These excerpts, flash fiction stories, and other samples are free!

Changeling Encounters
“Gobble You”
“Undead Advances”

Flash Fiction Stories at Changeling Press
“Night Shift”
“The Boon Collector”
“The Heavenly Hangover”
“Swingin’ in the Rain”
“Falling for Fall”
“Tricks for Treats”
“She Chose Down”
“Going Down?”
“Take It Off”
“Free Ride”
“Wedding Bell Blues”
“I Want Candy”
“Cummerbund Canoodling”
“On the Road Again”
“Collection Notice”
“High As a Kite”
“Two for One”
Three’s a Crowd
Baby, You’re a Firework
Tie Me Up
Tie Me Up, Part 2
Goofin’ Off
“The Chase”
“2014: A Space Seduction”
“Close Encounters of the Horny Kind”
“Knock First”
“A Single Kiss”

Changeling Press Blog
Tall, Dark, and Hairy
Share Your Changeling Fan Art!

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