Monday Music

In the past few years, I haven’t been a big fan of country music. It sounds too much like buzzword-littered pop music, to be honest, and I don’t like that, either. I once quit a job because I couldn’t stand the country music being played over the speaker! But over the weekend, I had to ghostwrite a bunch of articles about country music that reminded me how much I used to love the genre, especially as a preteen.

So today’s song is a gorgeous duet between wife and husband Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. I think you could set some pretty sexy plots to this song:

They’re both pretty gorgeous themselves, too, now that I think about it.

Also, I’d like to mention that my next book, The Boon Collector, is complete, through the editing process and ready to roll out on March 22! Stay tuned for details.

Monday’s Music

Today, I’m offering a tribute to one of the greatest bands of all time–Heart. I fell in love with Heart when my aunt generously let me browse through her music collection as a tween in the 90s and have been hooked ever since. Rockin’ sexy songs are a trademark of the Wilson sisters, who still kick ass to this day.

My absolute favorite:

One that’s great to write to: Continue reading “Monday’s Music”

Monday’s Music

Today I’ve got goofy romance on the brain, and what better way to demonstrate that then the following rendition of “Bennie and the Jets,” courtesy of one Katherine Heigl and one James Marsden?

And of course, what girl didn’t wish she’d been on the receiving end of Heath Ledger’s solo below?

What’s your favorite goofy, romantic song moment? Feel free to post vid links in the comments!