Guest Writer Wednesday: Kate Hill

blowbyblowmedI’m so excited to have Kate Hill with us at the blog today! Kate is sharing some info about her writing style, her book Blow by Blow and some other secrets. Check it out below:

Share a little bit about your writing style. What genres and types of heroes/heroines are you attracted to? What do you love to write about?

I like characters who aren’t afraid of breaking the rules. My favorite characters are usually antiheroes or villains turned hero. Sometimes you’ll find a “golden” hero in my stories, but most of the time my characters have shades of gray traits to their personality.

What can we expect when we experience one of your books?

Generally I enjoy including a paranormal or fantasy twist in my stories. I also like action scenes, some kind of fighting or adventure.

Tell us a little about your latest release, or your favorite among all of your books.

Blow by Blow is my latest release. It’s a M/M erotic romance set on an alternate Earth. In it, a hunky former heavyweight champ and an ass-kicking beauty fight for their lives and their love in a futuristic world of MMA.

If you could have one date with a crush (before marrying your spouse if necessary!), who would it be and why? What would you do?

A fictional crush? I’d go with Murdock from the 1980s TV show The A Team. I have no idea what we’d do, but I’m sure it would be unforgettable.

What’s the most romantic thing someone ever did for you, or that you did for someone else?

Truly, I’ve found that there’s more romance in fiction than in real life. That’s why I enjoy writing it.

Share your favorite romantic or sexy song and why you love it so much.

“Let her Go” by Passenger because it’s so true to life that you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

Anything else?

If possible, I’d like to share this excerpt from Blow by Blow: Continue reading “Guest Writer Wednesday: Kate Hill”

Guest Writer Wednesday: Zenobia Renquist

VIPRoomService-200x300In an unspecified city, in an unspecified five-star hotel, VIP Room Service (Other Related Duties #1)—now on sale for 99¢ (regularly $2.99) until 26 Sep—takes place. I didn’t want to specify a city or a specific hotel (not even a made up one) simply because I didn’t want someone coming after me saying I had maligned their reputation. As an author, that’s a worry.


However, I didn’t pull this hotel out of thin air. Not completely. Certain aspects of the hotel where Lexie works are from real life locations. For instance, the fountain I mention drew inspiration from the fountain in the West Chester Marriott in Ohio where the Reader-Author Get Together convention is held every June (fun convention if you can get in). As a note, the two fountains have nothing in common, except that they both have water in them. I just remembered the Marriott’s fountain and decided my fictional hotel should have one too.


And what’s a fountain without fish in it? Specifically koi. I spent three years in Hawaii (my husband was stationed at Hickam) and Ala Moana (one of the major malls on Oahu) has several medians in the pedestrian walkways full of koi. Huge koi at that. Those fish are very well fed. They made an appearance in the book.


Then there are the various Japanese gardens I’ve visited during my lifetime with those beautiful high-arched bridges over the koi ponds. Being an expensive five-star hotel, of course they could afford something ornate like that as well as the aquarium glass sitting area directly below the bridge so patrons could watch the fish swimming underwater.


Now if there is a hotel out there like the one I described, that is a complete coincidence. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a five-star hotel, let alone stepped foot in one. Or if I did, I didn’t know it. I cringe when the daily room rate is over $50 so there’s no way I’m staying someplace where the cheapest rooms start at $200. But imagination is free and VIP Room Service is 99¢ until 26 Sep, so you can visit this posh hotel in your imagination and enjoy all the amenities. And I do mean all.


A hotel erotica tale hot enough to set the screen on fire.


She offers satisfaction above and beyond what is requested.


Lexie’s job as a maid at a five-star hotel doesn’t normally include the unique and risqué form of room service that rich guest Mr. Malena has requested, nor the generous tip he’s offered. Submission and exhibition and a ménage. Lexie can’t resist. What should have been a one-time thing turns into an introduction into the sensual world of customer satisfaction. This is one workplace encounter that could get her fired…or will it?


NOTE: Title previously published as Wine Service (Professional Courtesy 1).



Genre: Contemporary BDSM Erotica, MFM, Exhibitionism/Voyeurism

Publisher: DZRB Books

Length: Novella – 37K (approx. 83 pages)

ISBN: 9781634750004 (ASIN B00V8RE64K)

Price: $2.99 99¢ – On Sale! (Ends 26 Sep 2015)


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She drew in a long gasping breath and then choked on it as someone knocked at the door.

“Room service.”

She widened her eyes, and her pleasure dropped to nil.

“Ah. Right on time.” Mr. Malena dialed off the vibrator, removed it, and set it aside. He called, “One moment.”

“What?” Lexie asked in a frantic whisper. She clutched at the comforter, debating if she should hide in the bathroom or under the bed. Had the server heard her? Had he recognized her voice?

