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Throwback Thursday: A Wolf’s Hunt by Echo Ishii #TBT #paranormalromance @mrsbookmark

by jessicacoultersmith

A Wolf's Hunt

Cover Artist: Bryan Keller

Stephen Skollsgaard is worn down from the duties of Pack Alpha. Now, the Huntress demands he hunt magical prey in a ceremonial hunt — one more burden for an overwhelmed Alpha. And worse, she sends an arrogant, narcissistic dragon to accompany him.

The Dragon Zhang doesn’t care much for things outside the Celestial Realm-but one good look at the sexy Pack Alpha Stephen and he’s willing to spend a little time in the real world. Plus, that Alpha looks like he needs a bit of taming, which Zhang is always eager to do.

It’s time for Stephen to prove his worth and hunt his prey, but will he find he’s the prey of the dragon, instead?


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All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2017 Echo Ishii

Zhang had nothing against London. It was a respectably large city, though a bit on the cold and rainy side. He had to get used to it. The cities in this part of the world weren’t like those in the East and certainly not like those in the celestial realm where he did most of his business.

Still, Zhang had a job to do. He was here, by special request, from the Goddess of the Hunt herself. She ruled beasts and fighters and those with the wild nature. Creatures whose lives were ruled around the chase and the hunt. Shapeshifting creatures like himself.

He strolled through the pouring rain, past the shops and the streets and the taverns. Women in uncomfortably long dresses skittered past; orphans with not enough clothes shivered in the dark spaces between alleys.

There were so many more people in the world since the last time Zhang had visited. It was louder, busier, and the air was dirtier. The wild spaces were being encroached upon with frightening speed.

No wonder the Huntress was keen to have someone look after her earth-dwelling patrons. It was far too easily for them to become despondent and lose their way.

Zhang finally found the place he was looking for. It was a stone building, firmly built, but with broken windows and detritus surrounding the outside. If the excessive noise didn’t indicate it as a place for a Pack meeting, then the smell of Wolfkin in rut certainly would.

Wolfkin. It had been some time since he’d dealt with any of them.

Zhang pushed open the door and stepped inside.

It was a Pack meeting all right: one part eating; one part fighting; one part rutting. Wolfkin conversed between bites of food and the occasional punch.

The hall was clearly too small for all of them. Rows of tables from one end of the hall to the other with chairs left barely enough room to walk between them. The Wolfkin didn’t seem to mind.

The Wolfkin ignored Zhang. His scent gave off no threat, so few paid him any mind. Zhang was just one more figure lurking in the corners. He was dressed down for this event, having traveled for three days in human form. Dragon form was quicker but Zhang wanted to be low key. Besides, people might notice. Wolfkin sightings were easily explained away but Dragons took quite of bit of magical spellwork to conceal. Zhang wasn’t in the mood to have to pay some greedy sorcerer just to cover up a sighting.

And then there was the sex. Zhang spotted at least three not so discreet encounters. Couples, triples, even enthusiastic solo practitioners. There was always a dark corner somewhere.

Zhang had no issue with group sexual indulgence.

Voyeurism? Oh those long, heady days in the temples of ancient Egypt.

Exhibitionism? Thank the gods for Persian pleasure chambers and a penchant for extremely accurate conceptual art.

Orgies? There was a time when ‘Lord Prince Zhang’ was known throughout Rome for his orgies. And in Rome, to be noticed for orgies was really saying something. May the First Fires bless those legions of Roman soldiers, Zhang thought with a sigh.

This public display of affections was not to Zhang’s taste. Rolling around on the floor — especially one of questionable cleanliness — in a lust-filled fever was not his pleasure.

Besides, his only interest in the world of Wolfkin was sitting in a large chair at a separate table on a dais like a king in his throne. Stephen Skollsgaard, the Alpha of all the Alphas.

Stephen was a handsome bastard too.

Zhang kept close to the walls as he approached the Alpha Wolf. Two Wolfkin, reeking of alcohol, were having a heated argument nearer the front. One of them fell out of his chair at Zhang’s feet. Zhang stepped over him with a sigh.

“Aye!” Another Wolfkin grabbed him by the shoulders. He was a large man with thick hands and menacing eyes.

“Do not touch me,” Zhang said smoothly and confidently.

“That’s my friend you stepped over,” the Wolfkin said.

“That’s your friend you pushed down.” Zhang shrugged the man’s hands from his shoulders.

“Are you Omega? A Lower Beta?” The man pushed Zhang again as his voice rose.

Zhang tolerated watching Wolfkin fight, but he had no intentions of being pulled into one.

Zhang pushed back his hood and locked his eyes on the Wolfkin. The man’s eyes went wide. Zhang knew he saw the change, the flicker of fires from the First Fires that rose in Zhang’s belly and now was simmering deep in his soul.

“Do you know what I am?” Zhang said.

The Wolf shook his head, unable to leave Zhang’s gaze.

“Remy, stop,” a voice boomed across the hall, and even Zhang looked over.

It was Stephen, of course. He made it across the room in short leaps until he was next to them both.

“Remy, take Cade with you.” Stephen nodded toward the Wolf sprawled on the floor.

Remy backed down immediately. He reached over the prop his friend up, and the two shuffled back toward the group.

