New Changeling Look & Two Sales!

Published October 6, 2014 by sarajschmidt
Come check out our shiny new site redesign — and what better way to initiate the look and features than with a new — make that 2 — new sales!
Zombie Apocalypse Sale — 15% off all Paranormal releases at all through the month of October.
All New Releases 15% off at — Buy Early and Save!
Watch for new sales exclusively at — Buy Early and Save!
Nothing to type in. Nothing to remember.
Check your Changeling Insider mail for exclusive Changeling discount codes
Sales WILL stack with discount codes.


Monday’s Music (NSFW!)

Published August 25, 2014 by sarajschmidt

Instead of something romantic today, I’m heading deep into raunchy territory. After snickering over some of the raunchiest songs we know today, I have to post this favorite by Hot Action Cop! Name your favorite dirty songs in the comments. Keep in mind this is completely NOT safe for work!



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