She looked at her uniform draped over the back of the chair. He would know a housekeeper was with Mr. Malena. A housekeeper who was undressed with a wide variety of toys out in the open. No deductive reasoning was needed to figure out what was happening or who the housekeeper was.

Mr. Malena patted her belly. “Shhhh.” He held his finger to his lips. “Just relax.”

“I can’t relax,” Lexie whispered back. “He’ll see me.”

“No, he won’t.” He grinned. “Not your face, at any rate.” He urged her to lie back before draping a towel over her head. “There.”


“Shhhh. You don’t want him to recognize your voice, if you know him. So long as you stay still, he won’t see your face.”

“What about the rest of me? What about my uniform? And the cart outside?” Lexie could see her job ending. She should have known this was too good to be true.

“I’ll take care of it. Now hush.”

Clothing rustled. Lexie peeked under the towel in time to see Mr. Malena fold her uniform into one of the dresser drawers and close it. He slipped on a robe and then glanced back at her. She yanked the towel back down. She wanted to roll herself in the comforter. Wanted to and didn’t at the same time.

She only had to keep her face covered, and the server wouldn’t know who she was. The idea of letting a virtual stranger see her naked titillated her. Her clit throbbed and ached to be touched. She clutched at the towel and waited.

Mr. Malena opened the door. “Thank you, my good man. I am famished. This way.”

Lexie frowned. When had he ordered room service? Had he done it before she arrived and known it would get here while they were playing? He did seem less flustered by this turn of events than she was, as if he’d planned it.

The server asked, “Where do you want— Whoa!”

A long pause followed that exclamation. The server had seen her.


Want more? Read the full first chapter online at DRB1stChp Blog:


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** Bio **

Zenobia Renquist is the alter-ego of D. Renee Bagby. Call her Zen or Renee, she answers to both. Air Force brat turned Air Force wife, she was born in Europe, has lived in Japan and in several states of the US, including Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, California, Maryland and Hawaii.


She moved a lot in her younger years and remembers all too well being the new kid in fish-out-of-water situations. But those experiences only made her better able to adapt, as well they gave her a love of travel, preferring road trips over flying.


Turning her favorite pastime into her career, Renee loves to build worlds and torture her characters for the enjoyment of her readers. She can’t fill everyday with writing alone, and also enjoys watching anime, reading manga, crocheting, knitting (yarn and mail), and binging shows on Netflix. She’s a Whovian (David Tennant for the win!), a trekkie (DS9 because Odo rocked), and a fan of pretty much every Marvel live action movie and DCU animated movie.


She has a wacky imagination and tends to write all over the place. In order to keep up, she only asks one thing—Leave Your Reality Behind to Discover Different and Unique Romance & Erotica.


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Guest Writer Wednesday: Ana Raine

2394Next to You (Kline 4) by Ana Raine



Identical twins Alexei and Vasily have been fulfilling fantasies for customers of the Kline Agency for the past five years. Not only does the Kline allow them to work together, but with the money they make they are able to pay down the debt their older brother left behind.

Until the debt is paid, the brothers have pledged not to fall in love. But when a new client, Kane, requests the twins, Vasily can’t join Alexei, and Alexei goes out on his own. Alexei has to admit he is more than a little interested in their handsome new client. Keeping their pledge to share equally, Vasily goes on their second date alone, pretending to be Alexei. To his surprise, he, too is smitten.

Kane Thatcher has been looking for Vasily for more than five years. They were once lovers, though Vasily has no memory of him, due to a head injury sustained at the hands of the vicious Noch gang.

As his memories slowly return under Kane’s careful guidance, Vasily becomes determined to end their debt to the Noch Gang here and now — a decision that may cost them all more than they’re willing to pay.


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“Package deal, you see?” Alexei and I chorused. My brother’s bright blue eyes were shining even in the dark room. Mine were a slightly darker blue. Despite our freckled cheeks, pale Russian skin, and blond hair, if someone really wanted to figure out which one was which, they should have been able to tell.

We didn’t limit our clients to just males, although that was our usual demographic. No matter the gender of our client, Alexei loved to dangle our sex appeal in front of them and then yank it away.

All through high school, we’d attracted the attention of men and women, which was why shortly after turning eighteen we’d started working for Lance. The money came easy and Alexei and I were never parted. But I credited him with our long list of clientele.

Just like people do in Anime during a twincest scene, Mr. Varner’s eyebrows shot up and he inhaled sharply. If I had been standing across the room, I still could’ve seen the lust in his eyes.

Instantly, he lowered his voice as he asked. “And, how much would it be to continue our time together? Say, for another hour or so?”

There was no doubt in my mind he would whip out a couple hundreds if we named that as our price.

“How much do you think we’re worth?” Alexei teased as he unbuttoned the top button of his dress jacket.