“Why are you here, Dragon?” Stephen said.

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Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Sleeping Dragons by Stephanie Burke #TBT #shunga

by jessicacoultersmith

Sleeping Dragon

Cover Artist: Bryan Keller


Youltan lives a life of obligation and service, a slave to the desires of others, harnessing the strange and powerful chaotic energies known as Ice Magic. After a final betrayal by the people he protects, he finds himself transported to the one being who holds the key to his freedom.

The wards tattooed across Garyn’s back ensure his total compliance, trapping him in his own form of slavery, until one of the traitorous Mages, the kind that devised this tortuous penance, is placed in his prison. Now manipulating his way to freedom rules the sex-shifting dragon’s mind.

Garyn never expects Youltan to willingly sacrifice so much for a person he barely knows. Nor does he expect to find the a core of passionate heat that exists deep within Youltan’s soul. The fight for survival takes on new dimensions and strains the very threads of their honor and morality.

But what would you expect….when you prod a Sleeping Dragon?


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Praise for Sleeping Dragon

“Dragons and magic in one story, with the added feature of a sex-shifting dragon and the promise of some enemy-to-lover sparkles, had me wanting to read this book from the moment I spied the blurb. If you’re up for an adventure not just of the magical and fighting-the-evil-enemy kind, but also of the explore-the-characters-sexual-orientation kind, then you should give this book a go.”

— Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews


“I especially enjoyed how Youltan and Garyn’s feelings grew for each other… This devotion was a favorite part of the book, along with the really great sex scenes and quick witted dialogue. A wonderfully entertaining and sexy short story, Sleeping Dragon is perfect for anyone wanting to be thrilled by a quick read, and is a book I can easily recommend.”


— Anya Khan, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

“Ms. Burke is a talented author who has penned a wonderful story of a same sex relationship between two magical beings. I enjoyed the story very much and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes stories of magic and dragons… most definitely a keeper.”

— Susan White, Coffee Time Romance



More from Stephanie Burke at Changeling Press …

Stephanie is a USA Today Best Selling, multi published, multi award-winning author, Master Costumer, handicapped, wife and mother of two.

From sex-shifting, shape-shifting dragons to undersea worlds, sexually confused elemental Fey and homo-erotic mysteries, all the way to pastel-challenged urban sprites, Stephanie has done it all, and hopes to do more.

Stephanie is an orator on her favorite subjects of writing and world-building, a sometime teacher when you feed her enough tea and donuts, an anime nut, a costumer, and a frequent guest of various sci-fi and writing cons where she can be found leading panel discussions or researching varied legends and theories to improve her writing skills.

Stephanie is known for her love of the outrageous, strong female characters, believable worlds, male characters filled with depth, and multi-cultural stories that make the reader sit up and take notice.

Throwback Thursday: Hungry Novice by Kate Hill #TBT #paranormalromance

by jessicacoultersmith

Hungry Novice (Scarlet Nights (Blood and Soul) 2)

Cover Artist: Bryan Keller


Blair and May are supposed to be living their happily ever after, but for them it’s not that easy. Lately the only place they’ve been able to get along is in bed. May wants to join Blair’s vampiric family in their battle against evil, but he wants nothing more than to keep her safe.

Unable to reconcile, Blair sets May free, but when he’s captured by enemies, the tables turn and it’s up to May to defend him — possibly to the death. How far will a newly-made vampire go to test her powers?


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All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2015 Kate Hill

As the pleasure ebbed, May sank into a completely relaxed state, her breathing slow and even. She was aware of nothing except Blair lying beside her, his breath against her shoulder and his hand lightly caressing her belly.

After a moment, she opened her eyes to look at him. He took her hand and kissed the back of it, then gazed at their entwined fingers, a far-off expression in his eyes.

“That’s a quizzical look,” she remarked. “What are you thinking about?”

“Just that I never thought I could be this happy again.”

She smiled.

“And that I’m waiting for something to destroy it.”

Her smile faded and she squeezed his hand. “Blair, you must learn to live for the moment — to enjoy what’s happening now and stop worrying about the future until it comes.”

“You’re starting to sound like Hamilton.”

“He’s not such a bad person. I’ve only known him a short time, but I’m already grateful to him for a number of things.”

“I never said he was a bad person, just… annoying. Stubborn. Self-righteous.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Sounds like another man I know.”

He looked surprised. “You can’t mean me.”

“Can’t I?” She chuckled.

“May, that’s utterly preposterous and –”

“And I’d rather not argue on our first day home. I have other things to worry about.”

“Such as?”

“How do you intend to explain to the other people in the village that you’ve married your maid?”

“I don’t intend to explain anything. It’s none of their concern.”

“But –”

“No buts. The opinion of anyone who would find fault in our union means nothing to me. Do you honestly think that I of all people would sacrifice love for propriety?”

“No. I’m still not accustomed to someone like you.”

“Learning about each other is exciting, don’t you think?”

“Quite.” She snuggled closer and he tightened his arm around her.

“What would you like to do today?” he asked.

“I thought we might go for a ride so we can continue the lessons we started before we left for London. I’m still not as comfortable on horseback as I’d like to be. Then maybe you could help with my self-defense practice.”

