Guest Writer Wednesday: Julia Talbot

coyotedanceWhy dragons?
Hey, y’all? Sara Jay let me take over today to babble about my new release, Coyote Dance: Desert Dragons 2.


It’s the second in a series about dragons and their keepers, who communicate with one another psychically. The older the dragon, the better the communication. Things get a little dicey with the baby dragons as you can imagine.


A lot of people ask me why dragons? The answer is simple: I’m a geek. I loved Anne McCaffrey’s Pern. Dragonlance. Obscure series where the dragon was chained in the sewer and freed by a gamer who got transported to his game’s world. I love depictions of St. George and I rooted for Smaug.


Yeah. So when it came time to start a new series back when I did my first dragon books, in Elemental Ops, (Yep. They’re all related.) I knew I wanted to do companion dragons who were at once adorable and dangerous.


In DD2, I explore a new kind of dragon. Piasa is a spirit dragon. She can be corporeal or invisible, and she can talk to spirits, dead and mythological. She’s a stud, and she and her human, Mik, really don’t expect what happens when they run into Banger.


Here’s the official blurb!

Banger wants to save the day. Mik wants to save the world. What they really need is to save each other.

When Banger wakes up in an earthship house in the desert, surrounded by dragons, he knows his whole life has changed. Add to that the fact that the man he’s been chasing for years has a new lover, and he’s pretty sure his day can’t get much weirder. Which is when he accidentally trips trying to save his friends and shoots someone.

Mik has never been shot on a first date before. When his spirit dragon Piasa tells him to go to the little compound in the Chihuahua desert he’s expecting dragons, maybe smugglers, but he figures no one could expect Banger. Even as Mik falls for Banger, his new lover decides he’s a danger to the baby dragons he’s there to help, and Banger ends up kidnapped by a white slaver in the desert. Can Mik save Banger from danger, and keep him from hurting himself?

Publisher’s Note: Coyote Dance is best enjoyed after reading Turquoise Trail (Desert Dragons 1).


Available now Changeling Press!


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Thanks so much for having me, Sara!



Julia Talbot

Guest Writer Wednesday: Xander (Peppermint Twist) by Ana Raine

ANR_PT_Xander_largeToday’s special guest is Ana Raine, author of the new Peppermint Twist book Xander. Anna has an excerpt, interview and much more to share with us!

Xander (Peppermint Twist) by Ana Raine
His whole life, Xander’s known just who and exactly what he wants. As Santa’s oldest son, he’s next in line to inherit the family business. And that’s the only way he’s ever going to leave the North Pole.
Walter’s got the best job ever — creating and testing adult toys. But that job’s not near as much fun without a partner to share his passion with. Will Xander choose what he’s always wanted — to get out and see the world — or can he and Walter find their own Christmas magic right here at home?
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On impulse, I headed down the side of the hill just before the road led me to the tavern and continued my way down. The temperature dropped several degrees and there was little light to guide me. I entered the clutter of trees and for a few minutes, there was nothing I could follow. Then the faint scent of vanilla and something else wafted through the air from a clearing in the woods.
I entered a very large clearing with multiple buildings clinging to the line of trees and rising several stories into the sky. The windows were tinted and made of wood and red brick.

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Guest Writer Wednesday: White Hot Christmas: Wrapped Around by Megan Slayer

The talented and prolific Megan Slayer is back with us this week, this time with an excerpt from the A Changeling for All Seasons 5 Box Set!

MGS_WHChristmas_largeWhite Hot Christmas: Wrapped Around

Megan Slayer


Luc loves his role fronting the band Glow. He loves the adoration of the fans, the energy in the crowd, but it’s Christmas. No one likes a Christmas alone.


Taygan’s free spirit resists taming — except when it comes to Luc. Luc’s one hundred percent human. Taygan is all air elemental. He needs his space and freedom, but he’ll do whatever it takes to make Luc happy, including giving up his space and freedom to make Luc’s holiday one he’ll never forget — complete with the real Santa, peppermint candy, and lots of hot sex.