My mouth dropped and I shot him a look of fear. Rule number one, we never ever slept with a client.

“For the both of you,” he gazed at Alexei and then to me. “What one of my employees makes in a day.”

“I’m sorry,” I said quickly. “But we’re going to have to decline.”

Alexei shrugged, “Vasily is right, of course. We can’t allow ourselves to be swept away, as tempting as the offer might be.”

Mr. Varner didn’t admit defeat. “Surely, I can offer a price that will make you change your mind. I can ensure both of you receive the utmost pleasure.”

Like most of the clients Lance threw our way, Mr. Varner was attractive. He had dark green eyes and the body of a thirty-year-old although he was in his late fifties.

“I’m afraid we still have to decline.” Alexei checked his watch, the one I’d gotten him for our twenty-fifth birthday, and then stood up. He reached for my arm and made sure he was the first one Mr. Varner would reach if he decided to get grabby. “I’m the only one who can see Vasily naked.”

When we first started using this line, all I had to do was look at Alexei and we would be thrown into a fit of giggles. Working on not laughing while pretending to be enamored with each other had taken time, but now we had it down to a science.

“Thank you for your time. We hope you will call on us again,” Alexei and I echoed.

Clearly Mr. Varner was used to getting his way and didn’t attempt to hide his displeasure at being refused. Not wanting to waste time in the illustrious lounge, I checked my pockets to make sure I had my wallet and keys before following Alexei to the elevator.

I watched the elevator doors close behind us and counted to ten before clearing my throat.

“What was all that about?”

Alexei loosened his tie and leaned against the wall nearest to the buttons as the elevator slowly descended the eighty floors we had to go. “What was what about?”

“How much do you think we’re worth?” I repeated sourly. “I thought we agreed to never become intimate with our clients.”

“And we didn’t,” Alexei said, before shooting me one of those breathtaking smiles that made me incapable of hating my twin. For being identical, how was it we could have such different smiles? “How long have we been doing this?”

“Five years.”

“Don’t you ever get tired of refusing every man who comes our way? Seriously, how many guys have we fucked since high school?”

I closed my eyes. “I don’t know about you but I can count them on one hand.”

He pressed his fingers to my cheek, startling me. “What happened five years ago wasn’t your fault.”

I slapped his hand away. “I don’t want to talk about it. You promised we wouldn’t.”

“Yeah, but I worry about you not finding love. And what happened is part of the reason you push everyone away.”


Ana Raine


IMG_0409Ana Raine Author Bio

Ana is still figuring out what she wants to do with her life, although social work seems to be the most likely. Her best friends are a box of chocolate and her kitten who always sits beside her while she writes. When Ana was in high school, she often wrote about the LGBT community, but now her work is less…innocent. Ana enjoys writing anything and everything, including BDSM, dragons, shifters, magic, and more.


If you’d like to follow her, here is her blog site.

Guest Writer Wednesday: Julia Talbot

coyotedanceWhy dragons?
Hey, y’all? Sara Jay let me take over today to babble about my new release, Coyote Dance: Desert Dragons 2.


It’s the second in a series about dragons and their keepers, who communicate with one another psychically. The older the dragon, the better the communication. Things get a little dicey with the baby dragons as you can imagine.


A lot of people ask me why dragons? The answer is simple: I’m a geek. I loved Anne McCaffrey’s Pern. Dragonlance. Obscure series where the dragon was chained in the sewer and freed by a gamer who got transported to his game’s world. I love depictions of St. George and I rooted for Smaug.


Yeah. So when it came time to start a new series back when I did my first dragon books, in Elemental Ops, (Yep. They’re all related.) I knew I wanted to do companion dragons who were at once adorable and dangerous.


In DD2, I explore a new kind of dragon. Piasa is a spirit dragon. She can be corporeal or invisible, and she can talk to spirits, dead and mythological. She’s a stud, and she and her human, Mik, really don’t expect what happens when they run into Banger.


Here’s the official blurb!

Banger wants to save the day. Mik wants to save the world. What they really need is to save each other.

When Banger wakes up in an earthship house in the desert, surrounded by dragons, he knows his whole life has changed. Add to that the fact that the man he’s been chasing for years has a new lover, and he’s pretty sure his day can’t get much weirder. Which is when he accidentally trips trying to save his friends and shoots someone.

Mik has never been shot on a first date before. When his spirit dragon Piasa tells him to go to the little compound in the Chihuahua desert he’s expecting dragons, maybe smugglers, but he figures no one could expect Banger. Even as Mik falls for Banger, his new lover decides he’s a danger to the baby dragons he’s there to help, and Banger ends up kidnapped by a white slaver in the desert. Can Mik save Banger from danger, and keep him from hurting himself?

Publisher’s Note: Coyote Dance is best enjoyed after reading Turquoise Trail (Desert Dragons 1).