A smile played around his lips. “You’re an unusual woman, May.”

Smiling, she brushed the tip of her nose against his. “We’re a good match then, because you’re an unusual man.”

She had quickly learned that Blair and his vampiric “family” were unlike humans in more than their drinking habits. Vampire females, like wildcats, often embraced violence to survive. Human women, at least in the world May knew, weren’t expected to develop combat skills.

In London, Blair’s friends had encouraged her to be self-sufficient. Daria, Woodrow and Giacomo had started teaching her the fighting arts and when Blair returned after battling a gang of vampire criminals, he had continued her training.

He had been pleased with her interest in learning to defend herself, having lost his previous wife and children to a brutal attacker.

May kissed him, then slipped out of bed. She searched through her travel bag for the shirt and trousers Daria had given her. She bound her breasts with a piece of cloth to protect them during exercise, then she donned the masculine attire. Blair raised himself on his elbows and gazed at her with a faint smile.

“What?” May asked.

“I never imagined a woman in men’s clothes could be so appealing.”

His words warmed her but she narrowed her eyes and pointed at him. “You, Sir, had better behave, at least until my training session is complete.”

Blair stood abruptly and strode toward her. May moistened her lips, her heart skipping a beat at the sight of Blair’s lean, muscular body and the hungry look in his eyes.

He placed a hand to the back of her head and covered her mouth in a penetrating kiss. His tongue teased hers and she moaned, her resolve already disintegrating.

When the kiss broke, he stared into her eyes with a playful look. “To tide me over until we finish the session.”


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Kate Hill (Also writing as Saloni Quinby)

Always a fan of romance and the paranormal, I started writing over twenty years ago. My first story was accepted for publication in 1996. Since then I’ve written over one hundred short stories, novellas and novels. I love to blend genres. I also love horror and a happily ever after, so if you’re looking for romance with witches, aliens, vampires, angels, demons, shapeshifters and more, there’s a good chance you’ll find something to your taste here.

When I’m not writing, I enjoy reading, watching horror and action movies, working out and spending time with my family and pets.  I love hearing from readers, so feel free to leave a comment at my blog or connect with me on Twitter.

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Throwback Thursday: Monster Mash by Kira Stone #DarkFantasy #TBT #LGBTQ

by jessicacoultersmith

Monster Mash (Rookery Cove Multi-Author 6)

Cover Artist: Fabiano Fabris

Rookery Cove Aphrodisiacs’ newest brew is ready for its introduction to the public. The intoxicating beverage is guaranteed to raise the libido of any creature, undead or alive. Kyler is convinced it’ll be a smash among their non-human clientele, if only they can find a way to market the stuff that doesn’t reveal the method of production that gives the liquid its sexual magic.

Elwyn has little doubt the potent aphrodisiac will do exactly as the Dark Elf claims. But, as the senior ad man for the company, he needs more to build a campaign on than the tired maxim of “Try it, you’ll like it.” Prying the details about its production out of the closed-mouth brewer has proven impossible. He must take drastic measures if he’s to launch this product on time.

Kyler doesn’t react well to the Incubus’ surprise visit to his distillery on Rookery Cove Island, and an entire batch of Mash is ruined as a result. There’s only one act that will pacify the Dark Elf’s ire now, and Elwyn can’t bring himself to do it. Can he?


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 Monster Mash is delightful and so hot it sizzles! Wowza! The plot is fresh and thoroughly entertaining. It engaged my emotions and delivered all it promised… I’m still smiling.”

— Karen H., The Romance Studio

“From the laugh-out-loud opening page, Monster Mash is an absolute treat! The combination of humor, lust, angst and passion had me reading…from beginning to end in one sitting. The contrast of light and dark was both thought provoking and sexy as hell.”

— Kerin, TwoLips Reviews




Kira Stone lives in a warm cave tucked away in the remote Scottish Highlands, where a small band of ever-changing heroes serves as company. As they relax in front of a roaring fire, demons dance in leather pants and angels stroke tunes from the harp strings, while the Fae stop in to share tales from other worlds. Bound by pen and imagination, these are the folk who wait to greet you from the pages of Kira’s stories.

The who and what of Kira in this more mundane world is not what turns you on, but the words sure do – so go discover the passion that awaits you between the covers of every Kira Stone book…



Throwback Thursday: Screenshots (box set) by Willa Okati #TBT #GayRomance #contemporaryromance @willaokati

by jessicacoultersmith

Screen Shots (Box Set) (Screen Shots 6)

Cover Artist: Angela Knight

What’s a guy supposed to do when his best friend since freshman year decides he wants to go get his freak on and get paid for it by an amateur gay porn studio?

Seduced: is nothing like Aaron thought it’d be. Professionally run and staffed by friendly, personable — and hot — talent, it’s a heck of a temptation — even for someone who’s never thought about getting down with a guy before. Trouble is, Aaron finds he likes the action more than he thought he would — and he’s starting to see Cody in an entirely different light.

Smolder: Brandon’s trying his best to play it cool. He figures if no one knows he’s a total amateur, he’ll go a lot further. He didn’t count on two of‘s top studs claiming him for their own. When Gabriel and Dylan decide they want Brandon as their third in a permanent menage, all they have to do is convince him.