Available in the A Changeling For All Seasons 5 Box Set $5.99/Sale Price: $5.09

Eleven tales of Christmas Magic from your favorite Changeling authors…

Genre(s): Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, New Releases, Romance
Theme(s): Shapeshifters (Other), Magic, Christmas, Elves, Dragons & Magical Creatures
Series: Changeling Seasons (#5)
Length: Collection
Page Count: 243



Excerpt from Wrapped Around, Glow Band book 1.5:

©Megan Slayer, 2011, All Rights Reserved


Finally. Taygan gripped the back of Santa’s oversized chair. Trust Luc to take his sweet time getting to the party. He’d probably spent the extra time basking in the cheers from the crowd. The man was a ham when he wanted to be — loving the spotlight and the praise. For a moment Taygan could’ve sworn Luc saw him. Just as fast, he noticed Luc’s frown. He wasn’t seeing much of anything and probably didn’t want to be there. Fine. Tay would give him a reason to stick around.

“See him?” Taygan whispered from his position behind the chair. “The one with the dark hair and grimace?” Continue reading “Guest Writer Wednesday: White Hot Christmas: Wrapped Around by Megan Slayer”

Guest Writer Wednesday: Shifter’s Challenge by Megan Slayer

Today’s guest author is Megan Slayer. I am so excited to share an excerpt from her Peppermint Twist book with you!

Shifter’s ChMS_PT_ShiftersChallenge_largeallenge (Peppermint Twist) by Megan Slayer

Changeling Press

Contemporary, Paranormal, Holiday

Short Story

M/M, Anal Sex

Time to see what magic Christmas has in store for Steve, a black cat shifter, and Landon the Elf…

Steve Moore, a black cat shifter, breaks into the North Pole Christmas party in his cat form. Easy enough. No one imagines a black cat would be out of place in a warm building in the middle of the winter. But Steve’s not there to sample the cupcakes or eggnog. No, he’s there to find the one Elf who makes his heart race — Landon. Is Landon still interested in the shifter? They only spent one night together. Things could fall apart once they find each other again, but Steve’s betting the Elf is craving him, too.

Time to see what magic Christmas has in store.

Available soon :



“I’m going to find that elf.” Steve Moore stood outside the main ballroom and peered in the window. He’d found his way to the North Pole with a little luck and good directions… and the help of an elf. He owed his friend, Luciano, big time. What was a cat shifter to do? He needed to find the elf who made his heart beat. Landon. Just thinking about the elf sent shivers down Steve’s spine and warmth through his veins. Continue reading “Guest Writer Wednesday: Shifter’s Challenge by Megan Slayer”

Guest Writer Wednesday: Interview with Fleet from Oh My Deer

Today I am so excited to share an interview with you from Saloni Quinby’s new Peppermint Twist book, Oh My Deer. I hope you enjoy it!

ohmydeermedWhat do you like best about the holiday season?


Well, I enjoy making flights around the world to secretly deliver gifts to people, but since meeting Jake, I look forward to cuddling with him on Christmas morning, after the other reindeer and I have finished our deliveries.


How did you meet Jake?


He saved my life. You can read all about how he rescued me in Oh My Deer.


Do people leave you and Santa milk and cookies?


Sometimes, but most people have no idea we’ll be visiting them. If you’re so inclined, however, my favorite cookie is chocolate chip.


Do you keep your antlers when you’re in human form?


You know, I’ve never been asked that question. To be honest I’ve never tried. I even shed them in winter while in my reindeer form.


What are you giving Jake for Christmas?


A flying reindeer ride to wherever he wants to go.


What do you hope he gives you?


I can’t tell you what I hope he gives me, but it’s both naughty and nice. [Winks]



Oh My Deer by Saloni Quinby

M/M Shapeshifter


When Jake rescues a wounded reindeer less than two weeks before Christmas, he doesn’t realize he has found one of Santa’s reindeer-shifters. The adorable shifter is willing to show his gratitude in sexy ways Jake never expected, but once he flies away will he be gone forever, or will he return as promised on Christmas day?





