Self-Care Sunday

There were a few difficult days this week as the stir-craziness reared its head, but I’d much rather be home than not right now and am very fortunate to be able to work at home. After some busy-ness and crankiness, we took an evening to just watch Golden Girls (it’s on Hulu!) and Some Good News while eating pizza and we felt so much better, even if SGN always makes me cry. The Kid and I also laughed so hard making geometry puns during math.

Kid: Quad. Quill. What even is this?
Me: You don’t remember?
Kid: Quacker.
Me: Quadrilateral.
Kid: Qui-Gon Jinn.
Me: Quad. Ril. Lateral.
Kid: Lord Farquod. Got it.

Kid: This is Rhombus Lupin.
Me: Yes, I can see his obtuse canines and acute ears.

Writing has taken a lot more energy lately with my brain in an anxious overload setting, but I did have a real, live plot bunny cross my mind this week, which is exciting. All of my writing has been forced for the past month and a half and that feeling of inspiration was more than welcome. I hope it comes back more frequently.

I ran across this list of simple and tiny self-care measures I thought I would share. A quick cup of hot tea or a jam to 3-5 songs while in the shower definitely do wonders for me. I love a good London Fog made with Tazo Earl Grey, a splash of heavy cream and whatever sweetener you like. Some playlists I’m enjoying right now on Spotify include Spotify’s 70s Road Trip, Women of Folk, ’90s Pop Essentials and ’90s Acoustic. Id Store Haarlem’s New Moon April 2020 list is also fantastic.

Rolling on some perfume oil also really helps because I’m an olfactory-driven lass. Candles and diffusers? Yes, please. I have cats. You know I have these things in droves. My husband doesn’t bring me jewels or flowers; he brings me ink pens and wax melts. We all love what we love.

How are you doing this week? Share the little ways you’re taking care of yourself in the chat.


Self-Care Sunday

This weekend’s self-care involved baking, reading Undercover Bromance (which I highly recommend–and if you haven’t read its predecessor, please do. It’s the perfect get-your-mind-off-everything-else read!), singing karaoke with my family, eating yummy food (like these DIY pizza rolls) and watching Golden Girls and Disney movies together… all while still meeting a few deadlines and coddling an angry Zuul (my period).

How about you? I hope you are safe and well.

Self-Care Sunday

It’s been a difficult week for self-care. I had my first panic attack during this pandemic when my husband went grocery shopping and I sanitized every item. Both my kiddo and I have chronic illness and his having to keep working (and switching his schedule dramatically every week in the process, and having to go through a decontamination ritual each night when he gets home) has made me super anxious. As introverted as I am, being home for 17 days straight and missing my extended family hasn’t helped with that feeling. I’ve been sleeping a lot, like I do when I sink into depression, and I’m struggling. I know many of you are, too.

As hard on myself as I am about this, and about being behind on my deadlines and weekly goals, last night I was able to acknowledge that I still wrote thousands of words. I still worked through several homeschooling goals with my kiddo and we still connected every day through our walks and making art together. Yes, I’ve broken down and felt powerless and sad and anxious and terrified… but I’ve also read aloud with my family, laughed over some comedic videos and enjoyed many meals together this week. I’ve done a million little things to celebrate, and if I turn to sleep or tears in my grief and mourning, it’s really okay. Sometimes we just have to give ourselves permission to be human.

I’m also listening to some audios this week that feel very nurturing, including Brene Brown’s new podcast and some audios from The School of Sensual Living and Mary Lofgren, who I hope starts a podcast, too! They offer powerful lessons about listening to your body and self-compassion and they’ve helped so much this week. My husband also bought me some Rose Red dessert teas, which are helping during my fasts (yes, I’m fasting through all this, because it makes me feel better, even if it doesn’t bring me great joy). I would say that the Tazo lemon loaf is better than their lemon cake (theirs is still very good!), but the other flavors have been phenomenal. Today I’m going to experiment with a diet root bear “float” with some keto whipped cream as a treat.

How have you been caring for yourself through this? I hope you’re doing well and that you remember that it’s okay to grieve, too. Take care.