Slinky: Ross, the All-American “boy next door,” is a long established star of He’s settled into his comfort zone — he needs shaking up and waking up. Maddox thinks he’s the perfect man for the job…

Submissive: Skyler, the newest recruit to, has one mission in mind: to get Thom, the cool, collected lead cameraman, naked and sweaty between the sheets. Skyler’s used to getting what he wants. So is Thom.

Sexology: Jake’s taken longer than a guy should to write his dissertation on the modern sex industry. He can’t stand the thought of leaving behind the friends he’s made at — and he won’t be able to live with himself if he doesn’t act on some of his favorite fantasies. Trouble is, he has no idea where to begin. A chance encounter and a night spent at the studio with a double handful of screen stars give Jake the chance to seize his dreams.

Ten men, ten ways to misbehave. It’s going to be a night to remember.


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Praise for Seduced

Seduced is a dangerously sensual tale that stretches reality’s concepts in a fun and imaginative way.”

— Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed



Praise for SlinkySlinky is deliciously decadent fun.”

— Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

“It’s hot and funny and Ross and Maddox have wicked chemistry.”

— Angelina, Two Lips Reviews



Praise for Submissive“Fast and fun, Submissive is an inventive guilty pleasure — so indulge!”

— Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed




Willa Okati is made of many things: imagination, coffee, stray cat hairs, daydreams, more coffee, kitchen experimentation, a passion for winter weather, a little more coffee, and a lifelong love of storytelling. She is definitely one of the quiet ones you have to watch out for.

Find Willa online:  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Amazon Author Page

Throwback Thursday: The Erogenous Affair by Mikala Ash #TBT #SciFiRomance

by jessicacoultersmith

The Erogenous Affair (Spaceport Multi-Author 25)

Cover Artist: Marteeka Karland

Peri Barberossa is on the hunt. Conflicted over Silas Archimedes’ questionable behavior in the Supernova Affair and the bedding of her doomed and virginal cousin by Fyche, her otherwise faithful AI, Peri seeks solace in the arms of strangers.

The amorous accent of a hunky fighter pilot she meets at Spaceport Adana’s renowned Haze Bar & Grill sends Peri on a whirlwind adventure to the planet Scalion where, in search of her lost mother, Peri meets the surprisingly erotic Tacha Vaile and two gorgeous and randy men, Titus Dollavera and Moss Cato.

Everyone is more — or less — than they seem in this erotically charged Peri Barberossa adventure where secret agendas abound and the name of the game is undiluted pleasure.


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All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2010 Mikala Ash

I wandered the corridors of Adana in a sort of daydream. My grateful pilot had to leave straight after our morning coupling. Some sort of parade and flyby the navy was putting on to dazzle the citizenry. We did all that awkward stuff that comprises the morning after the drunken fuck ritual; exchanged numbers and promised to call each other.

So now I was at a loose end. My joy ride with him had given me a few ideas for the theme of my guide to the psychology of sex and I figured a quiet café would help get the thoughts straight in my head.

I’d barely taken a sip when Holly and an attractive and vaguely familiar blonde woman in her early twenties, fitted out with Holly’s holovid camera, entered the café.

“Hi, sis,” Holly said in her usual effervescent manner. “This is Zoe. I’m training her to be a breaking news reporter.”

I shook Zoe’s hand, gazing at her bright-eyed expression and trying to figure out where I’d seen her before.

“I’ve read everything you’ve written, Peri,” she gushed.

“I’m flattered. Zoe, I wonder if you could give Holly and me a moment alone?”

She flashed me a genuine smile. “Sure.” She turned to Holly. “Boss, how about I finish that council meeting story?”

“Sure, knock yourself out.” After watching Zoe stride away Holly turned to me. “Isn’t she great?”

“I guess. Sit down for a second. Listen, I need you to think about Nova Town for me.”

Her expression told me Nova Town was not her favorite subject. Nor was it mine, but we had to talk about it sometime.

“Ever heard of Scalion?”

“Um, I think so. Is that the agricultural planet?”

“That’s the one. Did either Mother or Father have a connection there?”

She frowned for a moment in concentration. “Nuh, nada. I have nothing. Why?”

“It’s just that I think we went there after Nova Town. I can’t remember it. I just recognized a guy’s accent, and I don’t know why it should have made such an impression unless I’d been there.”

She tilted her head slightly and gave me one of her penetrating gazes. “The pilot at the Haze last night? From what I hear, his accent wasn’t the only thing that would have made an impression.”

Fuck me! “How’d you know about that?”

“Zoe saw you. She was doing a story on the singing Kitali.”

“That must be where I’ve seen her,” I said doubtfully, but didn’t remember any singing Kitali.

“Also, Silas heard about it too. He’s pretty cut up. Angry would be a better term. What are you doing to him?”

I was surprised. I didn’t know he was back on Adana. He hadn’t called me. “It’s complicated.”

“Well, he’s a solid type of guy from what I can tell.”

“Yeah, well.”

She knew me well enough to change the subject. “Any luck with Jyker?”