Available now Changeling Press!


Available soon at All Romance Ebooks and


Thanks so much for having me, Sara!



Julia Talbot

Guest Writer Wednesday: Xander (Peppermint Twist) by Ana Raine

ANR_PT_Xander_largeToday’s special guest is Ana Raine, author of the new Peppermint Twist book Xander. Anna has an excerpt, interview and much more to share with us!

Xander (Peppermint Twist) by Ana Raine
His whole life, Xander’s known just who and exactly what he wants. As Santa’s oldest son, he’s next in line to inherit the family business. And that’s the only way he’s ever going to leave the North Pole.
Walter’s got the best job ever — creating and testing adult toys. But that job’s not near as much fun without a partner to share his passion with. Will Xander choose what he’s always wanted — to get out and see the world — or can he and Walter find their own Christmas magic right here at home?
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On impulse, I headed down the side of the hill just before the road led me to the tavern and continued my way down. The temperature dropped several degrees and there was little light to guide me. I entered the clutter of trees and for a few minutes, there was nothing I could follow. Then the faint scent of vanilla and something else wafted through the air from a clearing in the woods.
I entered a very large clearing with multiple buildings clinging to the line of trees and rising several stories into the sky. The windows were tinted and made of wood and red brick.

Continue reading “Guest Writer Wednesday: Xander (Peppermint Twist) by Ana Raine”

Guest Writer Wednesday: White Hot Christmas: Wrapped Around by Megan Slayer

The talented and prolific Megan Slayer is back with us this week, this time with an excerpt from the A Changeling for All Seasons 5 Box Set!

MGS_WHChristmas_largeWhite Hot Christmas: Wrapped Around

Megan Slayer


Luc loves his role fronting the band Glow. He loves the adoration of the fans, the energy in the crowd, but it’s Christmas. No one likes a Christmas alone.


Taygan’s free spirit resists taming — except when it comes to Luc. Luc’s one hundred percent human. Taygan is all air elemental. He needs his space and freedom, but he’ll do whatever it takes to make Luc happy, including giving up his space and freedom to make Luc’s holiday one he’ll never forget — complete with the real Santa, peppermint candy, and lots of hot sex.


Available in the A Changeling For All Seasons 5 Box Set $5.99/Sale Price: $5.09

Eleven tales of Christmas Magic from your favorite Changeling authors…

Genre(s): Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, New Releases, Romance
Theme(s): Shapeshifters (Other), Magic, Christmas, Elves, Dragons & Magical Creatures
Series: Changeling Seasons (#5)
Length: Collection
Page Count: 243



Excerpt from Wrapped Around, Glow Band book 1.5:

©Megan Slayer, 2011, All Rights Reserved


Finally. Taygan gripped the back of Santa’s oversized chair. Trust Luc to take his sweet time getting to the party. He’d probably spent the extra time basking in the cheers from the crowd. The man was a ham when he wanted to be — loving the spotlight and the praise. For a moment Taygan could’ve sworn Luc saw him. Just as fast, he noticed Luc’s frown. He wasn’t seeing much of anything and probably didn’t want to be there. Fine. Tay would give him a reason to stick around.

“See him?” Taygan whispered from his position behind the chair. “The one with the dark hair and grimace?” Continue reading “Guest Writer Wednesday: White Hot Christmas: Wrapped Around by Megan Slayer”

Guest Writer Wednesday: Shifter’s Challenge by Megan Slayer

Today’s guest author is Megan Slayer. I am so excited to share an excerpt from her Peppermint Twist book with you!

Shifter’s ChMS_PT_ShiftersChallenge_largeallenge (Peppermint Twist) by Megan Slayer

Changeling Press

Contemporary, Paranormal, Holiday

Short Story

M/M, Anal Sex

Time to see what magic Christmas has in store for Steve, a black cat shifter, and Landon the Elf…

Steve Moore, a black cat shifter, breaks into the North Pole Christmas party in his cat form. Easy enough. No one imagines a black cat would be out of place in a warm building in the middle of the winter. But Steve’s not there to sample the cupcakes or eggnog. No, he’s there to find the one Elf who makes his heart race — Landon. Is Landon still interested in the shifter? They only spent one night together. Things could fall apart once they find each other again, but Steve’s betting the Elf is craving him, too.

Time to see what magic Christmas has in store.

Available soon :



“I’m going to find that elf.” Steve Moore stood outside the main ballroom and peered in the window. He’d found his way to the North Pole with a little luck and good directions… and the help of an elf. He owed his friend, Luciano, big time. What was a cat shifter to do? He needed to find the elf who made his heart beat. Landon. Just thinking about the elf sent shivers down Steve’s spine and warmth through his veins. Continue reading “Guest Writer Wednesday: Shifter’s Challenge by Megan Slayer”