Fleet started to rise, but Jake stood and placed his hands on his shoulders. It didn’t take much effort for him to push Fleet down. “Go where? You need to heal. I understand the need for privacy, but I can’t help being curious. Shapeshifters from the legends can be pretty mean. You can’t blame me for wanting to know more.”


“Do I seem mean?” Fleet gazed up at him with those huge blue eyes. Continue reading “Guest Writer Wednesday: Interview with Fleet from Oh My Deer”

Guest Writer Wednesday: Mychael Black

Oh, the Places We Will Go

by Mychael Black

I see writers talk about their home offices a lot. Sometimes those offices are rooms, sometimes they are corners of rooms. Mine…is my dining room table. Smack dab in the middle of my dining room and, thus, in the center of the usual family chaos. There are times when I’ll run away to the local community college (where my daughter and roommate/best friend go to class), and write in the cafeteria until one of them are done. But that’s only one or two days out of the week due to their funky schedules. Other times, I’ll hightail it to Barnes & Noble or Panera Bread. Both have good food, drinks, and plenty of places to park my butt so I can work.

I dream of one day having a real office here at home, though. A room with a door (and a lock). Some place where I can sit for hours and just type until my fingers fall off.

Right now, that place is a round table that inevitable becomes loaded down with papers, mail, schoolwork from the kids, glasses, and dishes from dinner. As I sit here now, I’m looking at my son (who is finishing his homework), my wallet, a stack of papers and opened mail, a calendar, my sunglasses, a couple Pringles cans, a couple glasses, a plate, two print books (James Rollins’ Innocent Blood and Alyx Shaw’s The Recalling of John Arrowsmith), and an empty bottle of Mountain Dew. All that, and my laptop. I have…a little spot on the edge.

Thank the gods for headphones.


Now onto what y’all really came here for… *winks*


Two hundred years ago, Noah Cunningham watched in horror as his secret lover’s new wife, Mary Bishop, dripped blood on his door step and cursed him. Doomed to spend eternity as a wraith to the outside world, Noah has only his dog, Elsa, and a journal to keep him from going insane.

Sam Locke should have died. His wife, Mary, had certainly intended it. The vampiric witch turned him, then left him for dead. Sam’s determination to warn his lover Noah kept him going, but Mary found Noah first. Now, two centuries and many failed relationships later, Sam is still pining over his love. When he stumbles onto a rain-soaked Border Collie, he takes the dog home. She becomes the catalyst that leads him to the one place he didn’t know still existed…and the one person he never thought he’d see again.

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Guest Writer Wednesday: Gemma Juliana Interviews Richard Bentley, Hero in Autumn Masquerade

Autumn MasqueradeBy Gemma Juliana

When I arrived at Bentley Hotels International headquarters to interview Richard Bentley, I was ushered to the CEO’s office suite on the penthouse floor. A breathtaking view of San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge was visible from the sweeping windows. His office was very modern – strategic lighting, glass and chrome with a scattering of bright colorful Persian rugs. Antique leather bound books lined the walls.


GJ: Thanks for inviting me to your office today for this interview, Richard. What a view!

RB: My pleasure. One of the benefits of owning a chain of luxury hotels is that I can have a fine view from the top floor.

GJ: May I ask you some personal questions to help promote Autumn Masquerade?

RB: Hopefully not too personal. I’m a private person, but I’ll try to help you.

GJ: I’d like to know how you came to own such a luxury line of hotels? Are you self-made or did you inherit a fortune?

RB: (he grins) I grew up quite poor, only child of a single mom. When I was nineteen, an old great-uncle I never knew passed away and left me everything he had. It was a nice amount but not enough to make anyone rich. I bought a dilapidated motel on the edge of Las Vegas, did some innovative decorating and promoting, and turned it into a cash cow. That led to my first string of hotels in strategic locations, but the properties weren’t luxurious. When a rock star offered me a staggering sum for the chain, I couldn’t resist. That’s when I started Bentley Hotels International, a luxury hotel chain in the most exotic locations in the world. Continue reading “Guest Writer Wednesday: Gemma Juliana Interviews Richard Bentley, Hero in Autumn Masquerade”