I gritted my teeth at the name. He was a notorious criminal and knew something of my mother, and I had so desperately wanted to find out what. Fyche, Silas and I had almost captured him in a bondage and discipline parlor but in the confusion of an assassination attempt, he’d escaped, taking his knowledge with him. “Trail has gone cold. Silas is following it up for his own purposes. I’ll probably not hear any more of it.”

Her journalist’s eyes brightened. “His own purposes?”

“Yeah, it seems Jyker has more to answer for than either Mischa or us.” I gave an exaggerated shrug. “More of Silas’s secret shit, so I don’t know much.”

“Have you found out anything more about the connection between Mother and the Naturalists on Jones’s World? To think, we had a cousin there and never even knew.”

“Mother never mentioned her family origins to me. I guess we’d have thousands of cousins, second cousins and Phong knows what else scattered all over the galaxy. No surprise that some of them might be religious fundamentalists.”

“I suppose. Are there any Naturalists on Scalion?”

“There are, as a matter of fact. Fyche found reference to an old colony there.”

“Curiouser and curiouser. Any Leesons on record?”

Leeson was our mother’s maiden name. “Not that he could find.”

She played with a sugar shaker for a moment. “I wonder where Mother ended up.”

That question had been foremost in my mind. “The strange thing is these last few months are the first time I’ve ever really asked that question. You’d think that after all Mother and I had been through; escaping Nova Town, jumping from planet to planet, living out of a string bag and she constantly afraid that the New Guard would catch up with us, I’d want to know what happened to her. But despite all the hardships we faced together when I grew up, after she left me, I never asked any questions.”

“Don’t punish yourself. You were young.”

“Sure, I resented her dumping me like she did, but there’s more to it than that. It’s not natural for me not to be more curious. I can’t even recall seriously thinking about her until you lured me here.”

Holly held up her hands. “Innocent of all charges. I had no idea Jyker would trigger this. I just glimpsed him on the playback of one of my stories. I thought you’d be interested. I had absolutely no idea of what he was about.”

“I know, but it’s like there’s a high wall around my memories. I’m peeping over the top, and all I see is a mist. But what troubles me is that until now, I’ve never even tried to look over the wall. Fuck, I never knew it was there.”

“Well, my sense is that if it hasn’t troubled you in the past, then don’t let it trouble you now. Let her go. She left you in the care of strangers. For whatever reason, good or bad, she left you like she left Dad, like she left me. You don’t need to kick yourself around the room for what she did. Let her go.”

I knew she was trying to give me good advice, but it hurt nonetheless. Holly was bitter at Mother for leaving our father in the turmoil of Nova Town. I understood that. On the other hand, I’d been with Mother. I needed to know what happened to her. “I don’t think I can. Besides, she gave me up because she thought she was being tracked by the New Guard, and that it was safer for me not to be with her.”

“Are you sure about that?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. I guess. It sounds logical.”

“It may be she doesn’t want to be found.” She grasped my hand. “I only know that when she took you away, Dad didn’t want her to. They had a fight. When she came back for me, Dad stood between us. He wasn’t about to let her take me too.”

“I didn’t know. I assumed it was you who told her you didn’t want to leave.”

“I didn’t want to leave. That’s true, and I told her so. But Dad was the one that sent her back to the spaceport.”

My expression must have asked the obvious question.

“He told her to leave you behind with us, but she refused. She said you preferred her to him, you always did. That was true; even I knew that. I belonged to Dad and you belonged to her.”

I squeezed her hand tight. “Why did he really send her away?”

“I never found out. To be honest, I never asked. It was enough that I was still with him. I missed you, but well, it was never like we got along.”

I laughed. “No, I don’t think we did.”

Holly’s gaze had wandered off toward her protégé. I saw a raised eyebrow. Holly stood up. “Well, duty calls. Gotta go. I’ll think about Scalion, see what I come up with and let you know.”


“Oh, I put that order in for you.”

I took a moment to remember I’d asked her to do something on the quiet for me, something Fyche didn’t know about.


I must have looked a bit confused for she reached for my hand. “Hey. Sis. Look after yourself. Find Silas and sort it out with him. He’s a solid guy. I’m sure of it.”

“I’ll think about it.”



Aussie Mikala Ash lives a hectic double life, mild-mannered training & development consultant by day… wild sci-fi and paranormal adventure writer by night. “For me, burning the candle at both ends is not such a terrible problem; I’m having too much fun!”

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Throwback Thursday: Truth or Dragon by CJ England #paranormalromance #NewAdult #TBT @CJ_England

by jessicacoultersmith

Will an irrepressible free spirit dare to tame a dragon’s heart?


Truth or Dragon (Dragon Games 2)

Cover Artist: Bryan Keller


Lucina Bell was sure she and Ryuu Tatsuya had more than a connection the evening they met at Eadlin’s Christmas party. After all, in less than two hours, they went from arguing to kissing to the butler’s pantry.

One night stands aren’t Lucina’s style, but when Ryuu didn’t show the next day for their date at the Christmas arcade, she thought that was all the previous night had been to Ryuu. Yet she can’t convince her heart of that.

Ryuu hated walking away from Lucina without a word, but as a dragon prince with secrets he can’t share, he knows their relationship is doomed. After seeing his clan leader find his forever mate, he wants that kind of perfect love for himself, and even though he wants Lucinda more than he wants to breathe, her scent didn’t trigger the mating magic in him.