Self-Care Sunday

Many of us are feeling the strain of dealing with the unexpected and unknown. I’m very fortunate to be able to say that my days are just as busy as ever working from home and homeschooling as usual, but my evenings and nights are all at home, which I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy. My poor teenager, however, is missing friends, even with video chats, texting and remote gaming.

We’re practicing self-care by eating mindfully, implementing the reusable menstrual products and family cloth that I’ve been meaning to do for years, and playing board games. We’re also watching movies, doing yard work and trying to laugh every day. Old SNL videos sure help! We’re also helping when we can, from making donations to uplifting art, sharing resources as we see them and helping new homeschoolers as needed.

How are you doing during these wildly changing times?

Self-Care Sunday

Today self-care looks like setting intentions for the next moon cycle (Wood Sprite and I draw them in “moondalas” each month), snuggling with my family (we had a literal huddle before going to our respective activities for the day) and enjoying a macadamia nut milk latte while I get my writing done. Indy’s been sick for a few days so we’ve had a lot of low-key time over the weekend where I still worked but we mainly stayed home.

How about you?

Self-Care Sunday

Today I may have overdone it on the self-care by “napping,” and I’m using the word loosely because it was for the entire afternoon. I’d been up all night the previous two nights working, had slept very little, and ran errands all day Saturday with my family. We had a wonderful time together (we even started the day with our annual Pancakes and Pajamas at a restaurant), but running to every store, the vet, the pharmacy (twice!), the library, etc. definitely takes a toll… as does not sleeping.

My teenager is pretty open about loving sleep, which I find refreshing. When I was a teen, my overachiever friends and I took pride in how little sleep we got in between AP courses, sports, a dozen after school activities (many with leadership positions), caring for our siblings, jobs that were almost full-time in hours and hours of homework after getting home at 11 or midnight after all of that. We talked about it like it was a badge of honor, but some of us were so exhausted we were flagged for depression by teachers, classmates or counselors.

We simply needed sleep, but the adults didn’t seem to understand that. My own mom would call me lazy if she caught me napping. I’m the oldest of three, and years later, after my sisters were grown, she confessed that she had no idea how little sleep I’d been getting–or how much I needed as a teenager. She didn’t give either of them a hard time after learning that experts recommend 8 to 10 hours a night. Back then, I would get 2-4 most nights. That was true up until my mid-20s, and was even still common until recent years when my body just wouldn’t put up with it anymore.

Sleep should be a priority. It’s definitely not a weakness. I’ve been scolded by several doctors for not sleeping enough, and suffered multiple health issues because of it, but when you work, homeschool and run a few different clubs/organizations, it’s difficult to get everything done and really rest. I have had many desperate nights of Trying To Get It All Done, bribing myself with sleep as a reward, or falling asleep on my laptop. Once my husband woke me up next to a hot glue gun on my kitchen counter, where I’d fallen asleep preparing 15 wands for a Harry Potter party for a bunch of kids into the wee morning.

These days I’m averaging 6 hours a night on most nights, which is an hour shy of my goal. I am making it a priority, though, and I’m tracking it alongside the other healthy habits that I’m working on.

How did you engage in self-care this week?

Self-Care Sunday

Happy Sunday! Today’s our 13th wedding anniversary, and we’re keeping it super low key with some home cooking, movies and video games. Last night we also celebrated early with dinner at my favorite German restaurant. We usually celebrate our “big” anniversary, which won’t be until June, with a larger to-do.

This week’s biggest self-care involved getting a new phone. I’ve protested this left and right but my outdated phone wasn’t working and it got to the point of being a stressor, so I gave in and got a new one. It’s quite nice, much louder and easier to use than my old one, which was so outdated no apps would even work on it. I do love not having to have it on some sort of charger all day long.

We also did some less-than-pleasant pet care, which involved some haircuts for our long-haired cats who suffer from clumping. A pile of fur may have been the result, but they don’t even look like they lost a single hair! Today marked getting back onto my healthy lifestyle, which I’ve wobbled with this month just because of temptation. Let’s face it, sometimes you pay the price for too much fun, and self-care isn’t always a party. Sometimes it’s setting boundaries for yourself.

What does your self-care look like this week?