped, bumping my abs.
I glanced up through my lashes, filling my eyes with the corset-cinched tits threatening to spill over the top. The milky-white globes set my mouth to watering.
“You will call me Mistress.”
© Lynn Burke 2018
Lynn Burke is a full time mother, voracious gardener, and scribbler of spicy romance stories. A country bumpkin turned Bay Stater, she enjoys her chowdah and Dunkin Donuts when not trying to escape the reality of city life.

Guest Writer Wednesday: Writing Shifters by Sean Michael

shifterrescue_freedomI love writing shifters of all kinds. It started with werewolves, but I’ve branched out and have done bears, spirit bears, dragons, cats of all kinds.


One of the fun things about writing shifters is bringing their animal qualities to their human forms. My cat shifters are all usually quite slinky as humans, while bear shifters translate into tall, solid humans. Dragons on the other hand are magical and so I like to reflect that in their humans as well – Az from Shifter Rescue: Scales and Shifter Rescue: Claws, is as blue in his human form as he is in his dragon form.


Making love is all about passion, and can be very animalistic and it’s fun to be able to emphasize that in a sex scene between shifters. Most of my shifters are definite carnivores and so are their humans. It’s fun to make that correlation between animal and human, to look at the characteristics that the animal of the shifter I’m writing has and choose which ones to bring over to their human, what animalistic quirks will best describe the shifter’s personality. Continue reading “Guest Writer Wednesday: Writing Shifters by Sean Michael”