When they meet again at Eadlin and Drayce’s wedding, one glance stirs the smoldering passions between them. It’s all fun and games until Ryuu’s shocking secrets are revealed. When a ritual challenge is issued, the pre-wedding house party erupts into violence. Will learning the truth about her lover send Lucina flying out of his arms, or will she take Ryuu’s dare and play with her dragon forever?


Get it at Changeling Press



All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2016 C.J. England

While shivering in her extremely expensive high-heeled boots, Lucina Bell glanced once again at her watch. Damn it, he was late. Really late. Like over an hour late. Tightening her lips, she gave a growl of irritation. Both at Ryuu and at herself. It had been just over twenty-four hours, yet she missed him horribly. Which wasn’t like her at all. She’d never met a man she couldn’t walk away from easily. Until now.

Why hadn’t he come?

She forced herself to ignore the hurt curling around her heart. There could be a reason he wasn’t where they’d agreed to meet. Maybe he got caught in traffic. Or since he was a foreigner, maybe he’d gotten lost. Maybe he didn’t know where Leicester Square was. After all, it was decked out in its Christmas Carnival finery, so it might not be recognizable.

And now, she thought with a derisive snort, she was just making excuses.

Spinning around, she headed to the nearest tube station, swearing copiously under her breath. Ryuu Tatsuya was a dead man. She would crush him like a bug. She didn’t care that he was her best friend’s fiance’s best friend. So what if her killing him made them all uncomfortable at parties. Not even someone as hot as Ryuu could stand her up and get away with it.

Taking a deep breath, she pushed away the ever-present fatigue she seemed to fight lately. It had gotten worse over the last few days. She’d had some weird mood swings. Couldn’t seem to keep up the happy-go-lucky attitude she’d been born with.

But at Eadlin’s Christmas Eve party she’d really struggled.

Even with all the fun and food and good-time friends, there’d still been something missing. Instead of feeling happy and excited, she’d felt a bit edgy, tired and a lot impatient. Like she was waiting for something to happen. And that restless feeling so wasn’t like her. She was more of an in-the-moment sort of gal.

But for the life of her she hadn’t been able to break out of it.

She’d tried competing in the games but had gotten dizzy when playing Blind Man’s Bluff. She’d tried laughing and chatting with friends while having dinner, but her stomach had rolled every time she thought about putting something in her mouth. As a last resort, she’d even threatened to get up on stage with the band and sing, even though everyone knew she couldn’t carry a tune if she was given a golden-handled bucket. But a blinding headache stopped that idea in its tracks. Something was majorly wrong. And Lucina had been pretty sure she knew what it was.

“Damn it, Eadlin,” she’d sworn to herself. “Now you’ve got me doing it. Looking for my very own stranger. My Mr. Handsome and Mysterious. Your great-great-great ancestor found hers, you’re looking for yours, and now I want to find mine. So much I’m sick over it.”

She’d shaken her head. “Me! Footloose and fancy free me. Lucina in the sky looking for diamonds, me. It’s as easy to fall in love with a rich guy than a poor guy, me. It is to laugh.” She’d sighed. “So why aren’t I laughing?”

Looking back at the revelation now, she knew exactly why she wasn’t laughing. She wanted to at least care about the man she married. And if the guy didn’t make her panties go wet, then it just wasn’t worth it. She’d rather go hungry than settle for anything less than fireworks in bed. Life was too bloody short for boring.

But finding that special someone wouldn’t be that easy for her. She couldn’t just throw a fancy party and expect him to appear. She wasn’t like Eadlin who’d done what she could and let fate handle the rest. Lucina was way more hands-on. Or, as one past boyfriend complained, too bossy and unpredictable. Too restless to be comfortable with. He’d told her no man would want to take on a woman he couldn’t understand or control. She snorted delicately at the memory. Needless to say, it had been the last time she’d ever seen that particular idiot again.

So she was a little outrageous and different. Maybe a bit too free spirited and impulsive. So what? She liked herself that way. As an author of children’s fantasy stories, it gave her a lot of joy to look for the fantastical and weird in the world around her. While the parents may not be impressed with her “frivolous” career –they forced her to write under a pen name so not to taint their own –if the fans of her latest elf, dragon and changeling series were anything to go by, her odd take on life was appreciated. At least by kids between the ages of seven and twelve.

Then why couldn’t she find a guy who appreciated her weirdness? And why did she think her mysterious stranger –if she actually had one –would be different than anyone else’s?

The thought made her tired all over again, but that wasn’t anything new. She’d been so exhausted this morning, she’d been tempted to sleep in, but she’d been bound and determined to keep this date with Ryuu.

“So just how’d that work out for you, Luce?” she murmured, blinking away tears. But even after the moisture was gone, her eyes were so blurry she could barely see the street in front of her.

Everything ached, she realized. Her head, her stomach, her feet –why had she worn such insanely uncomfortable shoes, other than they made her legs look absolutely amazing. And now to add to her misery, her heart was aching like a sore tooth.

Why hadn’t he come?

Lucina sniffed loudly, furious that she’d allowed Ryuu to get to her this way. She hadn’t expected to care so much for him after just one night together, but she’d thought he’d felt something as well. Otherwise, why ask her out on a date?

After all, she hadn’t played hard to get. He’d already gotten everything he could want.

Shame filled her at the memory. Even though she talked a good game, she really wasn’t the type of girl to fall into a man’s arms after knowing him for less than an hour. But there was just something about Ryuu. Something special that cut through all the usual song and dance and had her jumping into bed –or in this case, the butler’s pantry –as soon as she’d tasted his kiss.

Or maybe she’d just been carried away by the romance of the evening. Seeing her best friend find her special someone had set off a yearning within Lucina she hadn’t even admitted to herself. Until now.

She wanted it. That romance… that desire. The connection.

She wanted a man to look at her with the same need and desperation that Lord Drayce had in his eyes when he’d looked at Eadlin. They’d met, kissed and become engaged within a few hours of seeing each other for the first time. Now that was romantic.

Or crazy.

But no matter how crazy it seemed, Lucina longed to find someone, too. She wasn’t jealous of Eadlin… much. No, she wished her friend all the happiness in the world. She just wanted the same for herself.


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Throwback Thursday at Changeling Press

Throwback Thursday: Fever Hitch by Ayla Ruse #TBT #PNR #alienencounters

by jessicacoultersmith

Fever Hitch (Earth Con 1)

Cover Artist: Renee George

Felicia Walker loves her job as an illustrator at Fever Hitch Comics. During this year’s annual Earth Con, she will not only draw caricatures, but she’ll also be decked out in body paint to represent the F’ldae — an alien species from the comics. As she starts off a night exploring the off-limits, alien side of the convention, Felicia is unprepared for the spiraling events that will make her behave like a true F’ldae… in full mating heat.

Agent Slate Reese, along with his best friend Agent Ryker Seals, are Metons who want to settle down, but they’re having a difficult time finding the female to complete their mating trio. With the vast assortment of alien species converging on this area, surely there’s one female who wouldn’t mind spending a night with both of them.


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All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2014 Ayla Ruse

“Slate. Wait up. We have to talk about finding a mate.”

Agent Slate Reese turned his head to see his best friend and partner, Ryker, striding up to him from down the hall. “Later,” he scowled. “It’s about time you showed up.”

“I’ve been here the whole time,” Ry answered as he caught up. He grinned and slapped Slate on the back. “I was talking to the new recruits downstairs. There’re a few cute ones I think we should check on.”

Slate’s mouth flattened. He was tired of trying to find a mate. He and Ry had tried to find a compatible female for over two years now. The younger man wouldn’t get it through his thick head it wasn’t going to happen. He couldn’t answer, however, as they were intercepted by the voluptuous Agent Tae.

“Slate,” she purred, sliding her hands up his chest. He stopped walking and waved Ry on. Ryker rolled his eyes but walked away to afford them some privacy.

“Tae. Ry and I are on our way to see your father.”

“Ooh. If he knows you’re with me, he’ll forgive your being tardy. I won’t keep you but a minute.” She ran long-fingered hands around his neck, and he remained stiff.

There was a time he would have welcomed her attention, but that was before he realized she was a cold hearted bitch.

She leaned in close and whispered against his lips. “After you’re done with my father, why don’t you meet me in the transportation room? I have three tickets to Earth Con. We can get away from here and have some serious fun.”

“I’ll ask Ry if he’s up for that.”

She scowled and pulled away. “You know my feelings about Ry.” She darted a lethal glance at his friend. “He’s so… young and eager and nothing like you. We match up well. And I know if we added Hudon, we’d have a strong mating together.”

And there it was. The reason he would never be hers.

“Tae,” Slate started, “we’ve been over this. I’m to be in a mated relationship with Ryker and our female. If you don’t like that, look somewhere else. I’m not going to drop Ry for you. I’ll not leave our friendship for any female.”

Throwback Thursday: PhilCon or Bust (Earth Con series) by Stephanie Burke #TBT #alienencounters #LGBTQ

by jessicacoultersmith


Cover Artist: Bryan Keller

Jabel came for the hot Earth girls. So what if they only have two eyes and no tails. Earth girls are easy, right?

Libby did not come looking for love. In fact, she didn’t even come to get laid. Sex can be interesting when you’re a transgendered woman, and the last thing she wanted to do was risk her body or her mind.

A one night stand is just what they both needed, but then there are assassins and sword fights, and kidnappings…

Whoever said convention life was easy, lied!


Get it at Changeling Press
and online retailers



All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2014 Stephanie Burke

Joklim was a mighty warrior, and it showed in his every word and deed. He now stood overlooking the one egg in the hatchery, his gold eyes keen on the electronic readouts that showed this new egg’s development.

“Sponsor,” Jabel announced, leery of walking up behind the older warrior without making his presence known. He had done that once and, even with his enhanced reflexes, he could not dodge the instinctive blow that nearly knocked him out.

“Ha, Jabel.” Joklim turned, and the scarred visage of his Sponsor made Jabel want to stand at attention as he was taught in academy. “How fare you this glorious day?”

“I do well, Sponsor. My Preserver is more than pleased with my progress and now has several offers of Preservership.”

“Ka.” Joklim snorted, rolling all three of his eyes. It was a strange human concept that he had taken to before his own Corps service and had yet to stop. “Preservership does not make the warrior. It is the combination of lines that create the male, the tutorage of his Advocate and Sponsor that gives him his heart, and the training and knowledge of the Preserver that settles it all into place.”

“Still, my Preserver has a lot of offers.”

“Which he will turn down.” Joklim spoke with confidence. “He has already laid claim to this newest hatching. I think he wants to prove the rearing of you was not a fluke.”

“Indeed.” Jabel chuckled. “If he managed to create more of me, I am not sure if the Imperium would be satisfied or horrified.”

“A little of each.” Joklim laughed, tossing his head back, his long black hair flowing down his back in its warrior braid. “But it is a new tradition that will keep them from growing stagnant.”

Jabel thought of the many punishments he had endured because of his stubborn nature and insubordination, but none of his trainers found fault with his skills. He was nearly undefeated, his one loss coming after several hours of hand-to-hand combat at the hands of his trainers early on in his training.

“I am going to Earth Con,” he informed him, watching as Joklim’s smile grew. “I intend to be there for the week-long event in the town known as Philly.”

“I assume there will be much debauchery?”

“You assume correctly.”

“Sex? Consuming of human spirits? Sex?”


“Take note that I said sex twice, Jabel. I am quite sure you can do my legacy proud.”

“I intend to.”

“Very good.” Joklim took his pleasure almost as seriously as he took his warfare. “If there are problems, an old ally of mine is stationed on earth. Mikhale Fas-something or the other.” Joklim nibbled on his bottom lip, and Jabel felt a flush of pleasure when he realized how like his Sponsor he looked.

They both possessed the long black hair of the Amiret line as well as the tall, muscular form. The difference was in their complexions. Joklim was paler in skin coloration while Jabel was a creamy light brown, the combination of Advocate and Sponsor showing in his skin. They were both of a build, though Joklim’s handsome visage was marred by several battle scars that proved his experience in battling the Dark Ones.

“He knows of the people of Earth and their ways. If there is a need, he can assist you.”

“I thank you, Sponsor.”

Joklim reached out and pulled his first hatchling into his arms, and Jabel relaxed into the hold. He was no longer a youngling to court affection from his Sponsor, but nevertheless, he felt the love and regard his Sponsor held for him.

“Now off with you.” Joklim released him, holding him at arm’s length as he examined him from head to toe. “Have fun, youngling. All too soon, you will be facing the perils of war.”

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Throwback Thursday at Changeling Press

Throwback Thursday: Born an Empty Soul by M. D. Stewart #TBT #vampires #UrbanFantasy

by jessicacoultersmith

Born an Empty Soul (Paranormal B&B 2)

Cover Artist: Angela Knight

Killian: I’m a well known singer in a famous indie band, but I’ve been alone for a century, living off others’ pain — until I meet my mates at a concert. Now I’ll have to do everything I can to convince them they are mine, or I’ll die.

Laura: Born and raised in Prenter’s Bottom, North Carolina, I watched the town wage war on homosexuality. As a straight white female, I’ve never been affected by their hatred — until I meet Killian. Now I’ll stand against the entire town — and my husband — to save him.

Barclay: I was raised in a strict religious household by emotionally detached parents. I thought being gay was a sin, until one night of shared passion with Killian and my wife. Now I’m struggling with my sexuality. I’m not sure I can go against the town even to save Killian — and my marriage.


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All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2019 M.D. Stewart


The sensation of crashing back into my body forced me to sit up and take a deep breath. I gasped and tried to slow down my jolting heart. It wasn’t unusual for me to suddenly return to my body once I’d fed. But this… This time it had been almost violent.

I threw back the covers and swung my bare legs to the floor, letting the cold hardwood hit my feet, grounding me. I had been on the mortal plane for generations, but I’m not human. Not completely anyway. I survive by feeding off others. Yeah, I know, it sounds parasitic. Which I guess is accurate.

I moved from the bed and crossed the room to the pack of cigarettes lying on the desk. Nasty habit, smoking — one I didn’t need or particularly like. Since it couldn’t kill me, I used it to bring me back to full awareness after I returned from my astral travels. The scent of sulfur almost overpowered the smell of lit tobacco, and I inhaled the menthol deep into my lungs. Sitting on the edge of the dresser, I took a few more drags of the cigarette before I reached over to turn on the lamp.

Even though I didn’t need the light to see, it showed that my red nail polish was starting to chip. Bollocks. I shrugged and took another inhale of the acrid smoke and held it in while I tried to remember every moment of this last feeding. But my thoughts always strayed back to my first memories of him.

It had been close to a year since I walked through a portal and spied the gorgeous man standing outside a large house. I’ve been around a long time, and I’ve seen many good-looking humans, but something about him drew me. The connection was instant, and I flew toward him, unable to stop the need in my soul to touch him.

Though he wore a suit, I could see the outline of his muscular form. His hair wasn’t red or brown, but a perfect mixture of the two. His full beard and intense caramel eyes begged me to touch him. And I wanted to. I was pure energy at that point, but once I brushed him, there was a rush through my soul like touching a live wire. I threw back my head and let myself feel his innermost needs. They filed against every jagged edge of my cursed being, smoothing me out and filling parts of me that were missing.